Donna Bugat: British PM Johnson the Pretender who doesn’t face the death penalty by lethal injection in UK, knows its a legal impossibility to… publicly float his ‘torture memo’ in City of London, because I am undeniably a universal peacenik (21.11.2020)



... my name is donna... it was not for me to always have to do the job of the british... police !!...





British PM journa-c-lister Johnson the Pretender was not a police officer or soldier on any front line and he would not dare… publicly float his own ‘torture memo’ on the City of London stock exchange or in any court of law anywhere, because I am undeniably a universal peacenik.


The legal reality is police officers and soldiers do know they cannot just follow orders, from anyone, because they have a legal responsibility, just like anyone else, to properly identify criminals who recklessly or intentionally cause identifiable harm, and armed enemy combatants.


British PM Johnson has similarly always known no-one made him give or follow unlawful orders in his seriously serial abuse of public office in his simultaneously overlapping roles as a Tory, Mayor of London, boss of the top cop and monarch’s gardener in Parliament Square, Central London.


I can cogently argue as an adult about the theft of my identity as a child in Australia, that is not legally sustainable, but Johnson sought to permanently deprive me of even the opportunity to do that with his pre-meditated torture and attempted murder of me in the UK in Europe. There is no reasonable doubt whatsoever that he is the enemy of all decent and civilised people everywhere.


It is common sense and law, I do not need the personal responsibility free Johnson or anyone else’s permission or to pay him or anyone else money for the CCTV that was secured of the torture and attempted murder of me that it is a 100% legal certainty belongs to me and should be in my possession, that he has always hidden because he is first in line to go to prison.


The unAustralian Lynton Crosby et al should hang their collective ‘special advisers’ heads in shame.


Brian and Neil were British national treasures from the East End and Barry in Wales, who died in exile in Bremen in Germany and Emmen in the Netherlands, in Europe.


I am willing to give immunity to the police officers and others involved, but only if senior police officers in the UK, step up and do their duty and really turn the tide on their deservedly bad reputations and arrest Johnson who has no legal immunity and is legally obliged to plead guilty, and go to prison in the UK where he does not face any death penalty by lethal injection, before he is deported to the United States at the end of his prison sentence, because he couldn’t give up his American citizenship to try and avoid deportation too. He has already been properly advised he has no recognized defence in law to even put before any civil and criminal jury and it was absolutely unlawful for him to try and use his Tory staffers to try and intimidate, threaten and bribe me.


It is not for me to always have to do the job of British police officers, like when I was forced to make the lawful citizen's arrest of Livingstone when he was Mayor of London and he covered up the violent attack by their 'unknown male assailant' who it was very widely witnessed violently punched me with a 'cowards punch' by my temple and left eye in my head, when I wasn't even in Parliament Square, Central London. 


The British referendum was a politically motivated diversion and 'get out of jail free canard' for Johnson because he knows that while British people could vote to leave the EU, which personally makes no difference to me (I preferred living in my own home in France which he also stopped me doing, along with stopping me living in my own home in the UK too) but British people cannot torture and attempt to murder an unarmed peacenik in England (with or without a public vote) which is what Johnson was really doing in England that he was hiding himself, that did make a massive difference to the civilian lives of myself and others.


It is obviously more lawful and better that Johnson is arrested and imprisoned in the UK and deported to the United States, than his torture, attempted murder and eternal exile of me.


Most people know that Johnson the journa-c-lister’s public persona is a complete media invention that does not stand up to the slightest legal scrutiny of any kind, anywhere.


I would also like to be the first female and genuinely legitimate UN Secretary General who is a civilian to help put in place a proper process of public elections for the Secretariat (all of which is negotiable) which would significantly modernise the UN without unduly interfering in the UN Security Council, or the cultural choices of people in different countries, which along with the arrest and imprisonment of Johnson in the UK, and his deportation to the United States, (which cannot be negotiable) would be a more than fair compromise.


It is vitally important that civilian populations genuinely have the ability to help each other with humanitarian projects, through the UN, which can only help to strengthen all of the UN, regardless of the actions of the interchangeable political and news media sphere, which is possibly most pronounced in the UK. 


Kind regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)