Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I would only have consented as a minor to a guardian including anyone from the LGBT+ community to care for & respect me as a child, if I had needed anyone other than my own family (the ‘void ab initio’ & my compensation package attached) (07.12.2020)




... my name is donna...





I would only have consented as a minor to a guardian, including anyone from the LGBT+ community (who make their own choices of their own volition) to take care of and respect me as a child if I couldn’t be with my own family, who I always should have been with.


It is common sense, it is not legally, morally or politically possible to discriminate against some vulnerable… children who do not consent to our adoption or people from the LGBT+ community who could also be great guardians too, and have some knowledge of discrimination, which could only help a vulnerable child deal with so much prejudice too.


The fact an adopted person can live so far outside anything considered normal to most people and for so long because of our adoption, means a guardian for a child, including anyone from the LGBT+ community is really quite normal, and cannot possibly adversely influence or affect a vulnerable child.


The entire state apparatus of multiple states could not make me… consent to them changing my identity which they forcibly did, or my sexual orientation which has always remained straight, or their… crime of my adoption etc etc that took place without legal representation.


I am not ‘the’ problem, just like I proved “I am not the Serious Organized Criminal” with the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the UK. We highlighted that the fact some people ‘acquiesced’ to legislation we did not, just like some may choose to ‘acquiesce’ to their own adoption, does not make either lawful.


The problem is the biased prejudices and unrealistic needs and expectations of… politicians et al, because there is very clearly no genuine need for either adoptions or care and foster homes.


A caring, nurturing, lasting bond and friendship is best forged through a responsible… guardianship until adulthood which would obviously continue between adults, if it has been successful and is mutually beneficial.


I never wanted, needed or consented to politicians ‘media makeover’ called an ‘adoption’ that is really nothing more than the accumulation of all the collective biased prejudices and personal ‘opinions’ of the evil that is… crony capitalism, which is not any kind of recognised defence in law that could withstand any legal scrutiny at all, in any court of law, with a jury.


I would in an ideal world as a female child have absolutely consented to a drag queen, being my own guardian, if I had needed a carer other than my own family. I have learned that not all drag queens want to physically change their gender, but they can be a marvellous help with makeup and the finer details of all sorts of fashion advice and it is rather nice if they also happen to be over 6 feet tall, and love lots of people from all walks of life, and are completely dotty about small animals too, even if they are a bit weird about sand on beaches which I personally love.


The truth is that adopted people come from all walks of life from all around the world and if what happens to too many of us, happened to another group of people it would be called a war crime, which is sadly also a fairly accurate description too, of the ‘dirty war’ waged on we peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London, while we peacefully genuinely defended free speech for everyone in the midst of so much war and terror globally, when we were the only law in town among the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of the badge and label and bauble brigade of Westminster.






It would be a legal impossibility for a… jury faced with… two Australians in Central London, on a single timeline that showed one who is myself and a mixed race female peacenik who is adopted (that the State of Victoria failed to… obtain my consent as a minor or adult, to do) with a long history of being viciously ‘persecuted’ (the State of Victoria wouldn't even be able to begin to brazen out a 'Royal Commission' on that) including very publicly in Parliament Square, in the UK, before politicians refused without lawful excuse to hand over the CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me, in the UK (while I had no legal representation) to reasonably conclude anything else thanthat the other Australian who is an all white male who portrays himself as a citizen journalist who arrived shortly thereafter, grandstanding, with an entourage of lawyers, and robber media barons too, who never faced the rigours of Parliament Square, let alone before hiding in an embassy (while I had no shelter in Parliament Square while & after seeing off a pretty visible undercover operation) and (while I was exiled from the UK in France in Europe) then also had the… UN in tow (while the… global ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ which has only ever been used… against !! me because it is an illegitimate red herring) has worse than… no credibility at all.


The revolving doors of politicians and 'press' (which in the case of the British PM is the one and same) do not have my consent to have or profit in any way, from the CCTV it is a legal certainty belongs to me, while they did obviously know about the related legal issues of universal jurisdiction and no statute of limitations, which further dramatically escalated the problem of the 'Hague Adoption Convention' even... further


The obviously staged ongoing British MET Police undercover ‘Inquiry’ which could not legally ‘overtake’ my own pre-existing lawsuits anyway either, is a sick and twisted performance too, because it was originally my adopted name that was… illegally leaked to the press along with false information, while it is politicians with free publicly funded legal representation, for their ‘Inquiry’ who have always also covered up the identity of their ‘unknown male assailant’ who violently attacked me, and then of course the later CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me, which is about… politicians protecting themselves, not the police officers involved who already handed over the evidence of their ‘following orders’ from ‘both houses and black rod"/the British… Parliament, and then of course… they stopped me giving evidence when I started legally blowing the whistle in the High Court in London on 21st June 2010)




In practise... ‘adoptions’ are very easily rigged… against the adopted person, without the isolated adopted child’s best interests being considered.


