Donna Bugat: My Libertarian global fully comprehensive health & insurance cover paid for by government because physical & emotional health is more important than any British House of 800+ unelected Lords politics or journalism, is ultimate living in peace document (02.02.2021)



... donna... the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists to help make the world a safer and kinder place...






I have always been forced against my will to live under the arbitrary ‘house arrest’ of the global and politically motivated… disproportionate abuse of process of adoption, so I live outdoors quite a lot because I have PTSD, not Stockholm syndrome. The abuse of process of adoption effectively impose illegal ‘bail’ conditions that include denying access to timely and proper medical information and treatment, of our choosing, because it was…. never about what is in the best interests of our own physical and emotional health.


The far from legal reality was my adoption was really what is now known as an ‘inter-country’ adoption by in my case (352) the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services, who had different nationalities themselves, and… changed my nationalities too, all of which was wholly disproportionate, and done without my having legal representation.


The… intention always was to imprison the most vulnerable children forever, including by for example, falsely making it a… criminal offence for an adopted person to disclose any physical and emotional harm being caused by the adoption, or claiming we can never overturn the court order made against us, or that we need the permission of courts who made the orders to overturn court orders made against us while we were children and were completely isolated without any legal representation, from our own entire family etc etc.



... the UN... the fact adopted people are... never at any time, asked for our... consent is because it is all a politically motivated abuse of process...



The fact ‘out of home care’ without changing anything about a child’s identity, can be achieved with the due process of legally reviewable ‘custody arrangements’ and only until adulthood, along with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover (to stop adopted people being left by… governments, to try and unravel any transnational legal nightmare ourselves) highlights the wholly disproportionate nature of adoption which is… of itself an entirely politically motivated abuse of process, that is not legally justifiable.


It is neither right and proper or legal that an adopted person who is a… private citizen, and has not committed any criminal act through being adopted, has to deal with what is really political ‘intransigence’ over the rule of law, that exists throughout... the entire state apparatus. 


I am a… private citizen and the British Parliament unlawfully arrested me in the UK on Mothers Day in 2006 so the BBC and (what Murdoch admitted in Leveson was his) New Scotland Yard could illegally leak my adopted name along with false information, before I was released, to try and cause me serious physical and emotional harm.




...  they unlawfully arrested me on mothers day because they did know they were trying to cover up... the two abuses of process of  politicians now repealed ss 132-138 socpa 2005 racketeering, and the even more legally complicated transnational abuse of process of my 'adoption'... 



The BBC state broadcaster who has never apologised to me, has always only ‘followed orders’ from ‘both houses and black rod’ that in the real world… resulted in the torture and attempted murder of me… in Westminster, along with my exile.


I am not legally obliged and it would not be sensible for to, ever… trust people who did that to me, with Lord Malloch Brown being the ringleader of the 'reputational management' team including the latest British PM (who was Mayor of London) and Leader of the Opposition (former DPP)  who were involved too, along with the former IPCC Commissioner who is now the Victorian Ombudsman in Australia over-seeing 'public health'.   


There is a... direct documented link between Lord Malloch Brown and the IPPC in... July 2007. 


They… intended to illegally stop, my ever standing in politics, or of course a peaceful legal coup of the self entitled and undemocratic House of 800 + Lords and their global business interests, who trespass in and occupy Parliament in defiance of the rule of law and democracy to violently exclude the public from peacefully participating in any meaningful way in democracy.



... 'both houses and black rod'...


(Murdoch sent his Sun ‘Crime Editor’ to try and bribe me over a drunken attack on me in April 2010, by someone from the ‘National Crime Agency’ who had been seconded from Thames Valley Police) 


The lie is everyone is supposed to be ‘grateful’ for the global abuses of process of adoption and the British House of 800+ unelected Lords and their business interests of all sorts.


My physical and emotional health is like everyone else’s more important than any politics or journalism.


The true starting point is the ‘state of origin’ does have a legal responsibility to as a starting point pay for global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover for everyone (with limits on government coverage for property and contents) which is the ultimate tangible peace statement in a living document, because everyone is equal.


People are legally entitled to have safe and sustainable lives, so we are free to find our own peaceful and… creative potential, that does not have to be dictated to by the revolving doors of politics and journalism in any state.


I legally blew the whistle in the High Court in the UK on the witness stand on 21st June 2010 during an ‘extraordinary scene’ that unfolded in the court, before I was illegally denied legal representation on 23rd June 2010. No-one the state has tortured and attempted to murder should ever be confronted by that ordeal.




