Donna Bugat -v- County Court in Melbourne & State of Victoria Case 352: A 'case management hearing' in ACT for my injunction to stop my forced adoption by false profits of global cronyism, in transition to clean renewable energy of peace and harmony of rule of law (06.11.2020)



... my name is donna...




The County Court in Melbourne and State of Victoria absolutely refuse without lawful excuse to acknowledge I have any legal rights of any kind, anywhere, as an 'adopted' person, including to like any other person have my own court order for an injunction to stop my 'forced adoption' (which is the term politicians et al publicly use) so I am referring my Case 352 to the courts in the ACT, next.


The universal legal reality is all adopted children are legally entitled to at no cost to ourselves, give our informed consent for an injunction to stop our adoption at any time.


The fact a child might not have any family members who can or will take care of them, does not change the legal reality, a child is still legally entitled to give their informed consent for a a discharge, or injunction to stop their adoption because it has caused physical or emotional harm, because there are alternative care options.



 ... i have the 'lived experience' of quite a lot... the court 'sidestepped' the legal niceties of any 'case management hearing' for this legal gymnastics,  because i was illegally denied legal representation (they obviously did have my contact details from the 'satellite litigation' below)... 


I have never chosen or wanted to have anything to do with the people who posed as my parents and godparents and their families.


There were never any legal grounds to isolate me from my little sister with the same mother and father, just as there were never any legal grounds to isolate me from my entire family, all of which was maliciously intended to be forever.


... i did nevertheless, comprehensively prove "i am not the serious organized criminal"... with the repeal of the libellous etc ss 132-138 socpa 2005 (because "nothing was prescribed by law")


All adopted adults have the absolute legal right to give our informed consent, to stop our adoption, with a discharge, or an injunction too because physical and emotional harm is and has been caused.


There are no known… legal grounds for any court to seek or impose any costs of a discharge, or an injunction on the adopted person… making the order, because doing so, could only be, yet another abuse of process.


I am putting up my modest stone cottage which is my home in France as collateral in my case.


Please advise me of a date for a 'case management hearing' in a court in the ACT, which is 'strangely' not something that is done in the State of Victoria, for 'adopted' people.


I do not reasonably believe, the County Court, or State of Victoria can produce a legal counsel to contradict me, including with any legal grounds, and indeed they have not done so, because the people who posed as my parents and godparents, along with the County Court, State of Victoria (Commonwealth of Australia, British Commonwealth, the European Union, Europe and United Nations) did always know they do not speak for, or instead of me with regard to my forced adoption, which is why I never had legal representation, including that is independent.


It is illegal for any court to try and profit too, from a forced adoption.



... the same... judges in the same 'westminster system' also managed to... 'sidestep' the fact during their 'case management hearings' before what the legal profession call a 'landmark' ruling (when i was also denied legal representation in this 'satellite litigation' too) that the westminster marsupial court... admitted !! and conceded, in the high court, they refused without lawful excuse to keep an accurate and contemporaneous record of their own far from legal proceedings...


My longstanding Case 352 highlights, the myopic global system of adoption remains solely based on the cronyism of the might of money is right, not the best interests of the adopted child, or adult.


The global peace and harmony of the rule of law which is entirely natural clean renewable human energy, nevertheless, has primacy over the false profits of global cronyism’s might of money is right, who routinely switch their own ‘pot-pourri’ of ‘rules’/’legislation’/constitutions’ etc based on maintaining their own personal financial wealth.


Anyone can, and indeed most people do, refuse to fight for the lawlessness of cronyism, that only ever makes civilian populations, and humanity, the biggest ‘forgotten’ casualties.


I am privileged to live in the global transition to clean renewable energy resources for everyone, which means the false profits of cronyism are not legally or morally sustainable.


N.B: I have sought to clarify some of the legal issues in my injunction (below) for the court proceedings in the ACT.




by Donna Bugat


Date of Document: 5th November 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Bugat


I hereby make the following Court Order:


I ‘self identify’ as a ‘forced adoption’ (which any adopted child or adult is legally entitled to do at any time, because there are no independent arbiters of adoption) so I immediately automatically qualify for my injunction to stop my forced adoption that is automatically replaced with my safe and sustainable Universal Health and Welfare package that is an out of court settlement that includes:


1. I automatically qualify for ‘Disability Support Pension’ for as long as I want, and without needing to fill out any forms, and regardless of where I choose to live in or outside Australia, that will later also automatically include Age Pension


2. All the costs of my travel and hotel accommodation of my choosing such as a serviced apartment with private facilities, in Australia,because I am an adult, and when I am not in my own home in France, there is no ’social housing’ provision for adopted adults from ‘forced adoptions’ in Australia, who have our own homes outside Australia


3. A Gold Healthcare Card that gives me free unlimited healthcare and medical treatment of my choosing anywhere in the world, that also covers my travel, hotel and accommodation costs (as in 2 above)


4. All politicians in the State of Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia and British Commonwealth will ensure I cannot be discriminated against because I ‘self identify’ as a ‘forced adoption’ which means I have no legal representation.


5. There are no restrictions on my leaving or entering Australia at any time, because I have no legal representation and the Jus Cogens of non-refoulement apply.


6. I am automatically entitled to any grants that are available to any Australian citizens, even if I am not living in Australia, and that I do not have to fill out any forms to receive, so that I can (for example) modify my own home and property in France, whenever I think it is necessary, or there are legal requirements on me to do so, including if I should wish to move, because I do not have legal representation or insurance cover because of my ‘forced adoption’.


7. All Australian government agencies will immediately and at any time, provide me with any necessary registrations and documents in my name of Donna Bugat, including a court stamped copy of my own Court Order for my Universal Health and Welfare package, (which must be sent to me by email) without my needing to fill out any forms, and at no financial cost to myself.


8. The fact I do not and have never given my informed consent to my ‘forced adoption’ will be recorded on an adoption register with the ‘Central Authority’ in Australia, with that entry in my case, along with a court stamped copy of my own Court Order for my Universal Health and Welfare package in my out of court settlement, being publicly available to anyone.


9. I do give my informed consent for my own Universal Health and Welfare package that provides me with a safe and sustainable life.


Any politician or public official who disagrees with me is legally obliged to immediately put their legal grounds in writing in Case 352 and provide me with free unlimited legal representation of my own choosing.


Signed by


(formerly known as Babs Tucker)


In the State of Victoria this

5th day of November 2020


Address: c/o County Court, Melbourne.