Who is responsible if not the politicians and their propagandists with their cult of celebrity ?


Who would not… stop the involuntary internment of a child and adult through an ‘adoption’ even when the ‘adoption’ makes us suicidal as children and adults ?


There is an identifiable difference between the bioterrorism of adoption (that in my 'unprecedented' case really did use multiple agents of the state in both Australia and the UK) and a global pandemic, because it is an incontrovertible fact that is beyond any reasonable doubt, any socially constructed and unwanted insidious adoption can legally be… immediately stopped by the adopted child or adult at any time, but has in any event as a concept reached well past its use by date in any civilised society. 


The simpler and far more normal form of guardianship just needs to be improved and made more inclusive. 


The prolonged serious physical and emotional harm caused to me by the... crime of my adoption, is more than merely distressing. 




It is incomprehensible to me that during a global pandemic politicians in the State of Victoria do not make medicinal CBD oil which in the starkest of contrasts to adoption, there has never been any evidence has harmed anyone, and is more affordable elsewhere, on PBS prescriptions... now... before there may or may not be a successful vaccine, including that is suitable for everyone, for a global pandemic that it is strongly arguable was avoidable, through even improved living standards in just housing, because otherwise politicians claims they care about the civilian population... more generally are demonstrably untrue too.


I found that recently trying CBD oil myself (because I don't personally agree with mind altering drugs of any kind for the obvious reasons, so I wouldn't use THC) does help my prolonged PTSD in a number of respects, although it is not of itself a cure (because I have to actually learn, remember and practise so much I missed out on learning as a child, too, that I am only able to learn from a responsible health professional who has the right combination of understanding, knowledge and sensitivity about all that) and does make some difference to my autoimmune and related illnesses (and which specialists agree with my taking too along with existing prescriptions) which does mean CBD oil also has the... potential to significantly help me in the... longer term and... overall. 


It is terrible to have to live through such an appalling...  crime for so long. 






I can ‘void ab initio’ the… crime of my adoption from the County Court (there were no specialised ‘Family Courts’ for ‘adopted’ children) in the Magistrates in Melbourne (just like the ‘void ab initio’ in the Magistrates Court in the UK, of my unlawful arrest in there on Mothers Day 2006 when my adopted name was illegally leaked to the press along with false information (and so on and so forth).


The unavoidable and unpleasant fact and reality is politicians who have a ‘duty of care’ arecollectively responsible for not obtaining the consent of a minor to our adoption, which is a crime, so politicians must collectively pay a fine (which is the very least punishment) that in my own case is backdated and includes the fact my case should have been easy and safe for me to legally settle while I was living in my own home in France.


The financial penalty must deter politicians from refusing to obtain the consent of minors to our adoption, and using the red herring of the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’… against us, because the fact other politicians do something has never been a legal excuse, and is only an avoidance tactic.


There is also no refoulement in my case, so I am legally entitled to leave and enter Australia at any time of my own… choosing instead of the will of politicians being arbitrarily imposed on me.


I am a reminder that politicians only exist to always lawfully… serve the public, or they do not remain in public life, at all.


The politicians from the State of Victoria which is my State of Origin are collectively responsible for paying the fine I impose on them, as a civil claim. but still proportionally compared to their salary and seniority that should include Federal Members of Parliament with offices in Victoria too, and bearing in mind the maximum civil claim… per politician in the Magistrates Court is $100,000 and there are 128 politicians in the Victorian Parliament (which does not include local government)


So the politicians in the Parliament in the State of Victoria should all pay me $50,000 per politician except for the Premier who pays me the maximum $100,000 fine and Federal Members and Senators from Victoria should... each contribute $50,000 too, which is in total still far less than all the money spent on staged ‘Royal Commissions’ and for example former PM Rudd who collected $1.4 billion dollars, for ripping me off, so politicians know who to ask first for a loan if they need one, to pay me, with the total payable to me already long… overdue.


This will mean all the legal issues including universal jurisdiction and no statute of limitations will have been peacefully dealt with… within the British Commonwealth and outside Europe so that… I avoid further unnecessary inconvenience in my own life.



I am transitioning out of ‘adoption’ and in so doing making it… possible for politicians to constructively transform guardianship to be more inclusive for children and adults which will benefit all civil society.


The reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat.

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)