Donna Bugat: The UN have no… informed consent given by adopted people & politicians inextricably linked bogus ’Inquiry’ in State of Victoria without VMIA insurers harms physical & emotional health of adopted people, because politicians don’t want to admit… adoption is a crime (04.02.2021)



... donna... the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists to make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone...






I do have PTSD and autoimmune and related illnesses caused by the entirely foreseeable prolonged physical and emotional harm caused by the abuse of process of adoption which is a crime, but I most certainly do not have Stockholm syndrome.


It is a legal certainty I have the absolute right to my own self determination I have never handed over to politicians and… their adoption legislation which only constitutes multiple rights violations, causing … ongoing injury.


The fact is the State of Victoria and their VMIA insurers are in a ‘PUT UP OR SHUT UP’ legal situation over politicians adoption legislation which is the… source of the problem, while the bogus inquiry is not a legal substitute for example, for pre-action protocol.





Politicians are prone to conflate the rule of law with their legislation which is all too often sadly nothing more than political theatre.


I don’t personally know how my… existing Case 352 in Australia can be separated from the British House of Lords rather pointed and deeply offensive and threatening ’Persil Amendment’ in HQ12X03564 in the UK.


It's bad enough to go through one extremely violent abuse of process involving... politicians, but to go through two is too OTT and too much, and I most certainly... did not voluntarily return to Australia (which is not a criticism of Australian people, who are just like people anywhere)


The Hague Adoption Convention is just a global political free for all among politicians.


The politicians pseudo 'science' eugenics quackology from Bowlby had nothing to do with 'public health'.


Adopted people do not have to pay money to the courts and government who committed the crime of identity theft.


A political ‘Inquiry’ is only an opportunity to continue to… insult the intelligence of adopted people which only re-traumatises adopted people, who are… legally entitled to financial compensation to make our… own choices including of access to medical treatment, that we need, that is not based on the whims of… politicians.


I do not ‘reasonably believe’ politicians in the State of Victoria and their VMIA insurers have any recognised defence in law, to put before any civil or criminal jury in a court of law, because the…. legal challenge, that is not subject to any… political ‘Inquiry’ is, no ifs buts or maybe’s… adoption is illegal.   


There is no logical or legal connection between adoption and... child protection because adopted adults are not children.


Adoption is a crime.


It is a... political protection racket with 'lobby' groups.



... the State of Victoria 'Inquiry' is completely bogus because the politicians never included adopted people who live overseas (because I was originally forced as a teenager to live overseas) in any provisions for any services of any kind (so we are invisible statistics because they do know we exist and the Australian embassy in Paris was absolutely horrid) or I would still be living in my... own home in France... (so I am refused state housing in Victoria because I have my own home in France the State of Victoria are stopping me living in, before the global pandemic) 



The… injury is… ongoing.


It's not possible to say what life beyond the crime of adoption will look and feel like, because I haven't had the... luxury of that experience.


If some adopted people don't mind the crime of adoption, that is their own business, that is not a 'reason' or 'excuse' for politicians to impose the crime of adoption on other adopted people. 


There is obviously nothing... ‘historical’ about an… ongoing unrecognised crime called adoption, causing continuing harm.


The UN and their gruesome cult of child trafficking ‘celebrities’ are the biggest cheerleaders of the crime of adoption that has always been inextricably linked to war.


The world can be a safer and kinder place... without adoption.


There is a gaping… cultural chasm in adoption language in Australia because the legal and… international ‘complexities’ are completely glossed over, because people adopted in Australia are not necessarily Australian citizens or just Australian citizens, because politicians have been rubber-stamping all sorts of… cultural and… nationality changes, beyond Australia that the politicians… know because they made and kept the records, in their… departments, including the intelligence services.


There is an exceptional situation when it is considered a crime around the world to forcibly change the identity of any group, except when the identities of adopted people who constitute a group, are forcibly changed.






There is only the one legal, safer and far less disproportionate option available for all ‘out of home care’ for vulnerable children of legally reviewable custody arrangements until adulthood with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover without any exclusions paid for each and every child... by governments.


The truth is it should be responsible governance 101 for everyone... in society to as a starting point have global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover (with sensible limits on property and contents) paid for by... governments, because everyone is... equal. 




The revolving doors of politicians and press could only be cynically spinning the issue of parental consent or not to adoption, because they know that is… immaterial to the fact no… informed consent is ever sought from the most affected, who are adopted children and adults, which does not wear well in adulthood.


The predatory politicians opened the doors to any… predators by dishonestly claiming… informed consent to adoption is not needed from adopted children or adopted adults.


