Donna: My Court Order confirms I DO NOT… CONSENT to my adoption or ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ but I am actually qualified to be a Magistrate on my own clean renewable solar, sea & wind powered non profit ‘Peace Thalassocracy’ vessel (25.11.2020)



... my name is donna...






I sometimes wish my own parents had just left Australia, taking me with them, even if we had all had to become refugees then, so we could have stayed together as a family, and I would not have been eternally exiled in every way myself, because I am a female Mediterranean mixed race… adopted person.


It is... strange but true, I am through my seven plus years of ‘lived experience’ in Parliament Square, Central London, qualified as a Magistrate, in the British Commonwealth, because I conclusively proved the British government had no legal grounds to bring any prosecutions against myself and others, in even the Magistrates Court, using successive legislation that started with s132-138 SOCPA 2005, now repealed.


The legal reality remains, any adopted person should be able to notify a… Magistrates Court or the equivalent they do not … consent to an adoption, because legal issues about… consent are usually initially in the… criminal realm of law.


I remember I was told the British government had never faced a situation before where they had not even been able to get a prosecution using crony capitalist legislation like ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, now repealed off the ground in the Magistrates Court, which I find difficult to believe (and we were not doing ‘civil disobedience’) while of course an adopted person who does not consent to our adoption has not committed any civil or criminal offence in any court either.


The legal reality is I DO NOT CONSENT to my adoption or to live under the politics of any crony capitalism, because I do not personally want to be anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’ anywhere.


I do however lawfully have in my possession, a British MI5 Home Secretary’s ‘smoking email’ that incriminates three successive British Prime Minister’s (Cameron, May and Johnson) along with Australian Labour and Liberal politicians (notes below) that I do know politicians do not want a jury anywhere to see.


The British banana constitutional monarchy falsely claimed that if I… survived !! their prolonged cruel, inhuman and degrading etc ‘treatment’ that was not prescribed by law, and had no proper legal oversight, including a jury, so was punishment without law, none of which I consented to, then it must be okay, regardless of my physical and emotional health and wellbeing.


The ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ is also the typical kind of legal woo, that like the ’torture memos’, governments and corporations use, as ‘political’ cover to buy time.


The global legal problem with national or inter country adoptions where so much is and can be hidden anyway, all without the adopted child or adults… consent, is there is no global court, because adoption has always been a far from legal political free for all.


It will not be possible for anyone to genuinely claim any or all adoptions are ‘okay’ anywhere, until there is proper due process, with independent legal oversight in place, for all adopted people, everywhere.


The reality for me personally is, the crony capitalism of adoption, has literally made me so seriously physically and emotionally unwell, precisely because without any checks and balances and safeguards of any kind in place, it has always been a politically motivated free for all.


If the British referendum is anything to go by, politicians will be trying to force fish to have passports next !! while not caring about humans in any way.


I would use my own non profit peace thalassocracy, of a clean renewable solar, sea and wind powered sea worthy vessel, registered in Australia for tax reasons, but only flying a flag of peace, to help liberate & compensate people, who like me, do not… consent to our adoption.


My own ‘Peace Thalassocracy’ already has it’s very own ‘embassy’ in the Breton Woods in France, that I am legally entitled to use to fund my case.


The states and countries who are ‘consenting’ parties to the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ which adopted people have not been asked for our consent to, are all legally obliged to contribute funds for compensation to adopted people, who do not give their own consent to their adoption.


I should obviously have always had an… interim court order to live in my own home in France in my ‘cabin’ in the Breton Woods, and or other accommodation with private facilities in Australia, while my case is settled, so I can safely isolate myself from all politicians, all the time, on the legal and medical grounds, politicians have only already and always physically and emotionally harmed me.


There is however, no legal reason I wasn’t able to live in my own home, in France (just like there was never any  legal reason I couldn’t live in my own home with my own family as a child) so I am obviously claiming… compensation, for my own non-profit ‘Peace Thalassocracy.


