Donna Bugat: A Jewish Mediterranean State with a global fully comprehensive health & insurance policy for everyone paid for by the government (& reinstating custody orders for minors, instead of politically motivated abuse of process of indefinite adoption) can be pivotal in bringing unity & safe & sustainable peace, including worldwide (31.01.2021)




… the israeli supreme court was originally correct that what people wanted to call adoptions were really long term custody arrangements for minors, before politicians then waved their legislative wands as though that could somehow legitimise an abuse of process called adoptions that causes endless physical, emotional and legal problems... 





The Israeli Supreme Court that originally determined what people wanted to call adoptions, were really long term custody arrangements, were stating the legally obvious, before opportunistic politicians waved their legislative wand as though that somehow gave the abuse of process of adoption legitimacy, which is pretty weird coming from Jewish politicians, including because Moses was err.. Jewish.


The inherent problem:


a) with the abuse of process of adoption is that it arbitrarily and indefinitely changes what could only legally be a custody arrangement until adulthood, into a... political nightmare, because the adopted person is then being forced to go along with politicians legislative abuse of process, involving the whole panoply of politicians legislation, courts, social workers, and anyone else, because it is wholly... politicised.


b) that simply does not exist with a custody arrangement for a minor until adulthood.


Politicians are using the... abuse of process of adoption to... exploit adopted people by falsely claiming politicians, not adopted people, determine the rights adopted people are 'allowed' to have, which is different from custody arrangements for minors that simply no longer exist as adults.


The abuse of process of adoption effectively arbitrarily imposes any onerous and illegal 'bail' conditions that simply do not exist in custody arrangements for minors who are not subjected to the indefinite abuse of process of adoption. 


The fact adoption is of itself a) an abuse of process that is b) wholly political, means the courts do not actually even bother to record any legal issues for the adopted person, including that are transnational, because the politicians and courts already know that adoption is of itself an abuse of process that is wholly political, that isn't connected in any way to ever respecting... any rights of someone in 'out of home care'. 


People who are adopted are caught in a... politically abusive trap that exists across multiple countries, that simply doesn't exist with custody arrangements for minors that only continue to adulthood. 


** There is an arrogant and stubborn refusal by politicians to recognise that the physical and emotional health of private citizens really is more important than any politics or journalism. **




The British ‘Whites Only’ Australia and the two ‘White Papers’ on the face of it about Palestine, all actually continued the political policy of excluding Mediterranean Jewish people… including from the Mediterranean where Jewish people had always lived.


The utterly false premise, was that it was for the British to decide if any, and which Jewish people might be ‘allowed’ to live in a Jewish State on the Mediterranean.


The famous British kinder-transport the British government did not fund, because it was already a notoriously cruel country towards it’s ‘own’ vulnerable children who were routinely transported to the ‘colonies’ was really separating children from their families and putting them in foster care or hostels because it was illegally refusing to allow Jewish... families go to a Mediterranean Jewish State.


The British government even deported Jewish children from the UK to Australia on the Dunera, while Jewish families died on the Struma, because the British illegally refused to ‘allow’ them to go to a Jewish State on the Mediterranean. The illegal British policy continued after the kinder-transports to the UK were stopped at the beginning of World War Two, and… during World War Two.



... palestine order in council 1922...



The politicians already knew there would be massive civilian casualties in World War Two because of increasingly destructive weaponry.


It wasn’t that the British (or any other) government didn’t… know what could happen to Jewish people, because the expulsions had been going on over so many… centuries, and it wasn’t just that the British government didn’t… care, because they actively did everything they could to stop Jewish families going to a Jewish State.


The only possible conclusion there can be about British politicians illegally stopping… six million Jewish civilians going to live in a Jewish State on the Mediterranean, despite the fact a Jewish State on the Mediterranean was… reasonable self defence… many centuries before World War Two, is at best, politicians only interest was maintaining their own lines in the sand over… oil.




The Jewish State was always reasonable self defence that could never be reliant on Balfour.



.. "the israeli supreme court when analysing the curious anomaly (that existed in the uk and australia) held that "adoption orders" were actually long term custody orders."..


I am a mixed race Mediterranean female who was raised by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents, who never had a single Mediterranean person except for me, in their social circle. They illegally changed my identity using the abuse of process of adoption, in the ‘context’ of the British ‘Whites Only’ Australia that was part of and a continuation of the ‘White Papers’ on Palestine by other means, while I was a small child in Australia completely isolated from my own family.


