Donna Bugat: My British High Court Order in HQ12X03564 for triple abolition of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (done) & adoption & House of 800+ unelected Lords, along with £10 million pounds compensation & Russian (‘flag of convenience’) passport from Russian government @ ECHR to live in my own home in France (26.01.2021)





… donna… the abolition of ss 132-138 socpa 2005, adoption and the house of lords…






My response to unsolicited email from Russian government on 17th November 2016:


I am a law abiding private citizen who was raised by the highest echelons of the British & Australian intelligence services (Case 352) who posed as my parents and godparents (I didn't choose) to illegally change my identity as a small child, they could only do, because the abuse of process of adoption has no due process or legal representation for vulnerable children isolated from our entire family.


The ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ has always falsely claimed any government can arbitrarily change any part of the identity of a vulnerable child, into any politicians ‘flag of convenience’ including changes to a name, religion, nationality or citizenships, without due process or legal representation for the child.


The legal reality is only legally reviewable guardianships of vulnerable children in ‘out of home care’ until adulthood are legally permissible, with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover to genuinely protect the best interests of vulnerable children, in any and… all countries.


My High Court Order for a triple abolition (ss 132-138SOCPA 2005 is already done on 31st March 2012) helps protect as many vulnerable children as possible, in all countries.


In practise, all existing adopted children and adults are also covered by global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover, that must be paid for by governments, in our own transition away from the abuse of process of adoption, so we can make our own personal and individual choices too, without being pressured by any governments.


The serious prolonged and life threatening physical and emotional harm caused to me by my own… adoption (which has always caused me nothing but problems) obviously means I need to have my own choice of the best available medical treatment for my autoimmune and related illnesses, before I will be able to… know if there is a vaccine that might be possible for me to use, during a global pandemic.


The British Parliament unlawfully arrested me as an adult on Mothers Day 2006, in the UK, to illegally leak my adopted name through New Scotland Yard and the BBC along with false information without my knowledge or consent… before I was released (so essentially a similar abuse of process by the state, as adoptions are) which was their (repeated) ‘modus operandi’ to illegally stop my funding myself to stand in politics.



... the british parliament illegally leak my adopted name with false information...



The… only reason I was unlawfully arrested AND the government illegally published false information on Mothers Day in 2006, was because politicians intended to illegally try and stop … lawsuits that they did know was foreseeable would lead to the triple abolition of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, adoption and the House of Lords, because private citizens do not need the ‘permission’ of anyone else to live the peace and harmony of the rule of law and democracy.


The British Parliament obviously did not want to be globally embarrassed by a few pipsqueak peaceniks, with no prior legal training of any kind, abolishing ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, adoption and the House of 800+ unelected Lords.


It's quite rude that the intelligence services who raised me (and I refused to join, because I naturally wanted my... own identity) said the British government would never 'allow' me to campaign in the UK (although it was in no way illegal for me to do so) while by contrast they have... all supported a former Soviet spy becoming President of Russia. 


The BBC et al who obviously never paid me for the lies they published about me, that I would obviously never have consented to, did… profit themselves, from publishing lies about me, while also illegally imprisoning private citizens who did not pay them a ‘licence’ fee, despite the fact I did not give the BBC any ‘license’ to publicly… lie about me, with the ubiquitous ‘trial by media’.


(I was a single divorced working mum living in my own home and doing voluntary unpaid public service with a bereavement charity too, when I was blacklisted from my paid employment as a health worker, and resigned from the charity who received a small government grant for an office on church premises, and sold my home, before I was exiled, all because my lawsuits were never going to be peacefully settled in a timely manner)


The British Parliament staged a vote on 7th March 2007, to abolish the House of 800+ unelected Lords, because they did know ‘both houses and black rod’ were legally speaking, a completely busted flush in our lawsuits. The House of 800+ unelected Lords however, from all the regions in the UK, who have no legal or political mandate, simply continued trespassing and occupying the British Parliament in defiance of the peace and harmony of the rule of law and democracy.


... brian was voted the most politically inspiring person on 7th february 2007, exactly one month before the staged house of lords vote on 7th march 2007, etc etc...



The House of Lords would never have breached a High Court Order for their abolition because they would be imprisoned for a Contempt of Court (and the repeal of adoption would have happened too).



... the british parliament obviously did not want to be globally 'embarrassed' by a high court order for the abolition of the house of lords, was the only possible legal outcome of a situation entirely of their own making...


