Donna Bugat Case 352: Cronyism's use of Identity theft & the torture & attempted murder of me in UK by Johnson… (before Assange came along waffling on about what United States 'might' do to him UK had… already done to me !! as a private Australian citizen, originally working & living in my own home) (19.11.2020)




… “you make me sick” … the cronyism of johnson et al complained about me wearing my “you make me sick” t-shirt in court, despite it being an accurate representation of the truth … (I was telling Johnson's parasitic press to get out of my face)...





... i am damn sure the CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me, belongs to me...



I am an ordinary private Australian citizen who was a single working mum living in my own home in the UK when my adopted name was illegally leaked by the British government to their press, and I lost my job and was blacklisted so I had to sell my home. I never claimed any welfare benefits in Parliament Square, and Johnson the Journa-c-lister et al have always refused to settle my lawsuits because the false profits of their cronyism are devoted to making ordinary citizens suffer for cronyism's own benefit.


The inevitable transition towards clean renewable energy, will of itself however, fundamentally change the dynamics of the global political and media obsession with promoting the cult of ‘celebrity’ which pointedly ignores the largest welfare recipients in the far from Commonwealth who have never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service, is the cronyism of monarchy.


The last twenty years have seen the same politicians and their robber media barons comfortably hunker down in bunkers always fine, collecting their own big fat cheques, while spinning their terror and war that has only ever harmed civilian populations. The more recent global pandemic has only confirmed the cronyism of politicians and robber media barons and their cult of ’celebrity’ care so little about civilian populations, they simply didn’t even bother during any time in the past twenty years, to agree a global pandemic plan that actually included… the public, which should be responsible administrative governance 101.


The only reason there’s never been a ‘regulatory’ authority regarding cronyism, is because cronyism is the sum total of all politics.


The politicians and robber media barons along with their cult of ‘celebrity’ are all absolutely fine themselves, still collecting their big fat cheques in their bunkers, during a global pandemic.


British politicians are still typically primarily promoting hugely expensive nuclear power while paying lip service to anything else, because that is the easiest way to keep civilian populations enslaved by having to pay for the nuclear infrastructure that effectively subsidises the biggest users who are monopolistic big businesses increasingly offering zero hour contracts in the workplace as the grinding poverty of cronyism continues for too many people. .


The cronyism of monarchy should be encouraged to vote and stand for election, which would genuinely bring about meaningful discussions about… reality, including no doubt in the case of the British Saxe-Coburgs (who presumably only changed their name to Windsor because British soldiers might question why they were being used to fight German soldiers on behalf of a German monarchy) and their rather unusual ‘property portfolio’.


It was a HH Judge Wadsworth in the political Crown Court in the UK, who originally designated Parliament Square in Central London my ‘home’ that was most certainly never my choice, or anything I ever agreed with personally, because I confirmed I was no ‘occupier’ of a public space that was supposed to remain for the public in perpetuity.


The cronyism of Westminster snobbery should really pay for me to buy a ’Tiny’ Eco home in the UK so I can visit friends and family, although I do not personally… choose to retain British nationality or be resident in the UK, because I never personally… chose to be there anyway.


Politicians only routinely use public money for quangos, inquiries and special advisers from the robber media barons, along with under-covers and so on, to try and stop legal accountability in courts of law before properly advised juries where public money would be better spent, precisely because politicians already know they have ’no recognised defence in law’.


The robber media barons promote the cult of celebrity because they can’t have an honest discussion about cronyism, because that is their only revenue stream. 


There is only legislative window dressing being used by politicians who falsely claim adopted children and adults need to pay money !! and have the permission of courts !! to have our own identity that was stolen by them all with the most serious state sponsored… identity theft that was always… intended to, without our informed consent,,, permanently deprive us of our identity, which the disingenuous ‘digital identity consultation’ in Australia deliberately ‘overlooks’.




The ‘Digital Identity Consultation in Australia’.



... this must be a sick joke, because its the state who stole the identity of adopted people...



The ‘digital identity consultation’ which is more likely to be about politicians giving the middle finger to the public, is legally completely and utterly meaningless because the politicians on all ‘sides’ and their courts do not even have the common courtesy or ability, after so many years, to even facilitate something as simple as the return of identities stolen from adopted children and adults… by the state, online, at no expense to ourselves !!


It is… cronyism that stole my identity. 


The politicians and courts haven’t even proven to be capable of arranging my injunction to stop my identity theft by the government, through my adoption, and for me to collect compensation at my convenience, from the administrative office of the local Federal Member of Parliament.


It should have been possible for me to sort out the legal processes of all that in the peace and privacy of my own home in France (but of course I was forced from my home in France too, so Johnson could celebrate being crowned PM, because politicians in Europe punish the victim of torture, not the perpetrator)


Of course everyone knows Johnson would be the last politician to have any interest in a pandemic plan to protect the public, because his entire political 'career' has only been devoted to harming the public. It was very shocking what Johnson viciously did to students who protested against him. His only public image is a media creation)


The Digital Identity consultation from the government in Australia is pie in the sky, because it is put out by the very same politicians who haven't even grasped communicating face to face or online with their own constituents, locally. 


There's more chance of a politician communicating with another politician than any politician communicating with any member of the public. 


No need for passports.


My personal view is there isn't actually any legal reason for people to need Australian passports which Australian people never wanted anyway but were forced on people, using the pretext of war, that are actually issued by the interfering foreign monarchy, because the legal reality is Australian citizenship exists and is quite separate to both a British monarchy and passport.  


