Donna Bugat Case 352: The… only reason I was forced to leave my home in France & travel to Australia is because… Australian & British… politicians did not want my case settled in the European Union (13.11.2020)



Thank you for your email received on Friday 13th November 2020.









I personally support the peace and harmony of the rule of law, that includes civil and criminal juries, for everyone.


My understanding is your quango by comparison which does not include any independent oversight of any kind, including by independent members of the public, at best opposes civil and criminal juries for politicians in legal proceedings in courts of law.


I have not opened, been invited to open, or agreed a case with the number CASE-20204176 you refer to, and nor have I even been invited to provide a signed and dated witness statement confirming any facts and evidence are true, which in any event would regardless of any case number of anyone else, yourselves included, relate to my pre-existing Case 352 in the County Court etc.


It happens to be a matter of fact that Sir Ken Jones (for example) was involved in originally a) illegally leaking… my name, to the press in the UK with information that was known to be dishonest and untrue b) with the sole purpose of 'distracting' from the legal reality of my having High Court civil jury proceedings at that time, against the UK government, etc etc which would inevitably unravel to Case 352 in Australia, because of through no fault of my own, my ‘inter-country’ adoption.


The Australian government’s DFAT in Paris, which operates in states around Australia too, tried to get me to retrospectively agree to ‘overlook’ that in early 2019, which I refused to do.


In fact… politicians do not have immunity a) when they themselves publicly bring malicious prosecutions against members of the public (which the latest British PM et al were rather fond of doing to us in the UK) b) to try and… hide the torture and attempted murder of me, as a member of the public, which obviously has no statute of limitations and is covered by universal jurisdiction.


It is presumably common-sense politicians and IBAC would know IBAC cannot possibly be effective in even a limited capacity of ‘inquiry’ because the Federal government (for example) employ Victorians, living in the State of Victoria, at (for example) Services Australia, while both politicians and IBAC ignore the legal reality the peace and harmony of the rule of law extends beyond… political ‘borders’ between the State of Victoria and any Federal government department.


It is a matter of fact, the Australian Federal government… refused without lawful excuse, to get a psychologists report while I was living in my own home in… France, because Australian politicians did not want to have to pay me Disability Support Pension while I was living in my own home, in France… because my having Disability Support Pension, would inevitably have also led to my being paid substantial damages in Case 352 too… while I was still living in my own home in France, because adoption without legal representation really is a bad deal that has caused me very serious physical and emotional harm as a child and adult.


The… only reason I had to leave my home in France and travel to Australia is because… politicians in… Australia did not want my Case 352 involving the torture and attempted murder of me settled in the EU, because that is a problem for Australian politicians and their British counterparts etc.


Politicians should take ownership of the torture and attempted murder of me, because it is not okay, and nor is it okay for any government department or quango to pretend... they don't know.


I should be able to live in both Australia and France with my Case 352 legally settled.


Politicians who have a problem with that can always change their careers.


Donna Bugat