The fact anyone may vote any way in an election, or a referendum to stay in or leave the EU, doesn’t change the only... legal consequence of our own lawsuits could only have been the abolition of s132-138 SOCPA 2005, adoption and the House of 800+ unelected Lords, all of which is and was… entirely of politicians own doing.


The British BBC & Murdoch illegally published the threat to ‘remove’ us without any caveats on how that was done, which directly led to the torture and attempted murder of me.



... the british government 'torture memo 'they did not want a jury to even read...



A jury would only conclude the British Parliament have always illegally refused to hand over the CCTV that belongs to me of the torture and attempted murder of me.




The British government, along with the Russian government then staged a phoney ‘Democracy Village’ in 2010 (that began under the cover of the general election where it transpired politicians…  benefited from being able to agree the outcome of the election among themselves, by producing a hung parliament with the student fee lie)


The High Court records in 2010 show the abuse of process of ‘Democracy Village’ was:


a) Brian and myself were being maliciously prosecuted by the British government illegally joining us with their own ’Democracy Village’ that was intended to… mimic the House of 800+ Lords trespassing and occupying the Houses of Parliament in defiance of the rule of law and democracy to exclude the public.



b) while the British and Russian governments ‘organisers’/agent provocateurs were named by the British government in papers… they submitted to the High Court, while at the same time they by contrast refused to prosecute… their named… ‘organisers’ of the quite separate ‘Democracy Village’.




i) the British and Russian government ‘organisers’ of ‘Democracy Village’ knew they would not be prosecuted by… either government for anything they did


ii) the British and Russian government ‘organizers’ of ‘Democracy Village’ could dishonestly publicly spin the ‘trial by media’ …outside the courtroom.


The reality is the British House of 800+ unelected Lords have global business interests with many corporations and governments, including the Russian government, so the real public discourse in an improved democracy with a publicly elected Senate in the UK, would be about people’s choices and the use of public resources.




The British House of 800+ Lords continued to threaten me with their ‘Persil Amendment’ on 27th January 2012, because they knew their ‘Democracy Village’ in Parliament Square & it’s spin off ‘Occupy London’ were both a completely busted flush on 16 January 2012 when I remained with real High Court jury lawsuits, while they could only exit, with their staged Judicial Reviews.


The British House of Lords 'Persil Amendment' Day:



...the 'hague adoption convention'.... the british house of lords threatening me with their 'persil amendment day' on 27th january (2012) which they didn't want to be explaining to any jury, and happens to be the same day as 'holocaust memorial day'... (the original malicious prosecution of me was on 22nd february (2006) which was the same date the nazis executed the white rose peaceniks in munich in germany)... 



The fact that any... journalist already knows the British House of 800+ unelected Lords (who illegally threatened me with their 'Persil Amendment') do work with (for example) both the American and Russian governments and companies, means I could only 'reasonably believe' the only reason the Russian government would send me an unsolicited email on 17th November 2016, was to 'circumvent' HQ12X03564 in a court of law.


The Russian government obviously do know what the British House of 800+ unelected Lords, like Lord Malloch-Brown and Lord Strathclyde, Baron Mandelson, Lord Marlesford, et al do (oil and iron ore etc) where the more lawsuits we accumulated the more politicians and civil servants 'migrated' to the House of 800 + unelected Lords.



... all journalists know the british house of 800+ unelected lords work with governments and companies... everywhere...



The British High Court had tried to falsely claim in HQ12X03564 I would have to pay the government money to receive any basic disclosures/ for any pre-action protocol, which was really just a distraction from a jury giving me the necessary High Court Orders based on the unprecedented repeated… abuses of process.


The Russian government are obviously far more welcome in Australia, than I am as an Australian citizen, in either country, and what with the discrimination by the Victorian Ombudsman who was previously the IPCC Commissioner in the UK, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, while the Head of ACPO in the UK was also the DAC in Victoria too, and not forgetting the problems the 'Hague Adoption Convention' causes adopted people.


I am obviously not someone who actually wants a Russian passport, per se, but my legal point is too many governments have historically used vulnerable children as 'flags of convenience' for themselves (and arguably none more so than the British House of 800+ unelected Lords) so adopted children and adults should be able to choose our own 'flags of convenience' to suit our personal and individual circumstances and right the historical wrongs.


The fact some people may want governments to organise everything for them, doesn't change other people would prefer to make our own choices as far as possible, including particularly with healthcare and clean renewable energy in our own homes. I guess the abundance of natural resources in places like Russia, means it has the ability to use revenue from oil and gas to invest in more hydroelectricity, which the Australian government who is the largest supplier of iron ore to China could do too, while Australia is spoilt for choice in terms of renewable energy really. 



Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)