Donna Bugat Case 352: A Jewish State on the Mediterranean called Israel (14.11.2020)



My own family name of Donna is important to me, and my Australian identity which is not linked to any political, religious or royal group or the name of the country, reflects where I was born.



... my name is donna and it is part of my australian identity…




I don’t personally want any ‘right of return’ to the UK, who listed my 'ethnicity' as 'Southern European' although that 'Southern European ethnicity' is really Mediterranean. 


There cannot be a genuine problem with there being one Jewish State, on the Mediterranean where Jewish people have always lived, that is the only Jewish State in the whole world.


My personal favourite name for a country is Aotearoa, but that name is already taken.


I would like to live in the Golan Heights and start my own small business, and pursue my fascination with Mediterranean antiquities, because it would be wrong for me to ask anyone else’s ‘permission’ including that of other Jewish people, to be Jewish, and it wouldn’t matter to me personally if Israeli politicians decided to withdraw from the Golan Heights, so long as I could still live there and be Jewish.


I would however, if I was the first Jewish 'mixed-race' female PM of Israel who spoke English as my first language (which would certainly be a new and very different chapter in my own life journey, although I never planned to do Parliament Square, Central London which was a very steep 'learning curve' of it's own) want to retain the Golan Heights because it was legitimately gained in self defense and remains of particularly significant strategic importance.


I don’t personally think that much of old colonial ‘borders’ arbitrarily imposed by the usual suspects anyway, and particularly in the growing transition to greater clean renewable energy.


It is important to talk words of peace, not weapons over the future of the West Bank.



… donna and david…


My personal view is Palestinian people who live in the West Bank which was originally named that by Jordan, should be offered, the choice to have Israeli citizenship, or citizenship of any (for example) Arab, Muslim or European country of their own choosing that would come with permanent homes of their own.


No-one is forcibly changing Palestinian people's personal or family name. 


If anyone disagreed with that then the best I could personally recommend, is they spend seven plus years 24/7 on the front line in Parliament Square, Central London, peacefully defending the eternal beauty of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.



... brian and donna...


Alternatively Israeli people could decide to withdraw from the West Bank, and hand over homes there to Palestinian people, and the global community could help build new homes for Jewish people in the Golan Heights, however that probably isn’t that practical, and doesn’t necessarily change the bigger global reality of having one Jewish State, and a significant number of Arab and Muslim countries.


I would personally agree to the State of Victoria issuing a signed and stamped court copy of my injunction to stop my 'inter-country' adoption along with $5 million dollars compensation for me, without including my reasons.


Kind Regards,


... formerly known as babs tucker...


Donna Bugat.