Donna Bugat: My Case 352 & HQ12X03564 both legal basis for abolition of British House of Lords trespassing in & occupying Parliament in defiance of rule of law & democracy, aided & abetted by Office of Victorian Ombudsman in Australia (& fmr IPCC Cmmr in UK working with fmr PM Rudd) who owes me £10 million pounds compensation (22.01.2021)




... donna...the reasonable self-defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists for the benefit of everyone... 






I remember when our Brian deservedly won the Channel Four ‘Most Politically Inspiring Person of the Year' on 7th February 2007 with 54% of the public vote (General, now Lord Donut Dannatt 18%, Blair 8% and Cameron 6%) and made me go to the TV station in Westminster with him, (which I really didn't want to do, because I was quite unwell, and never fully recovered really) The Judiciary had to hastily ‘vary’ illegal bail conditions imposed banning me from Westminster, (in a malicious prosecution, I inevitably won, because the government could only concede, they intentionally put my life at risk when they tried to suffragette me, by pushing me from behind into a roadway !! in a Special Branch operation, involving Murdoch et al) which didn’t change it was seriously traumatising for me to sit in the... same room as nothing but war mongering MP’s and Lords involved in the ongoing... torture of me too.


The House of Commons staged a phoney vote on the House of Lords a month later, on 7th March 2007,




because they did already all know… the Mothers Day lawsuit from 2006 would meant ‘both houses and black rod’ were a completely busted flush that could only result in a publicly elected Senate, replacing the House of Lords who do not have a legal or political mandate.



... they knew what they'd done...


I remember I was unlawfully arrested on 23rd May 2006, too, just so the government could… publish their lies in the media… before I was released, without charge (because I was literally… retrieving what I did know the government were illegally stealing)



On 8th March 2007, Southwark Crown Court suddenly removed any bail conditions, but I was still quite ill and didn't improve because the state abuse dramatically escalated, again.


The unelected... House of Lords who have no political or legal mandate did know they were never going to be able to explain away this to a jury



... 'both houses and black rod'... the house of lords is stuffed full of those involved in what was really the cover up over mothers day 2006 ...


It was after I blew the whistle on 13 January 2010 in legal proceedings in the Magistrates Courts, and then again in the High Court on 21st June 2010 that Johnson and Starmer disclosed in September that year, that Livingstone had been going behind our backs on 8th March 2007 with the top cops (incl. now Lord Blair)… too.


Of course, the House of Lords were anything but subtle with their ‘Persil Amendment’ on 27 January 2012 when they were all a… continuing, completely busted flush... again.


I remember the House of Lords sent one of their hereditary Santa Claus who publicly poses as a peacemaker, over, to in reality, threaten me one day.


The... abolition of the unelected House of 'business as usual' Lords could only help save... civilian lives.



The Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill:




... the house of lords want to continue to bypass any... legal representation for vulnerable children... already being exploited by the state...



The House of Lords latest spin about the CHIS ’spy cops’ Bill is precisely the reason why there can only be legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood of 'out of home care' instead of the abuse of process of adoption, because the unelected House of Lords will use the intelligence services to traffic vulnerable children who have no.... legal representation to protect them from the intelligence services and unelected House of Lords.



... covert human intelligence bill... so during a... global pandemic the british house of lords had nothing better to do than try and claim they could authorise... the intelligence services to... abuse children... 



The legal reality is children and adults do have the legal right to bring a... jury case in the usual courts, against the government when the government refuse to identify an 'unknown' assailant in a violent attack... which the Palaces of Westminster did do in 2007, because of course an unknown assailant, could be a member of the... Judiciary, or House of Lords, too. 



... 24 may 2012... it would be a legal impossibility for the lying, thieving former australian pm rudd (who was in cahoots with both the blairs and cameron) to deny he was obviously stealing $1.4 billion dollars compensation from me (while he... is being aided and abetted by the victorian ombudsman)...



The House of Lords et al 'shadow organisations' of 'Democracy Village' from 2010 and it's spin-off 'Occupy' in St. Paul's 2011-January 2012 who had the same organizers, were obviously distracting from the unelected House of Lords trespassing in and occupying the British Parliament, because they both made a big noise in courts, about occupying to... exclude other people, which the unelected House of Lords is obviously doing.


The seriously corrupt former Australian PM Rudd who is never going to protect any children, was involved in covering up the torture and attempted murder of me, was obviously stealing what should have been my $1.4 billion dollar compensation long before 24 May 2012, and he was aided and abetted by... the Victorian Ombudsman. and neither will ever protect any children.


The... only reason (for example) Lord Strathclyde is (back as) a Director of Trafigura (who are stopping fair competition from the public in renewables in Australia, while in a business partnership with the Russian government's Rosneft is because he is... in the House of Lords, and not because he or the company of which he is a paid director, cares about the welfare of any... children, anywhere. (The BBC World Service, in Moscow who belong to the ECHR too, is called Russia Today) The British PM's most senior adviser simultaneously became Lord Frost, much like Baron Mandelson or Lord Ricketts who is only a Director of Lockheed Martin, because he is an unelected Lord. 


The peaceful settlement of my case in either country is the settlement of cases in both countries (and the court can add any fee for mediation I have never had actually any access to, to my compensation claim of £10 million pounds, so that I can voluntarily oversee a publicly elected Senate in the UK.


The seriously undemocratic Office of the Victorian Ombudsman isn’t going to court to deny anything, before any jury, so it is illegal for them to delay paying £10 million dollars compensation to me, because any delay is only in reality, stopping me standing in politics, including as an interim Senate Speaker in the UK, which it is illegal for them to do, and is only continuing to aid and abet the House of ‘void ab initio’ Lords.


The politicians have continued… shielding their House of Lords, throughout endless wars, a previous pandemic in 2009, the EU referendum and the most recent devastating global pandemic.


Most people know… every single person’s life including in wars, is… equal to that of the… entire British House of self entitled and undemocratic Lords.


I don’t personally want to live in Australia or the UK, because of the prolonged trauma, of state abuse in both countries, but that doesn’t change the fact, I have a legal, moral, democratic and political responsibility to legally abolish the House of Lords to stop them… recklessly destroying… so many children's lives.


My Case 352 & HQ12X03564 are inextricably linked so either one is the legal basis for the abolition of the British House of Lords.


Kind Regards,




Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)