Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria, Australia & Murdoch News Corp (Case 352): My Default Judgement to suspend adoptions indefinitely, includes my claim for $3 billion dollars compensation for torture & attempted murder of me (19.02.2021)



... donna... the peace and harmony of the rule of law helps make the world a safer and kinder place...





I was like all children born… perfect and no child ever has to change who they are, for anyone else, for any reason.


I was raised by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents to illegally change my identity as a small child, in ‘Whites Only’ Australia, to completely hide my Mediterranean cultural heritage.


The British BBC and Murdoch have… both support/ed ‘Whites Only’ Australia, and adoption.


I am like anyone else entitled to… feel safe and be… safe and adoption has never made either possible, because the fact adoption has no legal basis makes multiple rights violations and exploitation of exceptionally vulnerable children that continues into adulthood possible. 


The BBC’s Jimmy Saville and News Corp’s Murdoch paid money to the Vatican to become ‘Papal Knights’ and nobody ever asked… adopted children and adults about Cardinal Pell, because politicians have always specifically… excluded adopted people from inquiries into child abuse precisely… because there has never been any… legal basis for adoption.


The British Parliament used the BBC and New Scotland Yard (refer Leveson and Murdoch, which was about him avoiding a jury in a court) to illegally leak my adopted name along with false information without my consent on Mothers Day 26 March 2006, because they all… intended to cause me the most serious harm possible.


The BBC and Murdoch had a shared platform that could never include an adopted person, challenging the free speech ban we repealed, that like adoption, never had any legal basis.


The fact there is no legal basis for adoption which is legislated by politicians is used by unscrupulous people like Murdoch and his cult of celebrity adult adopters.


Murdoch published a contract between politicians on Sky News UK that was unquestioningly repeated by the BBC, to illegally ‘remove’ me without any caveats on how that was done that… resulted in the torture and attempted murder of me in the UK in the run up to the ‘controversial’ 2010 election.


In fact, the politicians were all illegally refusing to hand over the CCTV that belongs to me of the torture and attempted murder of me, that I originally properly requested in the... criminal courts, before the City of London lawyer who has no ‘locus standii’ started illegally trying to dictate legally impossible terms to me.


A jury would conclude Murdoch knew… his problem then became my… surviving his Sky News, agreement with all the politicians, really.


It obviously isn’t at all brave of the revolving doors of politicians and journalism to illegally refuse to hand over to me, including in a timely manner, the CCTV that belongs to me, of the torture and attempted murder of me, because I am adopted.


The legal reality is Murdoch is still centre stage in the frame, even without the CCTV because the threat was publicly made.


It is a legal impossibility to separate the Sky News ‘contract’ repeated unquestioningly by the BBC, from the torture and attempted murder of me, shortly afterwards, because of the absence of a legal basis for the free speech ban in the UK, and the… global adoption racket.



... it's a fact... the revolving doors of politics and journalism already have... and will cover up the torture and attempted murder of an adopted person...



It was foreseeable that the fact adoption has no legal basis could cause physical and emotional including life threatening harm.


The fact I have prolonged PTSD causes disassociation and fragmentation of memories, because it is normal that people don't want to remember or be reminded of trauma, including that inflicted by the predatory revolving doors of politics and journalism while we were all in the same... Westminster. I have no... choice but to legally confront the reality of that trauma, so I can move on with my own life, and vulnerable children and adopted people are protected by an indefinite suspension of adoption. 


The One Stop Adoption... Shop.



... the 'one stop adoption.. shop'... the brexit 'trade' adviser and ex australian pm commodifying vulnerable children...



I am not the only one who associates the courts with the use of extreme state violence, because I was violently assaulted inside courts (because I asked for a lawyer) and leaving courts, and kidnapped during live proceedings !! in a court to stop me giving evidence, which was all very traumatic and not something anyone should ever experience, in a court, which is an onerous experience for anyone without all that, which was about witness intimidation etc.  


It's extraordinarily difficult for an adopted person to even access proper healthcare, and in particular that doesn't come with all the same old 'lobbyists' long lists of their own biases and prejudices of all sorts. 


Murdoch’s leverage over his... entourage of... politicians when I was in Parliament Square, Central London, is the fact there is no legal basis for adoption, that unscrupulous people in government will support because the fact there was never any legal basis for adoption, means multiple rights violations and exploitation go… unreported.



... the global adoption racket on all 'sides' that commodifies vulnerable children by completely bypassing any... consent from adopted children or adults...



Cardinal Pell and the LBGT advocates of adoption were only arguing among themselves as adults over what they wanted, not the best interests of all vulnerable children, and child protection.



... pope francis and cardinal pell, the patron saints of the cult of celebrity (& and the odd intelligence service or two)...



Pope Ratzinger made the first incl. State Visit by a Pope to the British Parliament of ‘both houses and black rod’ in the UK in 2010, before Francis was recruited to keep singing the adoption spin.


The British referendum that began while I was exiled in France, didn’t change the legal reality is there is no legal basis for adoption in the UK or in Continental Europe, but the torture and attempted murder of me did prove unscrupulous people do exploit adoption for purely financial reasons.




The... only way to stop the continuing exploitation of adopted people is by indefinitely suspending adoption.




The reality is vulnerable children naturally care most about their physical and emotional health which is best protected by government funded global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions to protect them from predators, and ensure legally reviewable custody arrangements that are only until... adulthood.


I have... never consented to my adoption (I would only have consented to... legally reviewable care arrangements and only until adulthood and I wouldn't personally have cared if my carers had been straight or gay, if my 'out of home care' had been necessary which was not the case in my own case) or the free speech ban we repealed, or the torture and attempted murder of me, because I am adopted.


There's no legal reason why I was raised separately from my little sister (with the same mother and father) who died.


The fact female private citizens don’t want anything to do with the predatory old voyeuristic sleaze bag Murdoch who very obviously has no respect for women, is exemplified by him having spent his whole life having to… buy trophy women, with some of his collection included on page 3 of his beloved Sun, which isn’t widely known as a ‘trusted news source’ regardless of what… politicians claim.


The politicians routinely spend vast sums of public money hiring... political cover  (@ Ampersand) they call 'communications' when government funded global fully comprehensive health with no exclusions and insurance cover is possible in the here and now for everyone, to make our own... choices.


The truth is any responsible government would provide… all their citizens with government funded global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover (which is a real vote winner) to protect private citizens physical and emotional health that is more important than any politics or journalism.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)