Donna Bugat: My HQ12X03564 Court Order would make me UN Secretary General; Lord Malloch ‘torture memo’ Brown (UN, ICG, IMF… Downer, Rudd, Clinton Foundation etc) recruited on… 9th July 2007 by British House of 800 + unelected Lords who along with adoption would be abolished and a new global health plan agreed with the public (29.01.2021)



... donna... the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists every single day to make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone...






Malloch Brown,


I was raised by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents to illegally change my identity as a small child (Case 352) in Australia, without any due process or legal representation with the abuse of process called adoption, none of which is my fault and was done, while I was completely isolated from my family.


The reality is if I had known the truth when I was in Israel in 1984 I probably would have stayed there and maybe bought some land in Arnona where a new permanent UN HQ could be built, which is quite a sensible peace plan when you think about it.


The Bugat family who have lived all around the Mediterranean and through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes are and have been for example Jewish, Catholic and Muslim.


The British Parliament illegally ordered the destruction of my pink sequinned banner that said “I am not the Serious Organized Criminal” on 22nd February 2006 when I was an adult in the UK, because it accurately reflects the public mood about politicians racketeering, including with the ‘White Paper’ free speech ban with ss 132-138 of the RICO style Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005.



... donna... 22 february 2006 in the uk...


I am a reasonable and rational, responsible adult who knows I do not need anyone else’s ‘permission’ to live within the peace and harmony of the rule of law and democracy.


There is no reasonable doubt anyone thought what was so obviously such a politically motivated show trial without any due process, was going to stand the test of time, not least before any… jury.


It is also highly unlikely a jury would consider it a mere co-incidence there was an exchange of a large sum of money ($25 million dollars) between global child trafficking enthusiasts like the former Australian Foreign Minister Downer and the… predatory !! Clinton Foundation on 22nd February 2006 too. The former US President is… predatory.



... downer and the predatory clinton 22 february 2006 in australia...


There is no such thing as ‘philanthropy’ which is at best a tax break, or an honest NGO from ‘western’ nations because public money called ‘aid’ is not given to victims of crises to make their… own choices, or according to humanitarian need, but is instead cynically used to preserve the ‘politically motivated’ business interests of the wealthiest racketeers.





I am a private citizen, who was then unlawfully arrested on Mother’s Day in 2006 so the British Parliament could use the BBC and New Scotland Yard to illegally leak my adopted name with false information, without my knowledge or consent before I was released, because ‘both houses and black rod’… intended to illegally try and stop lawsuits.



... mothers day 2006...



The former Australian FM Downer (who is a colleague of yours at the International Crisis Group, while he is a colleague of Rudd’s at the IMF) who was handing over public money in Australia to a former American President, while dishonestly trying to deny I was an… Australian citizen in 2006 at the same time he was also trying to cover up I was tortured, which you also covered up, including twice on the same day you were… recruited as a Lord on 9th July 2007, when I walked out of court in Westminster and was tortured again to try and cover up the torture in 2006, and all while Downer was still FM.



... 2006... 2007...


Brian had won the Most Politically Inspiring Person of the Year on 7th February 2007 before… the British Parliament staged a vote to abolish the House of Lords on 7th March 2007.



... the criminal lord malloch brown was... recruited on 9th july 2007, on the same day I walked out of court in the same... westminster, after i 'won' one malicious prosecution against me that was hiding the torture of me in 2006, only to be viciously tortured all over again on 9th july 2007 when we were ambushed while leaving the court, in incredibly violent scenes of absolute mayhem...


The only reason politicians staged that vote, was because they did know they were covering up our Mothers Day lawsuit that would abolish the House of Lords (which was entirely of their own making) and probably adoption then too, which may well have stopped the Iraq War then too, and even possibly led to an Australian Republic.




The politicians et al did not want to admit they were ‘professionally embarrassed’ globally by a few pipsqueak peaceniks, with no legal training, let alone who legally abolished the British House of 800+ unelected Lords who only represent global business interests.


You were a Lord in the House of Lords in 2007 directly involved in writing Article 50 for an EU referendum in the Treaty of Lisbon, in the knowledge the House of Lords is not democratic.


You were the one who installed Johnson as Mayor of London, when Livingstone was 'professionally embarrassed' and you all then took money from Vitol too, along with the Tories.


The former top cop Lord Blair migrated after you to the House of Lords because you were… recruited to the House of Lords to illegally try and stop the House of Lords being abolished, along with adoption and all of which would have probably ended the IraqWar and possibly resulted in a Republic of Australia then too.


You were in the British House of Lords and Ms Clinton was then Secretary of State in the United States when the torture and attempted murder of me happened in the UK in 2009, when I was in Parliament Square Central London, after Murdoch and the BBC illegally threatened to illegally ‘remove’ us without any caveats on how that was done.


The torture and attempted murder of me was not conducive to my having good physical and emotional health and in particular because of the cover up with your City of London lawyer’s ’torture memo’ he sent to me, neither of you ever intended to be shown to any jury.


... lord malloch brown's 'torture memo' from the city of london lawyer hiding the torture and attempted murder of me...


There was also a global pandemic then highlighting it is inexcusable the UN have always failed to consult with the public and governments to agree a… global pandemic plan.


