Donna -v- State of Victoria Case 352: Show Cause Notice to State of Victoria who have 24 hrs to… oppose my acting as a Magistrate to discharge my adoption & their funding my UN Adoption Secretariat in Geneva, before Chinese Belt & Road deals, because I am also a health tourist who can choose my own vaccine too (02.12.2020)



... my name is donna...




I am aware the adoption legislation in Victoria in 1984, was a political ‘get out of jail free’ canard by the Labour Cain government, regarding eugenics etc, while the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO which also moved out of Victoria at that time.


There is no mandatory adoption that can be arbitrarily imposed for a set duration, and the State of Victoria is aware I am fully qualified to be a Magistrate and can therefore discharge my own and other people’s adoption at no cost to adopted people because it is a legal impossibility to bring a case… against an adopted person for being adopted.


It was quicker to repeal the legislative free speech ban in the UK than it has been trying to legally unravel my own adoption in Australia, where adopted people have never been properly consulted by the government or informed of our real legal rights, particularly regarding... consent.


I 'reasonably believe' I am free to discharge my own and other people’s adoptions just as I can make my own choices about a global pandemic vaccine.


I do not personally choose to plan my own life according to the whims of a political legislative timetable, which is what politicians unreasonably expect adopted people to do.


Politicians have always failed to take responsibility for the at best legislative omnishambles regarding adoption.


It's better to have adopted persons led reform because adopted people actually... care.


The funding of my UN Adoption Secretariat based in Geneva obviously takes priority over the State of Victoria’s China Belt and Road Initiative. The Premier of Victoria is of course welcome to pass along a financial contribution from the Chinese government for my UN Adoption Secretariat in Geneva.


I am free to discharge my own adoption whenever it suits me, not anyone else, and the State of Victoria are liable for all the costs of changing documentation because I did not consent to the 'intellectual property theft' of my identity either. I have already proved my adopted name was only illegally leaked in the UK along with false information, to the press... solely for the financial profit of politicians and the press etc. 


Therefore the State of Victoria has 24 hours to oppose my being a Magistrate and discharging my own adoption, and their funding of my UN Adoption Secretariat in Geneva, before any Chinese Belt and Road Deals.


Let us be honest that my UN Adoption Secretariat will be cheaper to run than a single infrastructure deal in Victoria. 


If the State of Victoria oppose me, my case will be heard in the Magistrates Court, before Christmas, this year, where I will give evidence (that is not limited to the Magistrates Court) that will be properly recorded in an agreed accurate and contemporaneous record, with a published record of any agreement/ruling.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)




Donna (Case 352): My UN Adoption Secretariat will be 24/7 easily accessible specialist emergency service based in Geneva (02.12.2020)