DAY 3722: THURSDAY AUGUST 11TH 2011 (updated:

Babs was kidnapped at 8.30 am this morning to cover up massive payouts in civil claims from the High Court over illegal searches, which would see the display that was stolen by 78 police on 23rd May 2006 returned as well.

The prime minister looks stupid lecturing people on looting whilst stopping people peacefully campaigning by stealing their property.

UPDATE @ 9:00pm 11.08.2011:

Babs was taken to Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court this afternoon, but refused to leave the cell and consent to their jurisdiction. Magistrates remanded her to Holloway Prison overnight, to appear before them again at 10am in the morning.

Brian and Babs tried every route over the years to get due process and a fair hearing within the corrupt British legal system - and because this has been denied at every stage, she had no option but to stop playing their 'game'.

UPDATE @ 9:30pm 12.08.2011:

Babs was taken back to Horseferry Road Maggots' Court this morning, and again refused to leave the cell and consent to their phoney jurisdiction.
So corrupt District 'Judge' Henry Nicholas Evans went to see her in the cells. He was out of the courtroom for less than ten minutes.

When he returned, he announced that Babs did not want to enter a plea - so Evans pleaded 'Not Guilty' on her behalf (which technically means his 'Honour' then became the 'Accused').

District 'Judge' Henry Nicholas Evans then went on to prove exactly how corrupt he actually is, by finding her guilty of all charges !!!

The not-so-honourable Henry then compounded the corruption by falsely imprisoning Babs:

This isn't the first time Evans has played the role of a political puppet in the on-going government persecution of our Campaign. In July 2007, Brian refused to let him preside over a case, and rightly accused Evans of allowing officers to violently assault him and Babs at an earlier hearing.

Brian said: "District Judge Nicholas Evans, recuse yourself because the last time we met each other you had me violently assaulted... we were led down to the cells on your orders, sir, and you are not appropriate to hear the case."

Evans replied: "There is not much point in me putting this off to somebody else."

To which Brian responded: "Bias and prejudice, sir, please recuse yourself - we can't get a fair hearing!"

When Brian repeatedly refused to sit down, Evans dismissed the case. To which Brian retorted: "It is not dismissed, you are dismissed."

The sooner he is dismissed, the better it will be for anyone seeking justice in this country.

Please check back later - more to follow...