Donna Bugat: I can only give British PM Johnson immunity from prison, if he publicly admits torture & attempted murder of me & immediately resigns because legal reality is my universal injunction simultaneously outlaws ‘coercive’ state adoptions & him (17.11.2020)



... my name is donna... which is part of my australian identity...





My injunction to stop the ‘coercive’ harm of adoption includes the British PM Johnson who will only have immunity from peaceniks and prison if he immediately resigns now, because my injunction is… intended to stop ‘coercive’ state adoptions and him.


It is beyond all reasonable doubt he remained Mayor of London, became Foreign Secretary and PM to hide the CCTV of his torture and attempted murder of me over which he has no immunity.


It is literally a legal impossibility for Johnson to deny anything.




He didn’t like me because I really do object to unreasonable ‘coercion’ for all too obvious reasons.


The British referendum was obviously nothing more than a useful distraction for Johnson from what he did, because what he personally fears is peaceniks and prison.



The reality that Johnson abused his public office to torture and attempt to murder me is precisely why there cannot be ‘coercive’ state adoptions, without legal representation, which is legally and morally unsustainable, and particularly when alternatives have always been available.


The legal reality is Johnson has to publicly take responsibility for the torture and attempted murder of me, which also means he can never stand for public office, or be employed as a journalist or author ever again, or be given a payoff by anyone else, to have immunity, that only I can give him, because I am the one he tortured and attempted to murder.


My injunction to stop my adoption and Johnson… at the same time, is an absolutely peaceful ‘legal coup’ that benefits everyone really, because his political calculations, which are entirely based on trying to avoid prison, have stopped genuine political discussion for a long time now.


Everyone already knows Johnson is a professional liar.




I am forced to waive my right to ‘anonymity’ as Donna Bugat (which is difficult for me because I am a private citizen and I have PTSD, and it isn’t even something I wanted to ‘discuss’ much with people I didn’t know, when we were in Parliament Square, Central London because it is not exactly something you choose to remember) but I will give immunity to everyone else involved so long as they stop covering up for Johnson, not least because what I am doing does not politically change anything, and there are any number of politicians who can replace Johnson.


... its a legal impossibility to deny i am first in the queue, so to speak..


I am obviously still claiming $5 million dollars compensation, because Australian politicians had a legal duty of care, to help me stay in the peace and privacy of my own home in France.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat