Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria & Murdoch Newscorp Case 352: I could stay in my own home in Breton Woods in France, for health reasons, while standing for voluntary unpaid public service in elected politics in State of Victoria, with $3 billion dollars compensation (from my ban on adoptions being legally or officially recognised in Victoria, Australia) (22.02.2021)




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I was like all children born… perfect, and no child ever has to change who they are, for anyone else, for any reason.


The physical and emotional health of private citizens, including the most vulnerable children, comes before any revolving doors of politics and journalism.


I was raised by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who had no legal grounds to pose as my parents and godparents or change my identity as a vulnerable child in the State of Victoria, Australia, through politicians abuse of process of adoption.


The adult politicians have always known it is harmful to commodify any children, including vulnerable children so they not only intended to harm vulnerable children, but have had reckless disregard at all times, for our physical and emotional wellbeing, as vulnerable children, who became adults.


I was forced to leave Australia as a teenager because I refused to go along with adoption.


I was a Chair of governors of a primary school in the UK which was voluntary unpaid public service, when I legally refused to take money from the school budget to pay for the Iraq War, while politicians who pay themselves and their mates whatever they like, never care about the health and welfare of all private citizens in the UK.


The politicians knew they illegally leaked my adopted name to the press, along with false information on Mothers Day 26th March 2006 in the UK, in a classic shakedown, because the revolving doors of politics and journalism wanted to ‘sidestep’ any… legal argument before a civil jury in the High Court over the abuse of process of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 while robbing me and anyone else who peacefully opposed the legislation, of anything they could, because Westminster always knew the legislation would have to be repealed.


I was blacklisted from my paid employment as a healthcare worker, because the company had government contracts too, and I resigned from my voluntary unpaid public service as chair of a bereavement charity (there were never any legal grounds for me to be raised separately from my little sister with the same mother and father and DNA, who died) that had government funding to pay rent for premises on church property.


I was forced to sell my home, in the UK, because the revolving doors of politics and journalism were only interested in delaying the timely lawsuits… against them, because it is a self evident matter of both fact and law, no-one could legitimately ever be taken to any courts with the political theatre of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005. The false pretext of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 was used to then typically falsely accuse us of all sorts by invoking additional legislation in a deliberate pattern of escalation in the abuse of process, because politicians wanted to at best, exile us, because they did not ever want to redress the abuse of process, that included never ‘allowing’ any of us to stand in politics.


The politicians torture and attempted murder of me in the run up to the general election of 2010, became a hung parliament, because they were all complicit in covering up the CCTV that belongs to me of the torture and attempted murder of me.


I had no choice but to go into exile in France, when my own physical and emotional health deteriorated, after Brian died in exile in Germany, and my boyfriend Neil was so violently attacked before he recently died in the Netherlands, after I was forced to return to Australia in July 2019, when my health significantly worsened, because… politicians all ignored the longstanding dual abuses of process in my own case, that adversely affected others too. 


Mr Murdoch has obviously never peacefully stood in a public square anywhere, telling the truth about anything, and he has never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service in his entire life.


The ex… Australian PM Rudd who was forced to resign the day I was illegally denied legal representation in the High Court in the UK, now pontificates as an adviser for the IMF with his UN passport, he doesn’t need, after he collected a $1.4 billion dollar bribe from the…  British Tories, to spin ‘zero hour contracts’ for private citizens, that didn’t extend to working… in politics for free, because that is not something he or Mr Murdoch who is really a fellow traveller, advocate.


There is however, no legal reason politicians are paid any money in elected politics because a person on what politicians call jobseekers in Australia, is obviously perfectly capable of engaging in the same decision making processes as politicians.


The legal reality is elected politics should be voluntary unpaid public service, because any paid elected politics only involve increasing over governance and inequality through lobbyists etc, that results in the most serious abuses of process including draconian adoptions of vulnerable children.


The legal reality is the courts have no legal precedent or legislation to charge… me money in a pre-existing case, brought against me, where I am like anyone else, in any legal case, legally entitled to bring a legal argument for an abuse of process, that bans adoption in the State of Victoria which is my ’state of origin’. No judge could properly direct a jury to dismiss my facts and evidence as an adopted person of the abuse of process of adoption in my own pre-existing case, which can only result in adoption not being legally or officially recognised in the State of Victoria.


The legal reality is I am legitimately claiming $3 billion dollars compensation from the revolving doors of the State of Victoria and Melbourne born Murdoch’s Newscorp, who have never cared about my health and wellbeing.


I could then legitimately stand in politics, and I would not be claiming any money from the public or State or Federal government, for my voluntary unpaid public service in politics (because I will have been reasonably reimbursed for the dual abuses of processes used against me) and I would as a starting point as an elected politician be giving everyone born in Victoria, government funded, global fully comprehensive health (with no exclusions) and insurance (with limits on property and contents) cover, so most people are able to make our and their own informed choices wherever possible, because we are all equal.


It's simple maths I represent better value for money than current politics in the State of Victoria, which was the same with those of us in Parliament Square, Central London, repealing ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 too.


The twinning of Breton and Victorian politics in France and Australia.


I doubt any private citizen in the State of Victoria in Australia, would mind if I needed to be in my own home in the Breton Woods in France, for… health reasons (I obviously wasn’t ‘holidaying’ in France per se) to effectively participate in decision making, in politics in the State of Victoria, in Australia, that in the age of technology is not reliant on being in a single location, anyway.


It would be interesting to see if it was possible to do, and it could become like twinning Victorian and Breton politics, to see how each other works etc, which would be fascinating, and people would love to do.


There are no legal grounds that mean I could not do that on health grounds, which do undoubtedly exist in my own case, and  there are foreign embassies and transnational MEP’s in France and Europe, and so on, anyway.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)