Donna Bugat: My High Court Order in HQ12X03564 creates legal right for public vote on... politicians EU referendum deal & publicly elected Senate in UK with defined numbers and duration of term in office, to replace British House of unlimited number and duration of also unelected Lords (20.01.2021)



... donna... the reasonable defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists to make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone...






The British Parliament of ‘both houses and black rod’ is an elected dictatorship hiding behind a facade of democracy, because there are no limits on the numbers of also unelected Lords, and their term in office, so technically the entire House of Commons could resign and decamp to the House of Lords, at any time, so the entire British Parliament becomes unelected.


My unprecedented case proved beyond all reasonable doubt, failed politicians and civil servants would repeatedly simply migrate to the House of 800+ unelected Lords to illegally try and legislate their way out of pre-existing and pending lawsuits against them, because they did literally kidnap me so they could illegally publish whatever lies they wanted without my comment or consent, before I was released, and without my having legal representation etc etc, in the revolving doors of the long standing abuse of process.



... 'both houses and black rod'...



The legal reality is politicians did know the only possible legal outcome of HQ12X03564 was the abolition of the trespassers opposing democracy in the House of 800+ unelected Lords who falsely claimed with their ‘Persil Amendment’ in January 2012 they could do whatever they wanted to me, they did know they could never repeat before a jury. The House of 800+ Lords know they have no recognised defence in law, because they do not have as a starting point, a political or legal mandate including through the later House of Lords Reform Act 2014.



... the torture memo...



The British Parliament has always excluded the public from voting on maintaining an unelected House of Lords, because they have always known it is a legal impossibility to claim they are legally justifiable in a true democracy that necessarily must always include the peace and harmony of the rule of law, that naturally exists to make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone.


My case also highlights the abuse of process of adoptions (the House of Lords had no political or legal mandate to legislate over) means there can only be legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood for vulnerable children, that any responsible government would agree should include global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover to genuinely protect the best interests of a child.



... the 'persil amendment'...



The public do have a legal right to a democratically elected Senate in the UK, just like they do have the legal right to a public vote on... politicians EU referendum deal, the result of which does not personally affect me, because I remain legally entitled to a British (Gibraltarian) and Australian passports in my name of Donna Bugat (ie: I have my correct name and the House of 800+ Lords lose their titles, because they can stand for a publicly elected Senate just like anyone else should be able to) along with £10 million dollars compensation for me. That would obviously mean there is a stay on politicians EU referendum deal, so there can be a public vote on that too, either before or after elections for a publicly elected Senate in the UK. I would personally argue remaining in the EU to campaign for a publicly elected EU President too, because it was Blair who supported an EU President who was not publicly elected, because he coveted having that role, for himself.




... my italian 'nom de guerre' in 1984, not the house of lords 'artillery' of media incl. murdoch et al...



The politicians are legally obliged to peacefully facilitate SteveJ and myself organising and overseeing elections for a publicly elected Senate in the UK, with a defined number of people and terms of office, and a public vote on politicians EU referendum deal, all paid for by the British Parliament.


Brian and Neil would both agree that is a sensible legal outcome in HQ12X03564.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)