Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria et al Case 352: My Default Judgements against State of Victoria ($3 billion) UK (£3 billion) & UN (€3 billion) replace dystopian extremes of adoption & artificial wombs for state surrogacy, with global health & insurance etc & land in contested Golan, to safeguard option of freedom of movement & non refoulement (08.02.2021)




... donna... the peace and harmony of the rule of law helps make the world a safer and kinder place...





... "I am not the Serious Organized Criminal"...



I was like any other child born… perfect and no child ever needs to change, for anyone else, for any reason.


The global diaspora of adopted people are arguably the most diverse group of people in the world, and yet we have never individually or collectively enjoyed as of… right, the self determination to… freely identify who we are, nationally and internationally.


The ‘lived experience’ of the ‘hidden’ world of the truly dystopian global abuse of process of adoption by government is where the path of surrogacy is ultimately going.



... the fact the state of victoria's dystopian extremes with the abuse of process of adoption still persist, highlight the deceitful claim whole families can be exchanged for total ownership by the state and strangers, that broadens to include 'donor conceived' surrogacies of all sorts everywhere, will unchecked ultimately leave the doors open for government extremes of... artificial wombs for state surrogacy...



The Australian Federal government actually set up their... own organisation funded by the public, politicians decided to call the 'Australian Human Rights Commission'. It obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with the human rights of... private Australian citizens at all, and everything to do with aiding and abetting politicians bypassing... courts with their human rights abuses (the colonial half way house is notorious for it's staged 'inquiries' designed to waste time) that also falsely claims it is independent, which is incredibly dishonest.


It is after all a serious 'human rights abuse' that the state and federal Australian government were directly involved in the torture and attempted murder of me, because I do... genuinely promote human rights.


The far from legal reality is, ALL the cases against me starting with Case 352 in Australia when I was errr... a small child !! and every single malicious prosecution against me as an adult in the UK, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London have only ever been to illegally try and stop… jury lawsuits against the governments abuses of process.


My Default Judgements are against the State of Victoria ($3 billion dollars) UK (£3 billion pounds) & UN (€3 billion euros) along with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover etc.


The fact is adoption is an abuse of process, that illegally bypasses informed consent at all times from adopted children and adults that is not consistent with and has no logical connection to the best interests of adopted children and adults or child protection.


The evidence already is governments have illegally refused to record and disclose physical and emotional, including life threatening harm caused to adopted children and adults who have significantly been specifically… excluded from national and international ‘inquiries’ into abuse in ‘out of home’ care including in a timely manner, because politicians did always know they legislated the global free for all of the abuse of process called adoption.


It is in the best interests of adopted people to have global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover without any exclusions that comes with legal representation that includes all children currently in ‘out of home care’ of any kind, that is all paid for by government, to ensure legally reviewable care arrangements until adulthood, and to remedy longstanding legal failures. The global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions, paid for by the government for adult adopted people, if they do not have their own, can prioritise at a minimum universal health care, age appropriate social housing and Disability Support Pension no questions asked, along with travel arrangements… wherever we are, so we can also live in our… own homes, with whatever support we choose, so… all adopted people can make our own choices in the transition from adoption.


In practise this means no further adoptions take place, but all children in ‘out of home care’ including adopted children will have tangible protections, while adopted children and adults will finally be able to make our own choices to transition from adoption at any time, in a safe and sustainable way, while adoption is phased out.


In a civilised world there should be global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover for everyone paid by government, because the physical and emotional health of private citizens is far more important than the revolving doors of politics or media who promote cheap labour and publicly funded multibillion dollar weapons to rip off resources, first.



... the british parliament originally used the bbc and new scotland yard to illegally leak my adopted name along with false information, because they always intended to illegally stop.... jury lawsuits against themselves... 





... the british house of 800 + unelected lords and their global business interests are a democratic deficit who literally stole from... peaceniks...



The fact no government has ever cared about adopted people resulted in my own case, in the torture and attempted murder of me because I peacefully stopped the related legislative ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 abuse of process violently criminalising free speech in the UK with 

“I am not the Serious Organized Criminal” Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007) in the always contested territory of Parliament Square, Central London. That abuse of process adversely affected adopted people with another layer of state abuse, while governments illegally tried to… retrospectively use s 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967, means there can only be my Default Judgements, including against the UN in the Golan, to legally remedy… non refoulement for a global diaspora of adopted people.