I am not going to be lectured to by unelected Lords like yourself who have robbed, tortured and attempted to murder me, because of course, you stole my money to stop me standing in politics as have the growing entourage of politicians and civil servants we have lawsuits against who also migrated to the British House of 800+ unelected Lords whose… only purpose is to illegally exclude the public from the rule of law and democracy.




Britain, Australia, Russia and United States.


In 2010, the British and Russian governments and news media, then ran the phoney ‘Democracy Village’ against us in Parliament Square, Central London, which… mimicked the House of 800+ unelected Lords trespassing in and occupying the Houses of Parliament in defiance of the peace and harmony of the rule of law and democracy to… exclude the public from meaningful participation in democracy. The evidence in court documents etc, is both governments specifically excluded the ‘organisers’ they named from prosecution while they spun the ubiquitous ‘trial by media’ etc outside the courtroom.


At the same time, the Australian government… who like you, did know what they were covering up, along with the American government including Ms Clinton in the State Department, spun the Australian and American journalist and soldier ‘leaks’ accompanied by an entourage of lawyers in tow, at the same time, the British and Russian journalists like err… Johnson (who was the Mayor of London then) were lying about ‘Democracy Village' in and outside courts.


I legally blew the whistle in the High Court in the UK on 21st June 2010 while I was on the witness stand, and so I was illegally denied legal representation on 23rd June 2010, when the former Australian PM Rudd ‘resigned’ (who is now at the IMF with you) and received a $1.4 billion dollar brown envelope from the Tories to then profit from the discredited ‘zero hours contract’.


(Of course, it would be difficult for any Australian journalist… in London in 2010, and onwards to… not know Brian was in Parliament Square, Central London, not least since the British journalist Johnson who was Mayor of London at that time was along with all the other robber media barons in the House of 800+ unelected Lords, so… publicly dragging us through the courts, because we were on a front line)


The British House of 800+ unelected Lords is of course the common denominator between not just those four countries.


In September 2010 you spent £10 million pounds of public money on the first Papal including state visit of a Pope (Murdoch, Pell and Blair’s Ratzinger) to the UK when you also joined FTI to get some free ‘reputational management’ of your own while Lord John Hutton was getting free pro bono legal representation from Johnson’s Eversheds LLP.


(The royal extravaganza in 2011 resulted in ‘journalists’ from all around the world descending)


Brian died in exile in hospital in Bremen in Germany in 2011.




... lord malloch brown et al's 'persil amendment' 27th january 2012...


You and your House of Lords were a completely busted flush… again !! on 16th January 2012 which resulted in more lawsuits for me, while your staged productions only exit strategy were ‘Judicial Reviews’ accompanied by an entourage of lawyers, and your ‘Persil Amendment’ threat on 27th January 2012 etc etc.



... 24 may 2012... the torture warlord, malloch brown et al and tories are handing over $1.4 billion in a 'deal' with rudd...



I was exiled from the UK in 2013 and stopped from living in my own home in France in 2019, when the Australian embassy in Paris  know I did not voluntarily return to Australia. (The Victorian Ombudsman was the former IPCC Commissioner in the UK while I was in Parliament Square, Central London and 100 IPPC lawyers resigned, while everything was being covered up while the former Head of ACPO in the UK was also DAC in Victoria on your watch too)


... april 10 2020 imf rudd and malloch brown...


The House of Lords actually profited from the Article 50 referendum on the EU you proposed that you later called a ‘Brexit virus’ (before the global pandemic) because it distracts from the legal reality our… lawsuits would have resulted in a publicly elected Senate replacing the Lords including all the robber media barons.


It is not credible that as Lords you called the referendum on the EU… you and your unelected and undemocratic Lords invented and included in the Lisbon Treaty a ‘Brexit virus’… and before the global pandemic, and after Lords had already been falling over themselves for years to cash in with global business contracts from a falling NHS.


My boyfriend Neil who was an… EU citizen, died in hospital in Emmen in the Netherlands, on 1st October 2020, because he was sent to Ter Apel… refugee centre in the EU, on the UN Secretary General’s watch.


The legal reality is that even… without anyone admitting liability, a jury would award me unprecedented damages from the Mothers Day ‘case’ etc in HQ12X03564 and the House of Lords would still be abolished along with adoption.


Brian would probably have been the British PM, not Johnson if our lawsuits had been settled in a timely manner and the House of Lords abolished and SteveJ would probably have been Speaker of a publicly elected Senate, and Brian would have wanted me to be UN Secretary General.


My High Court Order in HQ12X03564 legally entitles me to £10 million pounds compensation and in all the true circumstances it is strange but true, that I am legally entitled to be the UN Secretary General and SteveJ, Deputy UN Secretary General and we would agree a global health plan in consultation with the public and governments incl. for pandemics.


We are certainly better qualified than either you were as UN Deputy Secretary General (or UNFoundation etc) or the latest UN Secretary General.


I would not personally hesitate to be making you and Rudd for example write out big cheques from for example the IMF that was not repayable, for public health.


Of course, the so called billionaire 'philanthropists' would just give money to people in crises so people could make their own choices, if they genuinely cared rather than accompanying it with all sorts of politically motivated 'lecturing'.


I am most certainly not going to personally be lectured to by people who owe me money because they deliberately cause/d me the most serious physical and emotional harm, while illegally trying to stop me making my own... choices.


You are illegally stopping me from peacefully living a safe and sustainable life in my own home in France.


Kind Regards,




Donna Bugat

(formerly known as babs tucker)