Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria, Australia Case 352: My Default Judgement against State of Victoria for $3 billion dollars to end adoption & begin first UN Golan uniquely… universal multicultural autonomous Mediterranean Eco City (05.02.2021)




… donna… the world needs to be a safer and kinder place…






“I am not the Serious Organised Criminal”



I was like all children, born… perfect, and we should never have to change anything about ourselves for anyone else, for any reason.






… 'Whites Only' Australia… the White Badge 1910 (the political classes are still the same)...



I was raised by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents (who did not have a single Mediterranean person in their social circle and spied on Mediterranean, including Jewish communities which had been going on for many centuries around the Mediterranean and Southern Europe before Europeans arrived in Australia) to illegally change my identity and mixed race Mediterranean cultural heritage, in ‘Whites Only’ Australia (which was the prevailing political orthodoxy with Federation in 1901. Italian ‘immigrants were not welcome, before they were then banned from the United States, and Mussolini who was recruited by the British who also installed Franco, stopped people leaving Italy, all before Nazi Germany) without due process when I was a small child, completely isolated from my own entire family.


An... adopted female child with a mixed race Mediterranean cultural heritage was well and truly at the bottom of the social and racial pile when I was born in ‘Whites Only’ Australia.



... "Italians at the bottom of the Australian 'racial totem pole', just above other Southern Europeans and Aborigines"... 



I was forced to leave Australia as a teenager and it is ’confronting’ to return to the Australia that is politically the same, because in my own case the ’normalisation’ of state persecution through the abuse of process of adoption originated in the State of Victoria in Australia.



... lebensborn... "we win over any good blood we can use for ourselves, and give it a place in our people, or we destroy the blood"...



You never hear of any British, Australian, or Italian... politicians who were adopted as children.


I have prolonged PTSD and autoimmune and related illnesses caused by the longstanding abuse of process of adoption, that creates and perpetuates unnecessary uncertainty throughout every aspect of your life, to try and forcibly ‘assimilate’ you to whatever happens to be the political flavour of the day.


The fact prolonged physical and emotional harm caused by adoption that was intended to be permanent and irrevocable has never had any logical connection to a child’s best interests or child protection, is most starkly evidenced by it inexplicably continuing into adulthood, compounding multiple rights violations. This includes most importantly the most fundamental necessity of… informed consent from an…  adopted person at any and all times, that affects all aspects of our lives, wherever we live in Australia or elsewhere.



... franco...


The persistent and cumulative re-traumatising effect in Australia and elsewhere because an adopted person cannot claim political asylum on the basis of being adopted, regardless of what has been done to you, that the State of Victoria will not record, has disenfranchised an adopted person from meaningful participation in many forms of civil society and public life. While it was falsely claimed it was a criminal offence to identify yourself as adopted in Israel when I was there in 1984, all legal systems in practise routinely treat adopted people as having less rights than criminals convicted by society of the most serious crimes, because adoption is an abuse of process.



... israel criminal offence for adoptee to disclose status...



The British referendum while I was exiled in France in my own home in the Breton Woods (because I am an adopted person who also repealed the abuse of process of a free speech ban which was ss 132-138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 in the UK when I did correctly state and maintain “I am not the Serious Organised Criminal” (Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007) is an example of being continually and profoundly re-traumatised over and over again about my identity and and where I am ‘allowed’ to live, and with whom, as an adopted person. This always takes place without ever having easily accessible and effective legal recourse because the only real option is a Default Judgement that adoption is an abuse of process.



... chile...



The UN sponsored opportunistic cult of 'celebrity' lobby promote a one way ticket to the western world adoption racket that masks the exploitation of countries resources, and the better option of supporting families to stay together.  


The State of Victoria does not and cannot dispute physical and emotional harm caused by adoption in Australia or elsewhere because it is the State of Victoria themselves who have illegally excluded adopted people from state, federal and international inquiries into other state designated including religious ‘out of home care’ because politicians have always known adoption is of itself an abuse of process that opened the doors to predators including state and religious employees, so they didn’t care about sexual abuse, torture and attempted murder which because of the increased isolation of adoption is even more easily hidden. The evidence is the state will conceal evidence of the most serious crimes perpetrated against an adopted person and particularly when it involves the state, all with reckless disregard for the health and wellbeing of an adopted person and regardless of there being no statute of limitations on crimes, like torture, that also have universal jurisdiction.



... isaacs isaacs was first and foremost a... royal flag waver and ardent proponent of white australia, because that was good for his own personal career, and he didn't much like mediterranean people either...