... it's real and really happened... covering up the torture and attempted murder of me...


There is no doubt the revolving doors of politics and journalism who are essentially nothing more than ‘reputation management’ for big business that often include legislative sleights of hand, would all transition from the extreme abuse of process of adoption to the other extreme of artificial wombs for state surrogacy.



... another broom cupboard outside any jury in a court...


I am a multicultural woman who was peacefully genuinely standing for free speech in the UK for everyone, everywhere, when the Channel 7 ‘media’ owner in Australia (who has never stood for free speech anywhere, and is completely unknown in the UK where I was sent as an adopted teenager, and has never faced down the British House of 800+ unelected Lords who never threatened him with the ‘Persil Amendment’ on 27th January 2012) was by contrast working… with the BBC & Murdoch et al and the former Australian PM Rudd (the bogus Iraq War Inquiry in the broom cupboard in the QE2 centre behind the Supreme Court was for example all about protecting the profits of ’reputation management’ etc) at the same time as the torture and attempted murder of me (so knows when I blew the whistle in real… legal proceedings on 13 January 2010, at the same time Lord ‘Booz Allen Hamilton’ Turnbull was spinning lies at the Iraq War Inquiry on the same day, etc etc, before I then blew the whistle in legal proceedings… in the High Court on 21st June 2010 why the former Australian PM Rudd really had to stand down on 23rd June 2010 while I was illegally denied legal representation before Rudd was paid off with $1.4 billion from the British Tory government with the ‘zero hours contracts’ scam, and now grandstands at the IMF for a free UN passport like Blair did as the Mid East ‘Peace Envoy’  when he drafted in Lord Malloch Brown now also at the IMF to give the false impression they have legal immunity, that includes a number of ‘companies’ in Delaware in the United States including Lord Marlesford & former British PM Brown etc etc)


... 13 january 2010... i was blowing the whistle in real legal proceedings, that were trying to cover up the torture and attempted murder of me, while lord 'booz allen hamilton' turnbull was busy lying in the iraq war 'inquiry' held in a broom cupboard in the qe2 centre behind the supreme court...


In my own case, the revolving doors of politics and journalism who blacklisted me from my paid employment etc were knowingly harming me to try and stop having to pay out on unprecedented lawsuits, and the repeal of the abuses of process of free speech and… adoption legislation.



21st june 2010... covering up the torture and attempted murder of me when the british pm johnson was mayor of london and the leader of the opposition starmer was dpp...


(The people who posed as my ‘parents’ from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who were complicit in that torture and attempted murder of me too, had always treated me differently anyway because they illegally switched my own cultural identities because I was the ‘wrong’ mixed race etc etc)



... british high court on 23rd june 2010... i am illegally denied legal representation to illegally stop the full disclosure of the torture and attempted murder of me as an adopted person...




The longstanding legal problem has always been there is no government anywhere in the world who has ever cared about adopted people in the global free for all including the UN, and the Hague Adoption Convention so adopted people have never been able to claim political asylum on the grounds of being adopted, despite the fact adoption is an abuse of process that raises the legal issue of non refoulement, and regardless of what has been done to adopted people by any or multiple governments.



... british referendum day 23rd june 2016 and israel claim they will repeal making it a... crime for an adopted person to disclose they are adopted ...


I do not personally have any interest in any eventual decision over the contested Golan, although I am indigenous to the Mediterranean, but I would just buy some land there, with an Australian passport, to safeguard my own option of freedom of movement, that also safeguards that for all other adopted people without anyone having to actually permanently live there or become involved in the politics of it all. Once the abuse of process of adoption and non refoulement is agreed through land in the... contested Golan that legally settles the legal issues for adopted people, regardless of the eventual outcome in the Golan. The legal Golan point is to establish the option of freedom of movement for all adopted people with the repeal of adoption that is not reliant on... any governments, because there isn’t a single government in the entire UN who has cared about (all) adopted people etc etc. 


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)