The legal points are:


a) the state and country of… origin are legally obliged to pay me compensation, and Disability Support Pension regardless of where I choose to live, in what is then effectively my own test case to also:


b) help reform the global political free for all regarding adoption by putting independent legal oversight in place (the same governments have after all had no problem making trade deals and belonging to WTO and all manner of other alphabet spaghetti governmental organisations)


It should be possible for any adopted person to notify a Magistrate in a court they do not give their consent to their adoption, because the very serious issue of… consent is really in the… criminal realm of law.


c) trial a universal health and social welfare plan that is not based on crony capitalism, but is instead fair competition in the transition to affordable clean renewable energy.


d) organise a functioning human sea based community, using clean renewable energy, with its own offices and embassies in Australia and France.


I don’t personally know if human sea based communities are possible but it is another frontier worth further exploring more, as a non profit, in the transition to clean renewable energy, because of course there will always be transnational passengers and freight on ships with cabins with private facilities, while advances in technology mean fewer business people flying everywhere.


The concept of a sea based community is absolutely fascinating.


(Of course, a peaceful cabin on a ship with private facilities and a balcony, with the ability to walk around, is actually quite healthy for someone with PTSD, who also likes the sea)


In fact, my own non profit ’Peace Thalassocracy’ … introduces some fair competition to crony capitalism in the wider transition to affordable clean renewable energy, which it is foreseeable will inevitably dramatically transform politics as we know it too.


My personal view is there is unlimited potential in terms of equality of opportunity for everyone in one world with both the legal and practical clean renewable energy, that includes the peace and harmony of the rule of law, that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.









A jury would know:




... it is a matter of fact the... MI5 Home Office, who was another PM, LIED in this email and publicly to the 'press' because she knew there was no injunction at this time, protecting what was really her own... distraction of a Judicial Review, about her legislation, that could not 'overtake' my own quite separate pre-existing High Court civil jury lawsuit arising from but not limited to, the events the previous day, where my name was illegally leaked to the press and front page headlines, again !! and my unlawful 'arrest' earlier that morning etc etc... 


(There was never any full disclosure of what is obviously really a series of emails, between those involved, that is nevertheless directly relevant to my quite separate civil jury lawsuit, where by contrast, I 'inexplicably' didn't have an injunction, which a jury would question too) 


The MI5 Home Secretary (who was one of the PM’s) ‘improperly influenced’ (ie: ‘nobbled’) a High Court Judge, because the MI5 Home Secretary knew there was not (and could not be) an injunction for their staged Judicial Review that could not legally ‘overtake’ the fact the Home Secretary knew I had (for example) a(other!!) High Court civil jury lawsuit from… the day before, because it is a matter of fact, I was unlawfully ‘arrested’ when I walked… away from police officers, including from the City of London, because they were… threatening me, before they tried to break my nose etc etc etc etc.


The ‘smoking email’ was only belatedly disclosed to me by Westminster Council’s Legal Department… after I went to the High Court and discovered the Home Secretary had lied including to the press, and there was no injunction, that the High Court Judge only then belatedly gave for the staged Judicial Review, but not my by comparison existing real… lawsuit, that by comparison involves a jury. The current British PM Johnson was the boss of the police threatening me, for long known reasons, while the PM Cameron was on the public record putting out a contract through Murdoch’s Sky News, to illegally ‘remove’ us, without any caveat on how that was done. When I had asked a senior police officer what were the legal grounds for what they were doing, while he was talking to a Sun ‘journalist’ he sarcastically referred me to the… ‘media department’ at New Scotland Yard, who illegally leaked my name… again !! on the front pages of their ‘press’.


A financial audit of Westminster City Council at that time, would confirm an admission the… entire budget of the Legal Department of WCC was being used to illegally try and remove me, which could only have been spent on brown envelopes, while I had no legal representation, including after the Leader of Westminster Council decamped to Switzerland. Westminster City Council admitted they worked with Australian police, who were using the budget of that Legal Department too, with the knowledge of Australian Labour and Liberal politicians, etc etc while a senior Metropolitan Police officer, Dean Ingledew had transferred to Westminster City Council when Charing Cross was disbanded, because of peaceniks pre-existing lawsuits. Westminster City Council did in fact, try and bring a ‘private prosecution’ against me for peacefully being in possession of an umbrella, which was a world first and failed.