Donna Bugat : The Mothers Day scandal & politicians VMIA Insurers in cash for legislation, peerages & UN passports in Australia & UK in global abuse of process of adoption (03.02.2021)




... donna... the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists to make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone...






I am a private citizen who Blair and the House of 800 + unelected Lords clearly unlawfully arrested on Mothers Day 2006 so the BBC could illegally leak my adopted name with false information to cause me serious physical and emotional harm, that resulted in the torture and attempted murder of me along with my exile etc.


The most diverse unrecognised minority around the world is the global abuse of process of… adopted people.


The global abuse of process of adoption is inextricably linked with war, because the momentum of more than one, entire state apparatus, is used against you, while you have no legal representation.




... i am a private citizen and the two blairs and the bbc have never even apologised for illegally leaking my adopted name on mothers day (which they obviously did very deliberately because i am adopted) along with false information that resulted in the torture and attempted murder of me along with being exiled (because the revolving doors of politics and journalism just don't care about private citizens)... 



There is no sensible person who would actually… choose to be adopted because politicians who have everything easy themselves, take away all your rights without you having any… legal representation, which is a seriously bad deal that places you at extreme risk of harm, while trying to make you have Stockholm Syndrome which is certainly true in Sweden because they still falsely claim people cannot walk away from the abuse of process of adoptions as adults. 


The politicians in the State of Victoria along with the Victorian Ombudsman who was the former IPCC Commissioner in the UK when I was in Parliament Square, Central London, are in clear breach of any insurance cover not only regarding the abuse of process of my adoption in Case 352 but the inextricably linked cases like HQ12X03564 regarding the torture and attempted murder of me and exile etc… because of the abuse of process of my adoption.



... VMIA... i think we already know the state of victoria is not insured for the abuse of process of adoption (with so many bogus 'inquiries') and the for example revolving doors of the victorian ombudsman who was the former ipcc in the uk, who has no interest in or knowledge of... public health !! along with the former head of acpo in the uk who was dac in victoria no-one could explain to any jury... 



The politicians and Victorian Ombudsman’s breaches of any insurance cover they may claim to have ?? only cause me problems having global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover etc because of the serious physical and emotional harm caused to me, by the trauma of repeatedly being tortured and the attempted murder of me and exile etc etc etc etc.


** The State of Victoria are in clear breach of any health and safety and insurance policy, in refusing without lawful excuse to even record the torture and attempted murder of an… Australian citizen, (and the fact of the email threatening me over the existence of the CCTV that belongs to me) and all because of the… abuse of process of my adoption **


The politicians in the State of Victoria who are illegally stopping me living in my own home in France, are intentionally… continuing to cause me harm, because… I cannot lie about what has happened, and I cannot access proper medical treatment etc etc.



... the cash for mothers day -peerages scandal...


The reality is the politically motivated wholly disproportionate abuse of process of adoption that is legally unjustifiable cannot continue, not least because it is not in the best interests of any vulnerable child in ‘out of hime care’ to be put at such… extreme risk through such a disproportionate abuse of process that has absolutely… no benefits or legal safeguards of any kind.   


Brian and myself found ourselves centre stage in Westminster with the Mothers Day 2006 scandal (that was done deliberately because I am adopted) surrounded by the ‘cash for honours’ in the House of Lords imbroglio, when politicians and police claimed to be arguing among themselves and getting injunctions…




... the 'both houses and black rod' scandal about the house of lords that rocked westminster...



we… both quietly walked into Westminster Magistrates on Friday 23rd March 2007 to get… summons against… both Blairs (the PM & now Lord Blair the former top cop) which the court was told by District Judge Purdy to help us do…




... lord goldsmith cash for peerages scandal... the whole of westminster knew brian and myself owned the 'both houses and black rod' document... 



It transpired that when we left the court they issued six bogus ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 summons against me behind my back. But by happenstance we were in court on Monday 26th March 200…7 because SteveJ had also had bogus summons sent on the Friday he received on the Saturday for the Monday and so I was with him as his McKenzie friend when we discovered I was also listed although I had not received any summons the court did not want to hand over to me (because they were illegal and it was too obvious what was going on, and so Brian came to the court too.


I was unlawfully arrested… in court, when I was seriously ill, because I asked for legal representation which was illegally being denied, and Brian was unlawfully arrested in court because he asked the court to stop bullying me.



The 'Cash for Peerages' scandal that saw the top cop Lord Blair literally buy a peerage for... himself:



... the non 'investigation' (the Victorian ombudsman was a part of in the uk) saw a lot of finger pointing between politicians and police before  brian and walked into westminster magistrates to get a summons against... both blairs... (so the top cop literally bought a peerage....