The Palace of Westminster ‘Burma Road’ Press Gallery


(That was before the Palace of Westminster and their press gallery who call... themselves the ‘Burma Road’ paid Aung San Suu Kyi to literally spin their own version of ‘both houses and black rod’ … they very obviously wrote on 21st June 2012 in the Houses of Parliament, while I was still in Parliament Square, Central London, where I spent 7+ years living 24/7 on a real front line. The revolving doors of politics and journalism were always united in their complete and total opposition to us because the... House of 800 + unelected Lords with global business interests do not want to relinquish power... to democracy.



I think Ms Kyi sadly rather missed the real point is the... whole world needs to be free from the British House of 800+ unelected Lords:



...lord malloch brown et al paid aung san suu kyi to give a fawning and obsequious version of 'both houses' on 21st june 2012 .... 



It was similar to when they paid Mandela to grandstand in Parliament Square in 2007 in support of the idolatry of statues. The BBC on that occasion, had a live feed it turned out wasn’t able to edit out quickly enough my complaining while police who were trying to Biko us, were towering over and threatening me, that the former PM Brown who was there with Mandela, is a war criminal.


The two, former PM and Lord Malloch, Brown’s quisling Livingstone who is anything but pro-peace claimed he originally wanted the two Nelson’s statues together in Trafalgar Square, which in the true circumstances of the Fremantles would have been interesting.


The truth is Brian and I were considering my starting a permanent outpost at the other end of Whitehall in Trafalgar Square where Livingstone and Corbyn like to grandstand sometimes which is why it wasn’t part of the now repealed ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (and instead of Downing Street where we did sometimes campaign) so we were in both squares (while still being the same campaign and regardless of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005) when the government suddenly removed illegal bail conditions on 8th March 2007 (the day after they had their staged vote on the House of Lords) with Southwark Crown Court, saying Parliament Square was ‘my home’ because they didn’t like us anywhere or at multiple locations.



... it is a legal impossibility for the victorian ombudsman who doesn't care about... public health, who was the former ipcc (now called IOPC) commissioner in the UK to even explain... the email sent to me, to try and cover up the cctv of the torture and attempted murder of me, that has always belonged to me and also proves governments will cover up... anything done to an adopted person...


The Palace of Westminster arranged a case management hearing in the High Court to witter on about their Contempt of Court case, and then some, when Prince Charles the Desperate did his turn with a statue of Lloyd George in Parliament Square, too.


The revolving doors of false profits in politics and journalism who are not big fans of peacefully doing free speech in public spaces, have obviously always preferred stuffing Parliament Square, Central London full of statues of anyone, rather than having living peace campaigners.



... the parliamentary press gallery in palace of westminster call themselves the burma road...



The Palace of Westminster sent along Gabriel Gatehouse from their BBC ‘World Service’ in 2011 to illegally ‘doorstop’ me, complaining I was more difficult to interrogate than Moqtada al Sadr in Iraq, whose father was assassinated on the same day my nephew was executed in Melbourne, Australia etc etc


The Press Gallery in the Palace of Westminster overlooked Parliament Square so journalism had a front row seat to reflect on the fact that throughout many years, whatever they wrote, was blatantly untrue)



Brian and myself are and were always universalist (although we obviously met many different revolving doors of generally nationalist groups from all around the world like some of the former 8888 revolutionaries et al, while we were in Parliament Square, Central London) because our own world view is we are all equal and have a duty to try and protect everyone.


A peaceful and creative life with family and friends is the best world.


I think Jewish people would welcome a permanent UN building in Arnona in Jerusalem that shouldn’t need any legal immunities.


The ‘State of Emergency’ politicians in Victoria want to extend purely for… themselves, ad infinitum, because it has never treated… private citizens legally or equally actually consists of nothing more than the Premier falsely claiming there is no… legal accountability for himself or any other politician, or any of their functionaries over anything, so.... pretty much becoming more like the British House of 800 unelected Lords then.


There urgently need to be free and fair public elections for a publicly elected Senate in the UK, to replace the British House of 800 + Lords... yesterday, to improve democracy there and everywhere, because it really is fraudulent to claim they are democratic.


... the UN need to stop promoting the wholly disproportionate  abuse of process of adoption, themselves...



My modest ‘consultation fee’ I am claiming from the State of Victoria is £10 million pounds, in my… pre-existing Cases 352 (& the inextricably linked HQ12X03564 in the UK involving his Victorian Ombudsman too, who was the IPCC Commissioner in the UK while I was in Parliament Square, Central London and the torture and attempted murder and exile of me was covered up) along with a global fully comprehensive health and insurance policy with no exclusions, incl. for property and contents valued up to €100,000 euros, for me, so I can also live in my own home in the Breton Woods in France.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)