Donna: I am an adopted woman & universal peacenik who is fully qualified, incl. as a Magistrate, to peacefully negotiate a ’Treaty of Roses’ to replace ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ for adopted people from all walks of life, everywhere (26.11.2020)



... my name is donna... I do sometimes wish my own parents had just left Australia when I was a small child, taking me with them, even if we had all had to become refugees then, so we could have stayed together as a family...





The British far from Commonwealth which was promulgated through the colonial crony capitalism of the ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ typically illegally legislates and wages war to try and ‘overtake’ the peace and harmony of the rule of law, that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.


However it is a matter of public record, crony capitalism repeatedly could not even get prosecutions using their legislative woo against we peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London, off the ground in the lowest Magistrates Courts, in the UK, while hiding our accumulating unprecedented High Court civil jury lawsuits.


The British politicians and robber media barons were more comprehensively disgraced over the Iraq War, than most other governments, because people in the UK from all walks of life have always been united in opposition to the Iraq War.


I only live within the peace and harmony of the rule of law, so I could only have legal immunity from their deceit, but I am willing to give legal immunity to those involved in attacking etc me, on the strict understanding they peacefully participate in the necessary reform of the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ to agree my ‘Treaty of Roses’ because it is very important to recognise that adopted people have legal rights too.


I am an adopted woman and universal peacenik who is fully qualified, including as a Magistrate, to negotiate with countries who are ‘consenting’ parties to the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ that along with my adoption, I do not personally consent to, and with other adopted people from around the world, to agree comprehensive reform, including where necessary compensation, that would all be known as the ‘Treaty of Roses’.



... black madonna rose...


The legal reality in the real world we all live in, is adopted children and adults are all entitled to not consent to our adoption at any time, because alternatives are always available.


The 'tort of conversion' really does not apply to humans.


I do not personally, as an adopted person, understand the point of adoption for adults, because it is far worse and more damaging than perpetuating common childhood and religious fictions, about Santa Claus, or the Immaculate Conception.


I guess it is entirely possible the little baby Jesus was adopted, which would explain quite a lot.


I do not 'reasonably believe' I need anyone else's 'permission' to also... choose the religion I wish to peacefully practise. 


It is obviously the rule of law 101 that countries do not have a defence that they can do whatever they like to adopted children and adults without our consent, just because another country does.


It would also in my case, be a legal impossibility for any government to claim I have worked for any intelligence services anywhere.


The current general lawlessness of adoption without the informed consent of adopted children and adults is a socially constructed unconscionable catastrophe for too many adopted people and their own families.


A global pandemic highlights the failure of global crony capitalism because governments do obviously have the ability in this day and age, to as a starting point ensure everyone has safe and sustainable housing with private facilities.


The climate change slogan doesn’t really explain why there isn’t affordable clean renewable energy for everyone in the here and now too.


... melbourne...


The major port states of Catalonia and Victoria have similar populations and I personally support a Republic of Australia and Republic of Spain, not least since monarchies are people who can stand for election instead.


The purpose of necessary and ultimately inevitable legal reform of adoption, would be to find and agree common ground between any legal or religious differences, because the fact adoption can happen to anyone for many reasons, none of which are good for the adopted person, which is mostly overlooked, does not mean that adoption can continue to be a politically motivated free for all globally.


Any government who disagrees with me peacefully negotiating a ‘Treaty of Roses’ to replace the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ is welcome to bring a peaceful legal challenge in the… Magistrates Court in Melbourne, Australia, because the central legal issue is the consent of an adopted child and adult. 


The best interests of the child, have to be words that are real, in adoption too.


There is a rose in the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea, 35 kilometres from someone else’s ‘border’.



... roses, catalonia...


The reality is the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone, can genuinely provide equality of opportunity for all… including adopted people who are entitled to have legal rights like the right to consent, just like anyone else.


(In my own case, it is self evident, the State and Federal Australian governments are legally obliged to provide me with compensation so that I can buy my own home in Melbourne too, and pay me any government grants or social security payments, as if I am and have always been living in Australia, regardless of if I am also living in my own home in France too, because the State and Federal Australian governments were always legally obliged to peacefully resolve my own case... while I was living in my own home in France. 


The Courts can file a copy of this statement of truth in the Magistrates Court in Melbourne, Australia.


Kind Regards,




(formerly known as Babs Tucker)