Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria & Murdoch Newscorp in Case 352: My Default Judgement for $3 billion dollars compensation, permanently bans any & all adoptions (incl. using ‘Whites Only’ policy) being legally or officially recognised in Victoria, Australia (21.02.2021)




... donna... i am one of two sisters with the same mother and father and DNA...







I was like all children born… perfect, in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, and no child ever has to change who they are, for anyone else, for any reason.


I am one of two sisters with the same mother and father and DNA.


The politicians in Victoria, Australia and Murdoch all support adoption, despite knowing it has no legal basis, and so they have always known, it is… foreseeable that prolonged life threatening physical and emotional harm can be caused.


I am legally entitled like anyone else to… feel and… be safe, and adoption does neither, because it has never had any legal basis.


I was starting as a small child 'punished without law' by being adopted, while politicians, and the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents, who all knew there was no legal basis for any adoption, including my adoption at 15 months old, also always knew there were two sisters with the same mother and father and DNA, there were no legal grounds to raise separately.




... jennifer bugat...


My little sister ‘suddenly’ died before we could ban all adoptions being legally or officially recognised in Victoria, Australia, which we would have done together, before I repealed a related free speech ban in the UK, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London.



... my adopted name was... illegally leaked to the... 'press' and circulated, along with false information, without my consent, to maliciously try and cause me the most serious harm possible while the revolving doors of politics and journalism profited...



My Default Judgement with $3 billion dollars compensation permanently bans any adoptions being legally or officially recognised in Victoria, Australia, because the abuse of process of adoption has included my adopted name, being… illegally leaked to the… ‘press’ along with… false information in the UK, and elsewhere, to maliciously try and portray me as a criminal that resulted in the torture and attempted murder of me while:



... new scotland yard with stevej...


a) “Ms Tucker... dragged to and from police cells and courts in increasingly ‘complex’ attempts to get rid” of me (Independent UK 02/06/2011)



... architects of war...


b) “Mr Haw took to sharing his megaphone with an antipodean woman.. when the antipodean Sheila started up we were all pathetically grateful, even though she had a voice as sharp as a seamstress’s needle… Shady agents provocateurs descended and caused trouble (Daily Mail UK 20.06.2011)



... murdoch... no free press...


along with the unlawful concealment of the CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me, to protect Murdoch’s global ‘news’ media empire etc etc.


... city of london lawyer illegally refusing to hand over the cctv that... belongs to me, of the torture and attempted murder of me...



My name is Donna Bugat, and I am not a ’Serious Organized Criminal’.


... murdoch's global number one 'election' policy (unquestioningly... repeated by the bbc) that resulted in the torture and attempted murder of me, that caused a hung parliament in the 'controversial' 2010 general election in uk, because i survived (no-one was ever going to 'allow' me to stand in politics)...


The fact Murdoch may have had an entire stable of politicians running in the 2010 election in the UK, was legally speaking an irrelevance because they all knew they were illegally concealing the CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me, from me, while we were all in… the same Westminster.



... blood on your hands... "these are real people's lives we are talking about"...



Everyone knows Murdoch has never peacefully stood in any public square including in Westminster, to tell the truth about anything.


An adopted person does not really ever enjoy any right to privacy.


The continuing legal and political recognition of adoption in Victoria, Australia also means the ‘Whites Only’ policy which was used in conversions to adoption too, has never really ended.


I have been forced to live the life of a ‘conversa’ in our times, through adoption, that is no different from the forced conversions in medieval times around the Mediterranean.


The evidence is public officials do… sell private information including about adoption, to people like Murdoch who does not dispute he ‘works’ with the intelligence services anyway.


I share the view of most independently minded women, that the unscrupulous sleaze-bag Murdoch’s egocentric worldview of women, demonstrated on page 3 of his beloved Sun, which he publicly states represents his personal views, and could not reasonably be considered a ‘trusted news source’ is not… intended to encourage respect for or to be respectful towards any and all female children and adult women, anywhere.


The voyeuristic Murdoch has built his empire out of... causing "harrowing suffering":



... murdoch's melbourne spin hides the torture and attempted murder of me was intended to make me... 'vanish' because there has never been any legal basis for adoption... 


The true incontrovertible facts are the revolving doors of politics and journalism do hide evidence of them causing life threatening harm to adopted people.  


There is no legal basis for adoption or the torture and attempted murder of an adopted person because there is no legal basis for adoption.


It is absolutely unlawful for politicians in the State of Victoria to conceal the torture and attempted murder of a Melbourne born, female Australian… citizen, who was adopted as a child.



... city of london police ask if (anything) including politicians et al using witness intimidation etc against us, is a "civil matter only"...



The politicians all abuse public office to falsely claim they have fully comprehensive health and insurance cover for… themselves while denying the same to…. vulnerable… children, they intend to exploit, including as adults entirely for their own personal financial reasons.


The physical and emotional health of private citizens is obviously more important than the revolving doors of any politics and journalism.


I am claiming $3 billion dollars compensation from the State of Victoria & Murdoch’s Newscorp, for my own ‘government funded’ global fully comprehensive heath and insurance cover, without any exclusions, so I can make my own… informed choices, (which is self evidently particularly important during a global pandemic) that will also guarantee I can peacefully leave and enter an adoption free (which would be a huge relief) State of Victoria whenever I choose to, and visit my own home in the Breton Woods in France where I have some happy memories.


The court will need to provide me in writing without any further unnecessary delay any court fees they claim I would need to pay for my... uncontested Default Judgement against the revolving doors of the State of Victoria and Murdoch's Newscorp, or immediately pass along to me, the full amount of $3 billion dollars compensation, so I can peacefully move on with... my own life.


The peace and harmony of the rule of law helps make the world a safer and kinder place.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)