Donna (Case 352): UN passport with health & welfare package for people who do not consent to our adoption & have no legal representation, will help us make safe & sustainable choices wherever we live, which is a ‘win-win’ with unlimited potential for everyone that doesn’t change any culture or country (01.12.2020)



... my name is donna...






I have… never in any way as a child or adult ever… consented to my adoption or the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’.


The UN offices in Geneva in Europe (for example) do not really have any legal immunity in however anyone looks at it, is my own unprecedented case, which I do want to help redress the rights of all adopted children and adults, everywhere, who have not given our consent and have no legal representation.


A UN passport and health & welfare package can help address the very serious legal issues surrounding… ‘non refoulement’ for people who do not give our consent to our adoption and have no legal representation, despite the fact everyone always knew there are alternatives to adoption.


In my own case, it would be possible for me to live in Israel on the Mediterranean if I wanted to (which I have… already conclusively proven ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ I did not need ‘permission’ from any ‘politics’ et al to peacefully use ‘reasonable self defence’ to do in the UK) It isn't legally complicated that I can renounce my adoption, and choose to be Jewish, and use the same 'reasonable self defence' any other Jewish person can, to live in Israel, whose existence is not contingent on the British Balfour Declaration, but and of course I should not need or 'have' to be involved in the 'politics' of all that too, because... all adopted people who do not consent to our adoption and don't have legal representation should have a UN passport and health and welfare package.


My personal view is the political classes and robber media barons spin along with their cult of Hollywood celebrity about ‘values’ are not really true if and when everyone considers the global plight of a silenced… minority of exploited… adopted children and adults, it is a legal impossibility for any organisation or country to possibly claim to speak for or instead of in any way.


The fact adopted children and adults who come from all walks of life, do not in our own right constitute a recognised.. ‘state’ is not a ‘reasonable excuse’ for the UN mandated child slave trade and eugenics charter of the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ that breaches the ’intellectual property rights’ and so on of adopted children and adults identities, without our… consent or legal… representation.


The ‘intellectual property rights’ of adopted children and adults are literally… stolen by the very same politicians, countries and cult of Hollywood celebrity et al who claim ‘sovereignty’ and financial rights for their… own ‘identities’ !!


The UN claim about the ‘right of the child’ to a… family life, does not in reality address a safe and sustainable way of life for adopted children, because arbitrarily… displacing children from our own… …entire family, along with any medical information, that was always intended to be forever, and replacing that with a web of at best financial deceit that extends throughout and beyond an individual and state apparatus does not guarantee the rights of or protect an adopted child. All adoption propaganda is far too heavily weighted in favour of and focused solely on the… ‘needs’ of adult strangers and states, rather than what really is in the ‘best interests’ of the adopted child or adult who is never even ever… consulted and whose… consent… at any time is completely ‘bypassed’ without any… legal representation, let alone that is independent.


An adopted child is too easily coerced, manipulated, pressured, forced and worse, into fulfilling whatever the… ‘needs’ of adult… strangers might happen to be, which not only is ‘normalised’ but actually… supported by not just one state but globally, which builds an overwhelming and almost insurmountable abusive environment for an individual that is really part of an unrecognised much wider ‘collective punishment’.


An adopted child or adult is… individually… isolated in what is however really ‘collective punishment’ without law.


We are treated worse than a criminal convicted of the worst crimes.


I listened and learned and so was taught about the… right to say no to overwhelming abuse by the entire apparatus of the state, through freedom of expression by people I campaigned with, in Parliament Square, Central London. The paradox was that we all experienced collective punishment without law, for our peaceful freedom of expression, that while very seriously in my own case, compounded what I had… already experienced… throughout my life, because of the circumstances of my forced adoption, was less isolating than it had previously been. So it was my long years in Parliament Square, Central London, that although it didn’t help my PTSD, taught me the real importance and value of peaceful freedom of expression. My experience there also confirmed to me, because I met and spoke with people from all walks of life from all around the world every single day, for so many years, that most people do genuinely care about each other, regardless of what the political classes et al say or do, which most people know is by contrast limited to their own much narrower interests.


The treatment of adopted children would if it happened to a recognised ‘group’ of people constitute a war crime, because everything about our own identity and family is treated as not belonging to us, which is not only legally untrue, but leaves already vulnerable adopted children and adults open to systemic and widespread physical and emotional harm while isolated from any possible support of any kind, anywhere.


An adopted child and adult who can be trafficked by states across multiple borders with our identity and nationalities changed by any… stranger, doesn’t just have one government who is complicit but has the entire UN complicit in making it impossible for an adopted child or adult to unravel so much state sponsored deceit on so many levels because of a global industry in child slavery and eugenics that has contributed to the world we all live in today.


There is so much other people thankfully take for granted that is a mystery or lost to too many adopted children or adults, on so many levels, while crony capitalism demands adopted children and adults should be ‘grateful’ !! for any and all physical and emotional harm caused to us by our being used and abused in a profoundly life changing global experiment on vulnerable children that bypasses our consent and any legal representation.


The legal reality is the only possible redress for all adopted people who do not consent to our adoption and do not have legal representation, when everyone always knew alternatives are available is the starting point of a UN passport with a health and welfare package to help empower us to not only try and regain so much we have lost, but move on in a safe and sustainable way.


The reality that adopted people come from all walks of life highlights that we can become… real UN ‘ambassadors’ with a UN passport and health and welfare package that gives us the freedom to make our own… choices about our… own lives in a safer and more sustainable way, instead of always being left at the end of or completely out of every ‘bureaucratic’ queue.


The truth is most people around the world would not begrudge adopted people who have not consented to our adoption and have no legal representation UN passports and a health and welfare package everyone can really see has unlimited potential to be a ‘win-win’ for everyone.


The fact adopted children and adults are a minority in any country and everywhere, means that our being protected with UN passports and a health and welfare package wherever we choose to live anywhere, means we will be able to trial a safer and more sustainable way of life for everyone, without anyone being able to claim we are changing any culture or country, which we don’t want to do anyway, so it is a ‘win win’ for everyone really.


I do not 'reasonably believe' any country or the UN could successfully argue in any court anywhere, against adopted people who do not consent to our adoption and have no legal representation are legally entitled to a UN passport and health and welfare package.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat 

... (formerly known as Babs Tucker)...