Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: Kindly provide stamped court copy of my court order, at no cost to me, or the legal grounds in writing from a judge, for the failure to do so, tomorrow, so I can responsibly progress my case in another court (05.11.2020)



... my name is donna...




The legal reality is all adopted children and adults have always been legally entitled to give our informed consent to stop our forced adoptions, including with compensation, at any time, because there are other care options for adopted children, while adopted adults have the absolute right to stop our forced adoptions at any time, for any reason.


So, the ‘lived experience’ of forced adoptions for adopted people which has only ever been of endless uncertainty about everything, because forced adoptions have only ever been based on other people putting their egos and bank balances, rather than our best interests first, has always been entirely unreasonable and unnecessary.


The County Court is legally obliged to tomorrow either provide a stamped court copy of my own Court Order dated 5th November 2020 to me by email, at no cost to me, or have the common decency, courtesy and respect to provide me in writing by email, with the legal grounds from a judge for the failure to do so, so I can responsibly progress any failure to provide me with my court order from 5th November 2020, in my case in another court, where I will use my home in France as collateral.


It is wholly unacceptable that the Court and indeed entire 'adoption' apparatus are rather than being helpful in any way to adopted people, so unhelpful towards adopted people, in every way, because it is only further exploiting adopted people in the full knowledge we didn't have legal representation, let alone that was independent.


It was the same County Court after all who originally despite not being a family court or doing any family law at all, had no problem whatsoever just taking money, no questions asked, from anyone, without any due process consisting of any checks, balances or safeguards at all, like legal representation that was independent, for vulnerable children, to just rubber stamp any court order against children, that was unconscionably… intended to completely isolate us from our own identity and family for life.


The County Court cannot reasonably claim it has ever been an independent arbiter of anything, because it is a legal certainty that all adopted children and adults are legally entitled to the legal certainty of giving our own informed consent to stop an adoption at any time, because our best interests, not those of courts et al, do legally come first.


I do not reasonably believe the County Court or State of Victoria will find any legal counsel who is able to contradict me, on a published court record in any court, not least since the County Court or State of Victoria do not speak for, or instead of me.


Kind Regards,




Donna Bugat