The abuse of process of adoption is a global abuse of process towards arguably the most diverse diaspora of an unrecognised ‘minority’ who are treated completely differently to all other ‘groups’ despite the fact international law claims the identities of ‘groups’ cannot be changed through coercion or force, or people forcibly transferred elsewhere, which highlights the cynical political use of adoption to repeatedly isolate and abuse people through other means, while refusing to keep… any records of any physical and emotional harm caused. The truth is all adoption is… forced, because the fundamental necessity to have… informed consent from the… adopted child or adult at any time or all times has been completely bypassed because the priority in adoption has never been the best interests of children or child protection. 


There is not a single government in the world who along with the UN and their agencies could ever claim to have cared about the global diaspora of adopted people and our individual and collective right to our own self determination and reasonable self defence.


The incredibly onerous and discriminatory adversarial legal proceedings in a court relating to the legislated abuse of process of adoption, can only make an adopted person already deeply traumatised and overwhelmed by having the ‘lived experience’ of persecution through such a long standing abuse of process as adoption, suicidal (a universal eco city in the Golan is preferable) It is the continuing quite exceptional persecution of an adopted person by a state whose own admission is it never wanted to make or keep let alone in a timely manner… any legal reviews or records of any kind of abuse of adopted people. An adopted person is not afforded as of right any legal representation themselves regarding adoption despite it not being a crime to be an adopted person.


The harm caused is compounded when an adopted person is not ‘allowed’ to remain living in their… own home in another country, including while having very serious health issues, and while being refused access to age and health appropriate state housing or comparable accommodation in the State of Victoria, including during a global pandemic.


It is common-sense the pre-existing long standing physical and emotional harm caused by the abuse of process of adoption cannot be legally remedied by a vaccine during a global pandemic, that may not even be suitable for an adopted person with autoimmune illnesses and an incomplete medical history, including known evidence of life threatening harm being suppressed by the state.


The County Court of Victoria in the State of Victoria is legally obliged to immediately pay me $3 billion dollars for my Default Judgement against the State of Victoria that adoption is an abuse of process. The peace and harmony of the rule of law is the same in any properly constituted court and my default judgement can be filed in the ECHR too (where the Hague Adoption Convention also is) where I have my own home in the Breton Woods in France.


In practise this means there cannot be any new adoptions but adopted people can make their own choices in their own time, because every person and case is different although the legislative abuse of process is the same.


A UN (& the UN and its agencies could easily raise $3 billion dollars from every country for the project) Golan uniquely…  universal autonomous multicultural eco community, initially within Israel (while governments argue among themselves over that) has the potential to be a creative and inspiring bridge of all sorts on the Mediterranean with no obligatory military service, while addressing the very serious legal issue of non-refoulement so formerly adopted people are guaranteed an opportunity to peacefully be whoever we are and want to be (I don’t know what that would feel and be like) while being able to come and go as we please because we would be able to keep our other passports if we chose to is something all the world needs that can only help on the path to demilitarisation everywhere too.


It is not a crime to tell anyone you are adopted, or what happens to you, and I do not need anyone else’s permission to be Jewish, and have my own identity, and I am not anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’ either.


My two recommendations for the State of Victoria to properly ensure it fulfils its legal obligations towards all adopted people are:


a) the duty of care for all vulnerable children in ‘out of home care’ and in the absence of adoption (which is particularly discriminatory and egregious) as an option is legally reviewable care arrangements until either a vulnerable child no longer needs to be in ‘out of home care’ or until adulthood (because we are not Peter Pan) with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions, that comes with legal representation.


This means a vulnerable child in ‘out of home care’ for any reason, none of which are good, knows they have immediate and unlimited access to legal representation and any health care they need to help them feel and be safe and secure which is the absolutely essential starting point for a vulnerable child in ‘out of home care’ to try to address in a safe way, the trauma caused by not being with their own entire family, for whatever reason.


The State of Victoria ignored the fact that telling adopted children any old lie, did not change the trauma of being separated from our entire families.


b) provide global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions that comes with legal representation, for adopted adults, from the State of Victoria, wherever they are, and if they do not have it, paid for by the State of Victoria.


Ensure all adopted adults are guaranteed as a minimum Disability Support Pension no questions asked the State of Victoria arrange with the Federal government, along with priority age and health appropriate social housing including where necessary apartments in hotels, while prioritising and co-ordinating any travel arrangements too, along with any new documents at no cost to adopted people and so adopted people only need to have the minimum contact with any bureaucracy that can be very ‘confronting’ for adopted people. The abuse of process of adoption has typically meant adopted people fall outside many of bureaucracies 'ticking the boxes exercises' including if you are adopted being issued a different type of new birth certificate compared to people who are not adopted so all government departments would know because there has never been any such thing as any genuine right to privacy for adopted people, (which is highlighted by the Israeli... government, making it a ...crime for an adopted person to disclose their status, instead of the other way round) all of which is often re-traumatising. 


The physical and emotional health of private citizens comes before any politics and journalism. 



Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)




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