A Republic of Australia: The Australian identity, and the deceit of ANZUS and signatories to Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption (08.11.2020)



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The Australian identity is not solely based on the British identity of the monarchy, and indeed it isn’t even rationally arguable the British identity is based on the monarchy at all.


British people living in the UK have not even been ‘allowed’ the pretence of a referendum on the monarchy in the UK who rely on the news media to constantly re-invent them from for example Saxe-Coburg to Windsor.


The previous referendum on a Republic in Australia was only problematic because it was run by the same old ‘British stock’ whose only narrow perspective is the wholly corrupt cronyism of the ‘Westminster system’ which comes with significant conscious bias, that has never got over itself.


I remember being unlawfully arrested prior to a ’State Opening’ in the UK in November 2009, on the pretext a one eyed royalist who went by the name of Mrs Lewis whose son just happened to be a police officer (who could well be ‘Lambo Lewis’ who violently attacked our Neil, who was British and Welsh, in 2012) said, and I quote her witness statement, “if she doesn’t like what our British monarchy does, she should go back to where she came from, wherever that is”.


I am of course perfectly reasonable in expecting respect from anyone, for my personal physical and emotional integrity.


It took the same British police until 14th January 2009 to unlawfully arrest my best friend Brian to try and cover up I was being maliciously targeted, while a Sir Ken Jones, the former Head of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) in the UK, was employed as Deputy Commissioner of Police in errr… Victoria with the promise of 'Australian citizenship' !!


Brian, who was a working class hero from the East End, and English through and through, whose own father was among the soldiers who liberated Bergen Belsen, before he gassed himself, understandably gave the 'refuse to fight for Queen and country’ at the private members Oxford Union, that I had earlier walked out of when some 'Westminster system' wannabe claimed “at least you can get a fair trial in the UK” on 7th February 2008. 


They don't even give adopted... children, who are denied any legal representation, "a fair trial" in Australia.


Most people naturally swear allegiance first and foremost to the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which is about protecting all of humanity. 


The ‘Westminster system’ has supported so many dictators, including Franco who they installed, to overthrow the Spanish Republic in what was arguably the true beginning of World War Two, and was certainly what governments used to 'test' their weapons, and had recruited and championed Mussolini, before leaving Eastern Europe to the Soviets so World War Two never really ended in Europe, for so many people there and beyond.


There should be a mandatory referendum on a Republic in Australia, during every general election in Australia, not least since the monarchy could actually stand for election just like anyone else.


The Australian Constitution that was made for a 'whites only' country is no longer tenable. 


An Australian identity is not connected to or contingent on the deceit of ANZUS and the signatories of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, because it is self evident all adopted children and adults... everywhere, have the legal right to give our informed consent to an injunction to stop the ‘trespass on our physical and emotional integrity’ of the forced assimilation of any adoption.


There can no longer be any forced assimilation, through adoption.


An Australian republic with a universal health and social welfare policy for all Australian citizens wherever they live would be truly responsible and progressive, not least because it would help protect Australian citizens anywhere, including during a global pandemic.


Australia has unlimited potential to genuinely become economically competitive as a Republic, in the Asian region, but it can only prosper for all Australian citizens in the global transition to the clean renewable energy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, when there really is genuine equality of opportunity for everyone.