Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I ‘self identify’ as a ‘forced adoption’ so I automatically qualify for my own Universal safe & sustainable Health & Welfare Package (05.11.2020)








... my name is donna...




by Donna Bugat


Date of Document: 5th November 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Bugat



I hereby make the following Court Order:


I ‘self identify’ as a ‘forced adoption’ (which any adopted child or adult is legally entitled to do at any time, because there are no independent arbiters of adoption) so I immediately automatically qualify for my safe and sustainable Universal Health and Welfare package that is an out of court settlement that automatically discharges my ‘forced adoption’ and includes:


1. I automatically qualify for ‘Disability Support Pension’ for as long as I want, and without needing to fill out any forms, and regardless of where I choose to live in or outside Australia, that will later also automatically include Age Pension


2. All the costs of my travel and hotel accommodation of my choosing such as a serviced apartment with private facilities, in Australia, when I am not in my own home in France, because there is no ’social housing’ provision for adopted people from ‘forced adoptions’ in Australia, who have their own homes outside Australia


3. A Gold Healthcare Card that gives me free unlimited healthcare and medical treatment of my choosing anywhere in the world, that also covers my travel, hotel and accommodation costs (as in 2 above)


4. All politicians in the State of Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia and British Commonwealth will ensure I cannot be discriminated against because I ‘self identify’ as a ‘forced adoption’ which means I have no legal representation.


5. There are no restrictions on my leaving or entering Australia at any time, because I have no legal representation and there is non-refoulement.


6. I am automatically entitled to any grants that are available to any Australian citizens, even if I am not living in Australia, and that I do not have to fill out any forms to receive, so that I can (for example) modify my own home and property in France, whenever I think it is necessary, or there are legal requirements on me to do so, including if I should wish to move, because I do not have legal representation or insurance cover because of my ‘forced adoption’.


7. All Australian government agencies will immediately and at any time, provide me with any necessary registrations and documents in my name of Donna Bugat, including a court stamped copy of my own Court Order for my Universal Health and Welfare package, (which must be sent to me by email) without my needing to fill out any forms, and at no financial cost to myself.


8. The fact I do not and have never given my informed consent to my ‘forced adoption’ will be recorded on an adoption register with the ‘Central Authority’ in Australia, with that entry in my case, along with a court stamped copy of my own Court Order for my Universal Health and Welfare package in my out of court settlement, being publicly available to anyone.


9. I do give my informed consent for my own Universal Health and Welfare package that provides me with a safe and sustainable life.


Any politician or public official who disagrees with me is legally obliged to immediately put their legal grounds in writing in Case 352 and provide me with free unlimited legal representation of my own choosing.


Signed by


In the State of Victoria this

5th day of November 2020


Address: c/o County Court, Melbourne.