Donna Bugat: My High Court Order in HQ12X03564 means I am caretaker & SteveJ interim Senate Speaker in abolition of British House of 800+ Lords, so we can make arrangements for publicly elected smaller Senate in UK (18.01.2021)



... donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists to make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone...






My High Court Order in HQ12X03564 means:



1. I am caretaker of a long overdue peaceful transition of the British House of 800+ Lords to a publicly elected Senate in the UK.


2. SteveJ is appointed the interim Senate Speaker to replace the current Speaker of the Lords (Fowler who belongs to the National Union of Journalists, who like the Police Federation claimed an exemption from ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 now repealed) and helps me arrange free and fair elections for a publicly elected Senate in the UK.


3. The British government who are paying for the cost of this Order will provide me at no cost to myself with a British Gibraltarian passport in my name of Donna Bugat (it would be something of a legal possibility for the British government to claim they do not have any other relevant details they may consider relevant) along with £10 million pounds compensation for me.


4. The British Commonwealth will peacefully facilitate our safely arranging and overseeing, the historic Senate elections in the UK at the earliest opportunity, and are financially liable for all the associated costs.


5. The purpose of a publicly elected Senate is to genuinely put the UK on the path to an improved and sustainable democracy that necessarily includes the peace and harmony of the rule of law, and in setting a better example, can help make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)






The House of 800+ unelected Lords has no political or legal mandate.


It is essentially somewhere failed politicians and civil servants migrate to, and try to continue state abuse including to try and legislate their way out of pre-existing and pending lawsuits from private citizens, against them.


Refer: The House of Lords Hansard 27 January 2012 with Lord Marlesford (Times Director) Balmacara (Brown adviser) and Earl Attlee et al threatening me while ‘debating’ their ‘Persil Amendment’ when they knew they were lying about an injunction too




(& Hansard 27 January 1981 (with Fowler, Aitken et al about Murdoch, the Times etc and the Fair Trade Act 1973 that also mentions Australia in 1975 and admits politicians rely on the news media as their ‘artillery’) was shortly before I was sent to the UK as a teenager)



I remember in the middle of winter on the evening of 16th January 2012 there were quite a few police stationed near or around Parliament Square that I didn’t think much about, because it could have meant there was going to be a rally etc.



... the house of lords would not be repeating any of this in public spaces like parliament square, central london or before a high court civil jury...


I left Parliament Square to go for a short break, but I didn’t get far, before a line-up of police fanned out in front of me, when I was by Westminster Tube Station, preventing me from continuing.


I was asking the police officers why they were suddenly all stopping me, when my phone also rang and when I answered, and the caller spoke with me, I turned around and saw a large scale invasion of police taking place in Parliament Square and so I returned.


The invasion of police stole my tent and other campaign property, but not our banners, all without speaking to me or explaining anything while the roads were being closed, so it would be difficult for the public to see what was going on too, in what could only have been a pre-planned… political operation. 


I eventually found the person posing as the senior police officer present (who was accompanied by a police office from the City of London, who dishonestly later denied in writing they were involved, and was having a conversation with a Sun journalist. There is no difference between the BBC and Murdoch who were both scandal ridden over the Iraq War etc) and asked him what the legal grounds were for what they were doing to me. He sarcastically replied “ask the media department at New Scotland Yard”, which could only be a reference to the long standing cover up over Mothers Day 2006.


The massive government panjandrum only really resulted in my being extremely distressed… that Brian had recently died.


The police and press ‘inexplicably’ stayed for many hours, before they left, during which the government’s ’shadow organisation’ was by contrast completely untouched which was obviously a legal impossibility for anyone to try and explain.


The following morning around 3am on 17th January 2012… different police officers arrived and started threatening me. I was unlawfully arrested because and when I moved away !! from them (it was police officers who had actually physically… prevented me going on a break when they blocked my way, when the invasion happened) The only possible reason for police returning was to try and unlawfully arrest me on any false pretext of one kind or another. I remember they tried to break my nose, but I don’t remember much after that, until I remember Fadi was speaking to me at Westminster Magistrates shortly before I was released that afternoon.


It transpired the DPP (Starmer) dishonestly tried to claim they could prosecute me under new legislation, despite knowing the senior police officer present originally had obviously not said that, or taken my details to do that they had every opportunity to do, and it was not given as a reason for my unlawful arrest either many hours later when different police turned up threatening me.


(It was essentially the same double act of Starmer and Johnson in September 2009 that led to the State Opening on 25 May 2010 etc)


I left Westminster Magistrates and went to a small Italian cafe in Marylebone which had been there since I was first sent to London as a teenager. When I was sitting there I was given the news headlines about me, which I did obviously know were complete and utter lies.


The true reason I was unlawfully arrested, which was entirely political was because:


a) the politicians and news media could not publish their lies about me without my response, unless they had unlawfully arrested me and published their lies before I was released


(ie: like on Mothers Day 2006 and and the State Opening on 25 May 2010)



... blair who was racketeering using ss 132-138 of the serious organized crime and police act 2005 against private citizens who are peaceniks, illegally used the commissioner of met police and new scotland yard and the bbc to illegally leak my adopted name along with information they all knew was false, that put in place an unprecedented sequence of events that was intended to cause me prolonged physical and emotional life threatening harm...



... it's obviously a legal certainty the former british pm may, would not be able to explain lying about being involved to any jury (the email dated 17 january 2012 was legally forwarded to me much later by westminster council legal department in satellite litigation hq11x00563 they lost)


b) the politicians and news media needed to illegally try and find a way to try and delay my going to the High Court with a jury lawsuit while they were staging their phoney Judicial Review using their ‘shadow organisation’ because of course their unlawful arrest of me (it was all related to Mothers Day 2006 etc etc) would fall by the wayside, which it did. The government have always refused without lawful excuse to provide even the most basic disclosure including in a timely manner, because everything was always politically motivated attempts (in breach of fair competition and then some) to illegally prevent our standing in political elections.



... politically motivated... the government had a 'pattern' of unlawfully arresting us, specifically so they could illegally publish their one sided lies without our responses, before we were released etc etc...


The House of Lords knew when they were threatening me on 27th May 2012 while having no legal or political mandate to do so, while debating their ‘Persil Amendment’ (which is similar to the legislative ‘amendment’ in Australia in 1984 regarding the abuse of process of adoption without due process and legal representation that led to the global free for all of the Hague Adoption Convention) they were lying about an injunction too.


The now Lord Speaker (Fowler) in the House of Lords knew he was being disingenuous and lying in a media report on 11 May 2012 too, and that he does not speak for or instead of me.



... the high court asked myself and stevej in 2011, to not bring civil jury class actions because the high court claimed it would bring their courts to a standstill...


In fact, my peaceful transition of the British House of 800+ unelected Lords to a publicly elected Senate benefits everyone, because I will personally be able to destroy the email the City of London lawyer sent me (over which there is no legal immunity or statute of limitations etc) when a new Senate is agreed, and the current members of the House of Lords will still be able to stand for public election to the Senate, but there will no longer be a House of Lords for failed politicians and civil servants to seek refuge in etc.


The abolition of the House of Lords is going to happen anyway, and this peacefully settles unprecedented lawsuits at the same time.