Donna Bugat Case 352: I can have injunction to stop my 'adoption' in Australia, when UK pays me £3 million compensation for my exile & gives me ‘Tiny Home’ in Parliament Square, Central London to oversee free 'non profit' Covid 19 'self testing' program, before I return to my own home in France (01.11.2020)



... my name is donna...



In the matter of Case 352 in the County Court in Melbourne





1. The UK pays me $3 million pounds compensation for my exile


2. I can then separately have my injunction to stop my ‘adoption’ in Case 352 in the County Court in Melbourne, without incurring any financial costs myself


3. I have a ‘Tiny Home’ in Parliament Square, Central London, along with an ‘unlimited budget’ from the UK government to oversee a free 'non profit' Covid 19 'self testing' program in the UK, initially for three months, but I would obviously help for as long as it takes.


There is an urgent need to build wider public trust and participation in pandemic ’self testing’ along with increased manufacturing capacity (countries like Australia could help in that respect) to provide a reliable and effective countrywide program with a voluntary database that protected people's privacy, rolled out through supermarkets etc, that also helps free up and protect NHS staff so they can also help protect people with other pre-existing illnesses and the elderly too.



The capacity for ‘self testing’ that is applicable more widely across healthcare, needs to become an integral part of pandemic planning, including because no-one ever knows if and when any vaccine will become available or be suitable for everyone.



4. The UK government should at the same time, and along with other countries build capacity in countrywide construction projects to ensure people have access to adequate housing with their own room and private facilities (like ’Tiny Homes’) which will help to safeguard and improve everyone’s health.


I guess it is possible Australia could issue visas for European people to travel to Australia, with any travel, social security and housing paid for by European countries, to try and stop health systems becoming overwhelmed in Europe, by the pandemic.


5. I would after the initial three months of the 'self-testing' program, or however long it takes, return to my own home in an autonomous region in France, because I naturally like to peacefully live and experience my own Mediterranean multi-cultural heritage too, along with spending time in Australia.