Politicians know the absence of informed consent from adopted children or adopted adults is anomalous in their realm of so called family law because of course adults exploiting children as social and medical experiments could not possibly be in the best interests of vulnerable children.


The… only possible reason for the tangled web of deceit called adoption continuing into… adulthood is because politicians don’t want… lawsuits from adopted… adults about politicians adoption… legislation.



The fact the… crime of adoption is unrecognised by politicians is what makes adopted people… suicidal, because we are also being… forced to go to court to prove adoption is a crime because the courts are the only legal… way out of the crime of adoption.


The fact adopted people are being placed in such an ‘extraordinary’ and ‘exceptional’ situation of being forced… to go to court to prove adoption is a crime, because politicians like Gillard refused to tell the truth makes adopted people… suicidal, because we are constantly just being physically and emotionally worn down by an… abusive situation entirely of politicians making.


There is a never ending cycle of physical and emotional harm caused by the fact adoption is an unrecognised crime, so any crimes connected to the crime of adoption are unrecognised too.


The crime of adoption is still on politicians statute books, although adoption is not recognised by politicians as a crime, so there is no ‘statute of limitations’ per se, etc etc and the… injury caused by adoption continues.


The… injury was caused by politicians gross negligence in not giving… adopted children who were completely isolated from our own entire families, legal representation.


The fact the only legal… way out of the crime of adoption is by going to court because politicians won’t tell the truth that their legislation is the crime, significantly compounds the harm being caused by politicians.




The Australian High Commission in London told me they sent reports I didn’t ask them to do, to politicians and said politicians just don’t care, when I was in Parliament Square, Central London.


So the British politicians clearly paid off Gillard who was a complete and utter fraud in every respect when she falsely claimed to apologise for… forced adoption while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, which she did entirely for insurance purposes, because what she was really refusing to do was apologise for the fact adoption is of itself illegal, which is… completely different.



... the clandestine MI5 & ASIO (who were based in Melbourne when the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO in 1984 when politicians spun more adoption legislation he certainly failed to declare his conflict of interest in after he had leaked his own identity !! while I was illegally refused my identity and they never had a single Mediterranean person in their entire 'social' circle which was all about forced assimilation...



There isn’t a… politician anywhere, who wants to… admit adoption is a crime, so it is the physical and emotional health of adopted people who are adversely affected by the crime of adoption who suffer.


British politicians (and no doubt their European or American and so on counterparts) didn’t want to admit the… whole truth, let alone while I was in Parliament Square, Central London and the people who posed as my parents and godparents also just happened to be from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services.





It is a physical, emotional and... legal impossibility to move on from the crime of adoption which adopted people who know it is a crime, do very much want to... safely do, when politicians refuse to admit what they have done is a crime, of which I do have the worst possible ‘lived  experience’.


There are all the international consequences of adoption too.



... it is completely unacceptable that a city of london lawyer who is a very nasty piece of work (which i think is his job description) threatens me as an adopted person over CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me that belongs to me they refuse to hand over to me that is obviously directly relevant (the same bent city of london spiv incredibly complained about keeping accurate and contemporaneous records of legal proceedings in courts and isn't a fan of juries either and actually ridiculously sought a public interest 'immunity' certificate, although he never actually... specified what it was he wanted a public interest 'immunity' certificate for, because it would be a legal impossibility for him to even explain his... own... email to a jury....



The… only reason I am not in my own home in France is because terribly precious politicians do not want to admit they were lying about… forced adoptions too, because adoption is of itself illegal, and politicians who have whole entourages of lawyers and their VMIA insurers, always knew that.


The reality is politicians are knowingly… jeopardising the physical and emotional health of adopted people just because politicians do not want to admit they have lied and adoption is illegal.


The legal certainty is the physical and emotional health of adopted people who have always been lied to by politicians, is more important than any politics or journalism.




The same politicians


a) … who legislate the abuse of process of adoption


b) … legislated the abuse of process of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 we repealed in the UK (which was obviously really the ‘cash for peerages’ scandal but everyone was an adult who knew from the beginning the legislation was an abuse of process)




c) … tortured and attempted to murder me (which the CCTV shows was about my… DNA) as an adopted person, before their City of London lawyer then threatened me in an email over the CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me, that clearly… belongs to me they refuse to hand over to me, that is directly relevant to my… physical and emotional health.






The uncivilised politicians later excuses for subjecting me to life threatening inhuman and degrading treatment, in breach of their own health and safety legislation, was that if I… survived !! then it couldn’t be a problem which was obviously only a lie they were not willing to repeat before a jury in a court of law.


The State of Victoria and the UN are jointly and severally legally liable.


It’s basically a jury in a court now and compensation, or commonsense prevails with compensation in a long overdue immediate out of court settlement.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)