The people who posed as my parents and godparents didn’t like it when they found out I was in Israel in 1984.


The Hague Adoption Convention from 1993 which perpetuates the abuse of process of adoption did not exist when I was in Israel in 1984.


The political abuses of process that cross international borders are sooooo harmful because they illegally purport that a legislative wand gives politicians and any other complete stranger additional powers over custody orders for some minors they do not legitimately have, with the artifice called adoption that is a legal nightmare for an adopted person who does not want what is not legally necessary.



... it is an abuse of process for states to even to purport the custody arrangements of a minor can indefinitely continue into adulthood... 



The British ‘Whites Only’ Australia is still evident with the predatory former Australian Foreign Minister Downer and his donation of public money to the predatory Clinton Foundation on 22 February 2006 on the same day as the show trial of me in the UK.


The former United States President Clinton is a… known sexual predator who is not a fit person to receive public money that by… no co-incidence includes globally promoting the continuing abuse of process of adoptions that have always included illegally included entirely arbitrary ‘bail’ conditions. The false premise which is extortion, and then some, is adopted people need to pay money to and have the permission of politicians that can be refused, to stop the abuse of process of adoptions.


The abuse of process of adoption attracts... predators, protected by the revolving doors of politics and journalism, and harms Jewish people too.



... brexit date proposed repeal of ban on adoptees in israel from disclosing their adoption, that dishonestly purports it is a criminal offense for an adopted person to disclose adoption (because it is really adoption that is an abuse of process)... 


A jury would agree that in both fact and law, the physical and emotional health of a private citizen is more important than any politics or journalism.


The reality is promoters of adoption like Murdoch are predators, preaching ‘family values’ that only consist of his family preying upon and exploiting vulnerable children and women.


The Papal Knight Murdoch does not pose on page three of his beloved Sun Newspaper in the UK, and neither do his editors or family members. No woman makes profits for… Murdoch from page three in the Sun, for free, or because anyone believes page three which has quite a specific readership including New Scotland Yard and other Westminster police stations, is all about free speech.


The predatory Clinton is whitewashed by all politics and journalism as ‘just’ part of the ‘business’ of ‘public life’ to cynically hide the life threatening physical and emotional harm caused to private citizens who are women and children.



... the... discrimination is the politically motivated abuse of process of adoption that is different from custody arrangements for minors that can only last until adulthood...


There is no reasonable belief the predatory Clinton cares about vulnerable children anywhere, and nor did Ms Clinton when she was Secretary of State in the United States after Lord Malloch Brown was recruited to the undemocratic House of Lords before the torture and attempted murder of me as an adopted person when I was in Parliament Square, Central London.


Lord Malloch Brown who opposes democracy himself in the British House of unelected Lords nevertheless takes money to dishonestly lecture other people on democracy as a Director of ‘Smartmatic’ electronic voting machines. 


I would not personally be asking Jewish politicians on all ’sides’ of politics in Australia, or the Spanish monarchy with their Jewish citizenship racket, who all, like Vatican promote the predatory abuse of process of adoption and the likes of Downer and Clinton, for ‘permission’ to be Jewish and therefore live in the one and only Jewish State in the world on the Mediterranean.


I could stand in any public space including any courtroom in the world and private citizens would agree that it should be mandatory for governments to as a starting point pay for a global fully comprehensive health and insurance policy for everyone.


It means it is harder for the revolving doors of politics and journalism to cause physical and emotional harm.


A Jewish State on the Mediterranean that pays for a global fully comprehensive health and insurance policy for everyone who lives there, will end the abuse of process of adoption too, and play a pivotal role in identifiably building a safe and sustainable peace through unity, that can be everywhere.




I am legally entitled to compensation from the State of Victoria in Australia (Case 352 & HQ12X03654) that includes them paying for me to have an Israeli passport too (I would probably have stayed in Israel in 1984, if I had legal representation so I could have been free from the abuse of process of adoption then, when the Hague Adoption Convention of 1993 which perpetuates the abuse of process of adoption, didn’t exist) along with £10 million pounds compensation and a global fully comprehensive health and insurance policy with no exclusions for me, because I also have my own home in the Breton Woods in France too, and the peaceful settlement should be 

registered in the ECHR too.



Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)