Donna Bugat: British PM Johnson & Leader of Opposition Starmer need to take ownership of torture & attempted murder of me as ‘non combatant’ Australian peacenik & Australian politicians need to genuinely make amends for not ever standing up for me (12.11.2020)



my name is donna... my australian identity...





I was correct to peacefully and visibly stand on the front line and not ‘concede’ the free speech ban in the UK was lawful, to ensure it was repealed, for the benefit of everyone.


The British PM Johnson and Leader of the Opposition Starmer need to as politicians take ownership of the torture and attempted murder of me as a female ‘non combatant’ Australian peacenik and citizen in the UK.


The Australian politicians who exist to… serve Australian citizens, need to genuinely make amends for not ever standing up for me, as a child or adult and Australian citizen !!


I obviously do not want any politicians bad deal of adoption that comes without legal representation.


I am in more need than any of the politicians involved, of meaningful access to whatever medical treatment I choose, whenever I want, to best aid my physical and emotional recovery, wherever I choose to live.


It doesn’t make the slightest political difference for both Johnson and Starmer to resign now because there are obviously plenty of other politicians to replace them, but their resigning will make my ability to physically and emotionally recover, and properly grieve, which is more important than either of them, or anything they do, easier.


It is politically, legally and morally untenable, for either Johnson or Starmer to remain in public office and democracy will be better off, without both of them.


The public in Australia are hardly going to care if Morrison and Albanese happened to be replaced along the way too, because sorry was too hard for them to say and mean.


Most people from all walks of life, know the biggest casualties in the terror of all wars are civilian populations.


Donna Bugat