The bogus hearing of the Attorney General’s Contempt of Court case against us in the Magistrates Court on 29th March 2007 (that became the bogus landmark ‘Contempt of Court’ Case in the High Court because the Magistrates Court admit… they refused without lawful excuse to keep an accurate and contemporaneous record of proceedings) saw me fined £50 and Brian £300 because he correctly summed it up by saying the Judge was doing “political theatre”...


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)



... lord goldsmith made a very big mistake bringing a bogus contempt of court case against Brian and myself because we went to court to get summons against both blairs... 



… before Blair and his Attorney General Lord Goldsmith resigned on 27th June 2007 (which was the same date Brian got the first summons against the top cop who decamped to the House of 800 + unelected Lords too, all to try and ’sidestep’ ... their prosecution)


The political classes talk only about health and safety with regard to themselves, but not the public, because the cases already involved my being… tortured by that time, and politicians only consideration of ‘risk management’ is their own likelihood of ending up before a… jury.



... the city of london lawyers, and the victorian ombudsman who is the former ipcc commissioner in the uk and dfat and the australian high commission in london who all knew, were never going to be showing this email sent to me to any... jury including because they know the cctv of the torture and attempted murder of me, belongs to me...



There is obviously a real problem in the… cash for legislation scandals (that is linked to adoptions that … serve the agenda of various ’interest groups’ who the government then also give handouts to, to promote) linked to cash for peerages, and… UN passports, that involve Australian public officials and politicians too.


The global abuse of process of adoption has always been inextricably linked with war, because the momentum of more than one, entire state apparatus, is used against you, while you have… no legal representation.





The fact Lord Malloch Brown exited the UN as Deputy Secretary General, and collected a Lordship on 9th July 2007 (when I was viciously tortured again while leaving court) for ‘reputational management’ (who documents prove is directly linked to both the Victorian Ombudsman and former IPCC Commissioner in the UK & the former Head of ACPO in the UK & DAC in Victoria) in the democratic deficit called the British House of 800 + unelected Lords, before collecting a UN passport courtesy of the IMF, like the former Australian PM Rudd (involved with Malloch Brown in the torture and attempted murder of me) and which Blair also hid behind as the Middle East Peace Envoy for the Quartet of the UN, EU, Russia and United States, is what is known as… racketeering.





The British House of 800+ unelected Lords and their global business interests just look ridiculously corrupt lecturing the rest of the world about a democracy that in refusing to practise themselves, means they undermine and diminish democracy everywhere.


The only possible legal deal is all adopted people who no longer want to be adopted (because its worse than a terrible deal because it has no safeguards for the adopted person) have UN passports along with any existing passports they may have or be entitled to along with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions paid for by governments, the UN can pay for if necessary and claim back from governments if they like, so people can make our own… choices.


This will provide a real… transition from the abuse of process of adoption, so that more vulnerable children can safely benefit from ‘out of home care’ in any and all countries with legally reviewable ‘custody arrangements’ only until adulthood backed up by global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover with no exclusions paid for by governments, so no-one has to try and unravel transnational legal issues created by politicians on our own without any help from the entire state apparatus.


The legal reality is UN officials and their related agencies… do not have the legal immunity they claim, for themselves, because there is no legal immunity over torture that involves for example the former Australian PM Rudd who is hiding behind a UN passport at the IMF.


The true legal reality is the physical and emotional health of a private citizen is more important than any ‘official business’ a UN official may claim to be doing on any given day, so the transition from adoption will help to reform the UN and it’s agencies beyond the revolving doors of the usual suspects in politics and journalism.


I am claiming £10 million pounds compensation in my case from the State of Victoria and UN who are jointly and severally liable, and my settlement can be filed within the ECHR where my home is, because the State of Victoria are also breaching non refoulement, because I obviously did not voluntarily return to Australia in July 2019, because of the true circumstances of my case, before I was illegally held in hotel quarantine in August 2020 etc etc.


My PTSD and autoimmune illnesses caused by the abuse of process of my adoption are like living in a pandemic most days, before it isn’t even possible to know if there will be a suitable vaccine for Covid 19, but it would be good if there was an mRNA vaccine to help with autoimmune illnesses.


I have always loved my home in the Breton Woods in France and I like doing some quiet and creative things in Melbourne in Australia because I like peace and calm (and sometimes I feel a little bit Australian, although my memories of ‘Whites Only’ Australia as a small child are overwhelming and compounded by what happened in the UK etc) and not the shallow and superficial world of politics and journalism that only causes so much harm.


The reality is the true… starting point in genuinely responsible governance 101 is there should be a global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover for… everyone paid for by government (with a sensible limit on property and contents) because we are all… equal.


The physical and emotional health of private citizens really is more important than any politics and journalism.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)