Donna Bugat Case 352: My injunction to stop my adoption that without legal representation has never been a good deal & video & CCTV of 2008 & 2009 relating to British PM Johnson, Leader of Opposition Starmer & Jones, fmr Head of UK ACPO & DAC in Victoria, et al (10.11.2020)



... my name is donna...




A summary of the agreed facts etc:


1. The ‘adoption’ without legal representation that is also independent, has never been a good deal, because it doesn’t protect the most vulnerable children from what can become the lifelong physical and emotional abused of ‘forced assimilation’ by strangers.


2. There is no doubt whatsoever my adoption has been nothing but a ‘trespass on my physical and emotional bodily integrity’.


3. The British police helped politicians et al in the UK and Australia cover up the violent attack on me in August 2007 in the UK when it was very widely witnessed their ‘unknown assailant’ violently struck me in the head with a ‘coward punch’ to my temple by my left eye.



... the not so 'unknown assailant' in the palace of westminster...


4. That cover up then led directly to a pre-meditated revenge attack on our campaign in January 2008 because police then had to be disbanded (they told us themselves that was the reason) from the top down, which is why Sir Ken Jones skipped the UK, and was joined by Overland in Victoria in 2009, because we had also filed footage of the revenge attack on us in the High Court in the UK in February 2008, before my High Court Order from April 2008.



... the pre-meditated revenge attack on our campaign, because police were being disbanded from the top down over the cover up involving the violent attack on me in august 2007...


5. The current British PM and Leader of the Opposition, Johnson and Starmer then refused without lawful excuse to hand over the CCTV their British police admit exists of the pre-meditated torture and attempted murder of me by British police in the UK in September 2009, over which there is universal jurisdiction and no statute of limitations.


They obviously knew we would immediately file it in the High Court.


They have both failed to declare the CCTV in the register of their members (conflicts of) interests.


The pre-meditated torture and attempted murder of me in the UK in 2009 was obviously intended to get Jones off the hook over the cover up in 2007, along with politicians et al.


There is a very obvious difference between my being an adopted woman with Mediterranean cultural heritage too, and the all white self entitled males.


6. When I walked out on Lord Neuberger in 2011 and used boltcutters to literally peacefully cut through the lies, all their ‘defences’ started unravelling... back to 2007 etc






Which part of no do they not all get ?



... which part of no do they not all get ?... 


There are no excuses.


... there are no excuses...


7. My injunction which is necessary, to stop the forced assimilation of adoption that has never been a good deal, because it comes without legal representation means:


the State of Victoria and Federal government of Australia are both obviously legally responsible for my automatically having:


a) Disability Support Pension wherever I choose to live in or outside Australia


b) a Gold medical card for whatever medical treatment I choose, anywhere in the world


c) all my travel and accommodation costs including with private facilities when I am not in my own home in France


(there are no restrictions on my entering and leaving Australia)


d) I remain eligible for any and all grants available to Australian citizens regardless of where I am living


e) a copy of my injunction is filed with the Central Authority in Australia and the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions, and is publicly available.


f) my injunction to stop my adoption that was a bad deal because it has never been accompanied by any legal representation means I will also then be able to have free unlimited legal representation


I would obviously only agree to the CCTV from 2009 being destroyed when I have my injunction that includes my universal health and social welfare package.