The Non Existent ‘regulatory’ Authority in Australia to stop politicians torture and attempted murder of law abiding civilians who oppose cronyism.


There’s no such thing as a ‘regulatory’ authority in Australia to stop politicians using torture on Australian citizens, which Australian politicians… ‘choose’ to be silent about.


CCTV 'trophy footage' of torture and attempted murder of me.


I am damn sure the British CCTV 'trophy footage' of the torture and attempted murder of me as an Australian citizen, doesn't "belong" to any 'government' agency or anyone else, but me, despite the fact politicians illegally refuse to hand it over to me.




The British PM and former Mayor of London Johnson used the same undercovers Livingstone did and the bogus undercover inquiry in the UK was illegally set up by the Tories to give legal cover to Livingstone, and themselves of course, long... AFTER Special Branch had already admitted… in court !! twice they were illegally bringing malicious prosecutions against me they repeatedly lost that became my High Court civil jury lawsuits.


The Australian Assange belatedly came equipped with an entourage of lawyers in the UK and curiously wasn’t complaining about Johnson the journa-c-lister or the former DPP Starmer when I had no legal representation, which has never bothered any Australian and British politician because I am of course, by contrast an adopted ‘mixed race’ woman and mum.


However the far, far bigger obvious… difference between… myself and Assange is I had already had the British government torture and attempt to murder me in the UK, which the Australian government did know about and was an ‘open secret’ in Westminster… BEFORE the sleaze bag journalist called Assange who had… no lawsuits against Westminster, came along and started waffling on about what the… United States 'might' do to him, that the British government had already done to me !! as a private citizen in the UK (while of course Sir Ken Jones, the Head of ACPO who had skipped the UK was grandstanding as DAC in Victoria)


It is the… British who… hid !! they tortured and attempted to murder me, refusing to hand over their trophy CCTV. 


Brian was without any doubt the greatest peacemaker of our times, and it was a privilege to campaign with him.


Assange obviously never cared about... peaceniks in the UK who were... already being maliciously prosecuted, with back to back, multiple court cases against us at the same time, that were obviously far, far more onerous, over so many years, because politicians were trying to 'overtake' our lawsuits against them by any means. 


I was a perfectly ordinary private Australian citizen who was a single working mum living in my own home in the UK, who did have my adopted name illegally leaked by the British government to their press and whom Johnson did torture and attempt to murder !! in the UK.


It is strange but true, the American born British PM Johnson who was Mayor of London at the time and portrays himself as the ‘alpha male’ was bizarrely ordering the raid of my tent in Parliament Square, Central London by a feeding frenzy of his fellow… journalists !! with police in tow, using the pretext of a royal wedding (I slept through because it’s not really my thing) at what turned out to be the same time the US ‘Black Lives Matter' (meaning specifically his own) President in the United States at that time, claimed to be raiding a compound in Pakistan, of a renowned bagman.


The truth is, the SAS who are a lot stronger physically than me, would not be as ‘resilient’ as I had no choice but to be in Parliament Square, Central London, where I was not hiding, in a cave, compound, or embassy.


The Australian journalist Assange was purportedly lurking in a embassy, in London, when I had no shelter at all !! in Parliament Square, Central London, when they stole my tent and I became the first person in the world Westminster then tried and failed to bring a private prosecution against for the crime of peacefully being in possession of an umbrella, which they just kept stealing, because cronyism is all they know. 


Of course the vulgar Blair-ite Saif Gaddafi had been lounging in London cheering on we peaceniks being attacked in the UK, before MI6 Vitol (who paid vast sums of money to illegally imprison me without legal representation or trial) posed as ‘protesters’ in Libya, before it turned out their ‘protesters’ preferred Malta etc etc.


The same year the British appointed a Head of the ICC who was a former member of the military dictatorship in Gambia who it is claimed tortured opponents.


The British police openly run ‘courses’ in torture for other governments, more recently under the guise of ‘criminology degrees’ while the MOD are hardly squeaky clean. Murdoch tried to buy me off when an undercover from the National Crime Agency was busted attacking me, when he was obviously wired.


I was of course raised by an undercover operation between the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents in the whole forced assimilation racket called adoption.


The British undercover ‘inquiry’ in the UK which follows on from the staged ‘Leveson Inquiry’ into the press which was run by the Australian born Lynton Crosby, and headlined the Australian born American citizen Murdoch, in the UK, (Alister Campbell ran the Iraq Inquiry) is decidedly narrow in its perspective, because it is just another attempt to ‘overtake’ jury lawsuits in courts.


The… unavoidable reality is anyone who campaigned as long as we publicly did in the UK which spanned changing political administrations who all opposed peaceniks would know, like most people agree, there was no identifiable difference between the politicians and press, and that peaceniks had no legal representation, because the so called ‘human rights’ lawyers in London really represent the same corporate interests politicians and press do.


The political champions of torture never volunteer to be tortured themselves !!


The British PM Johnson actually fears having to publicly take responsibility for the torture and attempted murder of me, because then he would never be able to stand for public office, or be employed as a journalist or author or get the payoffs ever again, which is what should happen to him, because no one forced him to do anything, that has benefited him… most of all.


The professional liar Johnson who completely represents cronyism should have been stopped years ago, because the only thing he does is harm people, and he is harming more and more people.


His good friends Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, Turnbull are so unAustralian.