Donna Bugat Case 352: My pre-paid first class open ended round the world return ticket to Australia, so I can leave & enter the country whenever I choose with the eternal beauty of the peace & harmony of the rule of law which naturally exists for the benefit of humanity (14.11.2020)



... my name is donna, which is my australian identity...





My Order in the County Court of Melbourne, Australia in Case 352 will hereby say:


1. The British government originally illegally leaked my name to the press in the UK.


There were no legal grounds to leak my name to the press, because a) I do not need to give my personal details to the government or press to naturally do the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which is for the benefit of all humanity, and b) they refused to use my real name of Donna Bugat, which is my Australian identity.


2. The intelligence services… contacted me and said the British government (of all political ‘sides’) refused to ‘allow’ me to campaign and I was being monitored, although it was admitted that was illegal because I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and so we never spoke again.


3. Two men from MI5 then came and spoke to me in Parliament Square, Central London and along with another campaign member questioned us about our ‘ideology’ and I repeated I only naturally do the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


They asked me to have a meeting with them which I declined to do because I was publicly and visibly doing the peace and harmony of the rule of law which exists for the benefit of all humanity.


4. The Australian government falsely claimed I was not an Australian citizen when family members living outside the UK complained about my treatment by the British government in the UK.


5. The British government admitted they were repeatedly using Special Branch to bring malicious prosecutions against me, they repeatedly lost, because “they put in place a sequence of events that was only intended to (physically and emotionally) harm… me”.


A consultant from St Thomas Hospital asked me what was going on and I said “I think it’s (currently) called the Labour party” who were the majority of politicians in the British government at that time.


6. The British Parliament of all politicians refused without lawful excuse to identify their ‘unknown male assailant’ who it was widely witnessed violently attacked me with a ‘coward punch’, to my temple by my left eye.


7. The British Parliament of all politicians refused without lawful excuse to disclose the CCTV of the subsequent torture and attempted murder of me by six members of their TSG (shortly after it was widely witnessed another ‘coward punch’ from behind by an ‘unknown male assailant’ sent me flying and hitting concrete ground) because they knew I would file the CCTV in the High Court before a jury.


8. The Australian government again ignored complaints from me and other campaign members (so it was all the Australian politicians because there had been a change in political parties since the earlier complaints were made) about my treatment by the British governments.


9. The British government with the knowledge of the Australian government then publicly used a massive unprecedented undercover operation to try and cover up the torture and attempted murder of  me, in the full knowledge of their illegal refusal to hand over CCTV I would file in the High Court in the UK for a jury.


The BBC headlined a recording that was widely disseminated among other news media, they attributed to me saying what was really prior to any ’State Opening’  the British government “don’t have a court order” without explaining the legal context.


The Australian government continued to ignore complaints from campaign members about my treatment.


When I asked Australian public officials in the UK how many Australian citizens around the world were in my situation, they said I was the only one.


I don’t personally support the monarchy because they could stand for election just like anyone else, and the Pope and Vatican are too much of that ‘old boys club’ for me, and I don’t agree with Caliphates either because I am no one else’s ‘dhimmi’.


I am a free agent who naturally does the peace and harmony of the rule of law that exists to benefit all of humanity.


10. The British and Australian governments admitted I was raised in an undercover operation by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents.


British politicians in the UK staged an undercover inquiry in the UK solely to give politicians and corporations free legal representation to try and cover up what was done to me in the UK etc.


11. When I was living in my own home in France, family members living outside France and Australia complained to the Australian embassy in Paris in early 2019 that I had deteriorating physical and emotional health (that was life threatening) and the Australian government still refused to help me, in any way.


Any competent psychologist would have confirmed it was best for me to stay in my own home in France, with the necessary support, which would have involved an out of court settlement of my lawsuits with substantial damages paid to me.


The sole reason I was illegally forced to leave my home in France and travel to Australia, was political, rather than legal.


My boyfriend Neil died in Emmen in the Netherlands.


12. I was recently also referred for further specialist medical treatment (that is separate to the specialists at St. Vincents Hospital)


I was advised I could receive that specialist treatment in my own home in France too.


I would prefer to receive that specialist treatment in my own home in France and in a home of my own that I should be able to buy in the State of Victoria, in Australia too.


It is my choice to live in both an autonomous region in the Republic of France and Australia, because there is nothing wrong with peacefully living with more than one culture.


13. The Australian ‘Central Authority’ who represent all the State and Federal politicians in Australia who are legally obliged to practise the peace and harmony of the rule of law, will register my injunction to stop my adoption in Case 352 that without legal representation as a child and adult has always been a bad deal (health professionals agree there are alternatives to adoption for children and adults) with the Hague Convention on Intercountry adoptions (in the Netherlands) along with the fact of my $5 million dollars compensation (I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake me for a communist, and that means my claim including torture is settled outside Europe, along with the fact I will through no fault of my own, because of my longstanding health conditions have high excess costs on heath and insurance policies because I cannot afford to wait in queues, which means I will also always travel outside Australia with a pre-paid first class open ended round the world return ticket. so I can leave and enter the country at any time of my choosing) in my out of court settlement paid by the State of Victoria which includes any political parties.


14. The eternal beauty of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, that naturally exists for the benefit of humanity, is priceless.


... formerly known as Babs Tucker...