Donna (Case 352): My UN Adoption Secretariat will be 24/7 easily accessible specialist emergency service based in Geneva (02.12.2020)



... my name is donna...





I am an adopted female universal peacenik and mum who is also a fully qualified magistrate who can oversee a UN Adoption Secretariat in Geneva.


I am able to immediately refer my own case to the UN which I am doing and is agreed by politicians in multiple states and countries who are not adoption specialists, they have the legal obligation to do too, along with the facts and law proving I have my own necessary mandate to formally oversee the long overdue adopted person led reform of adoption. This will include carrying out any investigations and making my own recommendations, where necessary, regarding any and all adoptions at any time, anywhere, when requested by… any adopted person, with my UN Adoption Secretariat.


My UN Adoption Secretariat will provide an easily accessible 24/7 specialist emergency service anywhere in the world, for all adopted people, including during any global pandemic. No adopted person should ever need to deal with any ‘bureaucracy’ by themselves, and wait for anyone else, to leave their adoption, because adopted children and adults have the absolute right to refuse consent to our adoption at any time, and leave our adoption, in a safe and sustainable way. The identity of any adopted person can be verified by any health professional of the adopted persons choosing.


There is no mandatory adoption at any time, anywhere, under any circumstances.


It is legally impossible for any state to make a legal case… against an adopted person about our being adopted.


My UN Adoption Secretariat will be able to discharge an adoption anywhere, because there is no reasonable doubt whatsoever, I am a fully qualified Magistrate.


The trauma children can experience from being isolated from their entire family through the profoundly life changing experience of adoption is best dealt with professionally, rather than the best interests of a child ordinarily being subsumed by the differing needs of an endless array of adult… strangers.


The countries who are part of the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ (which rather than helping adopted people !! basically operates as a global ‘get out of jail free’ canard in a political free for all of eugenics that does not meet any basic standards in any 'duty of care') and any other countries who participate in adoption are legally obliged to provide me with their peaceful ’action plans’ for adoption reform that will need my approval. The peaceful ‘action plans’ must be based on providing proof of consent from adopted children and adults along with legal representation (including McKenzie friends) for adopted people when requested, and any other necessary support services.


All adopted people come from all walks of life all around the world because adoption can happen to anyone for any number of reasons (none of which are good for the adopted person) must have independent case managers, who are able to provide professional independent expertise that only focuses on the ‘best interests of the child' and particularly whenever an adopted child is going to be taken or sent to another country, for any reason, including an inter country adoption, or the adopted person has multiple nationalities, which may have been changed through adoption, and so on and so forth, because the ‘lived experience’ of adopted people are all different too.


It is not legally or morally right that an adopted child or adult has to constantly adapt and change to a political free for all either nationally or globally that fails to recognise the fundamental right of all adopted people to give or withhold our consent to adoption (despite consent being such a normal part of life for most people) and without legal representation that proves that consent has been given or withheld by the adopted person !!


The most fundamental problem with adoption is that it ‘teaches’ adopted children and adults they have no right to… consent to… anything. It has always been foreseeable that has the potential to cause very serious physical and emotional harm to any adopted child and adult.


An adopted person can too often have to learn how to with confidence and consistently give and withhold… consent, which can only be done in a safe and sustainable non threatening environment.


An adopted person also often needs to learn about what trust means and who they can trust, beyond ourselves.


It would be rare for an adopted person with PTSD to engage with health professionals because it can be too overwhelming and retraumatizing, and particularly when the adopted person has never even given… consent to our adoption.


There has never been a specialist emergency service meeting the needs of adopted people, which can be very wide-ranging with multiple nationalities that have been changed and inter-country adoptions.


The proper provision of a broad range of professional and effective healthcare services to traumatised adopted people is currently only nobbled by the… excuses and delays of… politics.


I will be able to authorise UN passports and an agreed health and welfare package for adopted children and adults who are from all walks of life, from all around the world, who do not consent to our adoption, and choose that option, that will be funded by the UN, and actually has unlimited potential to benefit everyone.


My UN Adoption Secretariat who can authorise the immediate discharge of an adoption anywhere should preferably always be overseen by someone who has refused consent for our adoption, to try and avoid so many coercive practises.


The fact I have prolonged PTSD (etc) means on the ‘balance of probabilities’ it is guaranteed I will always err on the side of caution and in favour of an adopted person who refuses consent for their adoption.


I will have a UN passport along with a health and welfare package that provides me with:


a) unlimited free travel, accommodation, food and healthcare of my choosing anywhere


b) properly maintains my own home in the Breton Woods in France for me in perpetuity which I can sell at any time of my choosing (so my own home anywhere that will always belong to myself and my family, will be properly maintained in perpetuity by the UN)


c) a salary of $3,000 per month which is guaranteed by the UN, and will continue as a pension even if and when I choose to retire at any time.


My UN Adoption Secretariat will be funded by the UN ‘in lieu’ of my unprecedented lawsuits, which will then be considered settled, which is in my own best interests and indeed everyone else’s too, in what is really... the only sensible peaceful resolution.


There is no identifiable ‘reasonable excuse’ why I don’t have my UN Adoption Secretariat in Geneva… yesterday.


Everyone’s family matters.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

...(formerly known as Babs Tucker)...




Donna -v- State of Victoria Case 352: Show Cause Notice to State of Victoria who have 24 hrs to… oppose my acting as a Magistrate to discharge my adoption & their funding my UN Adoption Secretariat in Geneva, before Chinese Belt & Road deals, because I am