Parliament Square Peace Campaign Day 3736: AUGUST 25TH 2011

On Thursday 11th August, I was remanded to prison because they refused me access to a duty solicitor, the necessary disclosures and my own paperwork.

On Friday 12th August, I was 'sentenced' after they continued to deny me access to a duty solicitor, the necessary disclosures and my paperwork.

Hence the reason for 'Judge' Evans descending to the court cells with his scribes.

A barrister from Birnberg Peirce Solicitors turned up for reasons unknown on the Friday, to confirm they were not acting for me!  They have also failed to hand over the necessary disclosures.

Such is an institutionally corrupt system.

The guy from Birnberg Peirce muttered something about their 'good reputation'.  Clearly they are entirely ok with being responsible for their 'clients' being called 'criminals', however the 'problem' is clearly the consistent nature of our campaigning for an effective system of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. that actually protected the people..... EVERYWHERE.

If a 'lawyer' came on board doing justice, that would actually help to bring about the necessary change.

And all the 'lawyers' we have come across are just doing 'cab off the rank' misrepresentation, serving HM Government, end of.  They just want to keep their heads down and hang out with their clique.

It becomes self evident that it is not a system of justice when your own 'lawyers' don't want you to tell the truth.

This latest car crash style of justice only reinforces to me how important it is what we do.

And it is only the 'do-ing'  which can bring about change.  Look at how many people who write about what is going on.  But unless something is then done, to me what was written is meaningless.

I am using my time 'inside' productively and constructively.  I am in a cell on the top floor with four other women.  I am by a window looking out over a courtyard garden.

There are quite a few women in Holloway who have been imprisoned because of the riots.

These are historical times we live in.

It is eye opening to think that if you are a 'protester' in Libya, the UN and UK have no problem with / will give you a machine gun, rocket launcher, arrange arial bombing so that people can, in their own words, "take matters into their own hands".

I still think Brian showed everyone the best way of doing things.  I miss him heaps and remember his final words "Babs, our work is not yet finished".

Much love, Babs xxxx



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