Donna Bugat (Case 352): I am recognised as a Magistrate and adoption must be suspended while I register a global NGO within ECHR with universal jurisdiction to receive and disburse government funded fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions & including compensation for all adopted people (14.02.2021)




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“I am not the Serious Organised Criminal”



I was like all children, born… perfect, and no child ever needs to change who they are to suit anyone else, for any reason.


I am as an adopted person, legally entitled to like any person… feel and… be safe.


My own adoption has never made me… feel or… be safe and so I have through no fault of my own, prolonged PTSD and multiple autoimmune and related illnesses, which is more common than politicians and other advocates of the dystopian abuse of process of adoption would like to acknowledge.   


All adopted people have the same right as anyone else to enjoy… self determination that includes having as of right, our own identity, and the… opportunity to reach our full potential, which does not mean having to ‘assimilate’ to suit… any other persons needs and prejudices etc.


A monarch and adoption could not reasonably be considered necessary, proportionate, let alone essential to… anyone’s health or wellbeing.


The immediate suspension of any new national or international adoptions (which is pretty much the same as a Default Judgement really) is necessary because the common denominator in all adoptions is the absence of… informed consent at any and all times from… adopted children and adults, that needs to be legally remedied in the first instance with all... existing cases of adopted children and adults.


There has always been the less intrusive and disproportionate option of custody arrangements until adulthood and it is clear that adoption was never about the best interests of a child or child protection because it continues into adulthood, for no other reason than to try and stop lawsuits from adopted adults, over the abuse of process of adoption.


The only way to begin to remedy the absence of informed consent from adopted children and adults at any and all times, is through government funded fully comprehensive health and insurance cover without any exclusions that also includes compensation.


I do already have a verifiable track record of consistently, openly and honestly properly opposing an abuse of process, when governments threw an unlimited budget to try and stop that, in what they publicly acknowledge were 'complex' manoeuvres, that could not by any stretch of the imagination be called legal. 


An adopted person cannot rely on the whims of politicians who arbitrarily legislated our adoption, to… access the necessary health care to redress any physical and emotional harm caused, and in particular during a global pandemic, when health needs may extend well beyond any possible vaccine.


I am independently owed compensation in my own right as an adopted person so I am not an agent for any insurance company, and the word ’suspension’ with regard to adoption, is the best legal and political compromise that can be achieved.


The legal and political language of the ’suspension’ of adoption is similar to the fact six bogus summons were maliciously issued against me on 23rd March 2007 in the UK that were used to invent the bogus ‘landmark’ Contempt of Court case on 26th March 2007, before the bogus summons were hastily placed ’sine die’ because everyone knew the offending ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation (given ‘royal assent’ like adoption legislation) that should have been repealed on Mothers Day on 26th March 2006, was nevertheless going to have to be… repealed.


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007) "I am not the Serious Organized Criminal"


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


The same goes for the 1984 adoption legislation in Victoria, Australia etc.


The legitimate purpose of the suspension of any new national or international adoptions is to ensure there is government funded fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions that includes compensation, for all… existing national and international adopted children and adults, to redress any physical and emotional harm caused, as a matter of… urgency.


It is an absolute certainty that any properly informed adopted child or adopted adult… naturally cares more about our… own physical and emotional health and wellbeing and therefore government funded global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions, rather than the arbitrary needs and prejudices of the global adoption factory.


The suspension of new national and international adoptions, means State and Federal politicians in Australia cannot therefore support or provide any… public money to anyone promoting or trying to justify and continue… current adoption practises, which are all only purely political.


The fact State and Federal governments have been using public money to fund their ‘One Stop…Shop’ for adoption does mean the courts cannot… perversely ask adopted people to pay unlimited sums to courts in our existing cases, because we oppose the abuse of process of adoption.


The reality is any adult who relinquishes an adopted child based on the reality they will no longer have unfettered ownership of the adopted child, including when an adopted child is an adult was never a fit person to be a caregiver of any child anyway.


Adopted children and adopted adults are not… commodities.


The recent suspension of international adoptions by the Netherlands who have the bogus ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ deposited with their Foreign Office, legally applies to all national and international adoptions everywhere, really.


There will never be any agreement on any continuation of adoption, but there can at least be agreement by everyone that all ‘out of home care’ needs to be completely redesigned to ensure equality and improved outcomes.


The reality is sensible custody arrangements until adulthood, must not be stigmatised and overshadowed by false claims about the supposed benefits of adoption, or compared to adoption which is all about… commodifying vulnerable children.


The absence of the false profits of adoption can mean that more vulnerable children are able to have better ‘out of home care’ experiences, with sensible custody arrangements until adulthood. There is no legal reason that prohibits a healthy childhood experience of care, extending voluntarily as an amicable friendship in adulthood, but there is absolutely no place for the fiction of adoption in a child or adults life, that has at the very least very serious adverse… legal consequences.


The future really is global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions for everyone, funded by government, because no-one wants to be anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’.


The fact is I am fully qualified to be a Magistrate because I do not need anyone else’s ‘permission’ including that of any court, to stop my own adoption… because it has always been an abuse of process, so the State and Federal politicians in Australia should recognise I am a Magistrate really. 


I could register an NGO at my home address in France (I miss my own home a lot, and of course my two beautiful sons) or a registered address in Jerusalem or the Golan, that was then overseen by the ECHR, so the NGO could then receive funds from all governments, to disburse to all adopted people so all adopted people have global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions that includes compensation, to begin to be able to make our own informed decisions, because every person and our cases are so very different. The NGO would only have an obligation to maintain a confidential register of the funds received and disbursed, because whatever health or insurance cover people choose would then be sorting through all the issues with adopted people themselves.


(I would want to do that kind of NGO for adopted people with my own compensation anyway and SteveJ is a good bean counter)


I personally look forward to being able to… experience what a world… without adoption feels and looks like, because I have no idea what that will be like.


(It’s fair to say politics which has yet to become civilised, which is why it is so problematic with regard to adoption, will not be high on my own agenda of things to see and do)


Kind Regards,




Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)