Donna Bugat -v- County Court & State of Victoria Case 352: My injunction to stop my adoption that is a ‘trespass on my physical & emotional bodily integrity’ & replace it with my own sustainable post adoption, universal health & social welfare package (08.11.2020)



... my name is donna...





I have the ‘lived experience’ of international adopted children and adults in countries practising forced ‘assimilation’ which is not sustainable because humanity is one family.


I know the legal reality that can be agreed by all the countries involved in adoption, because it is genuinely in the best interests of adopted children and adults, is all adopted children and adults have the legal right to give informed consent for an injunction to stop our adoption at any time, on the legal grounds it is a ‘trespass on our physical and emotional integrity’ of ‘varying degrees’ regardless of any 'conflict of laws'. 


My boyfriend Neil Kerslake who was a British Welsh EU national recently died in hospital in Emmen in the Netherlands on 1st October 2020 because it was obviously seriously disproportionate to force him to live in Ter Apel refugee centre in the Netherlands in the EU, while the legal claim that was filed with the ECHR prior to that, about Germany trying to repossess his oxygen machine !! during a global pandemic !!!! was 'determined'. Germany already knew my best friend previously died in a hospital in Bremen in Germany, because he was originally unable to get medical treatment in the UK.


I do not personally know of any identifiable ‘difference’ between politicians et al.



... the legal niceties of a 'case management hearing' and legal representation were 'sidestepped'...



Most people know, humanity is more important than any politics et al, anywhere.




My own cultural heritage includes all around the Mediterranean, through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes.


... i did conclusively prove we peaceniks are not 'serious organized criminals'...


There is a rose in the castle overlooking the sea in Catalonia, 35kms from someone else’s always changing border.


My transnational case highlights 'post adoption' people are logically best placed to trial my universal health and social welfare package in the transition to the clean renewable energy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


My own universal health and social welfare package means:


a) I am an Australian citizen


b) who is automatically eligible for Disability Support Pension, for as long as I want and regardless of where I live


c) along with a Gold Medical Card so I can have any medical treatment I choose, wherever I want, that includes any travel and accommodation costs in serviced apartments/hotels with private facilities, including in Australia (which does not have 'social housing' provision for adopted Australian citizens who return to Australia, regardless of the reasons for our return, if we have homes outside Australia) because my home is in France.


d) remain eligible for any grants available to Australian citizens, regardless of where I live.


I could then if I choose, also live in the Golan Heights (the Cathars and Jewish people were caught in the Pyrenees between the Popes, Royals and Caliphates) without asking anyone else’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish.


Jus Cogens


... (formerly known as Babs Tucker)...


Donna Bugat