Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: In the matter of my universal injunction to stop my 'adoption' that is 'unworkable', so I can peacefully live in autonomous region in Mediterranean country & Australia (30.10.2020)



... my name is donna...





I was openly discriminated against in Parliament Square, Central London in the UK, because I am as an ‘adopted’ person who was living within both the British Commonwealth and European Union, legally entitled to stop the forced ‘assimilation’ of my unworkable ‘adoption’.


The fact ‘adopted’ people are not legally obliged to disclose our ‘adoption’ including to insurance companies, has only ever really served to conceal any physical and emotional harm and distress caused by the forced ‘assimilation’ which makes people ‘conversos’ in our times.


The forced ‘adoption’ has perversely always made it impossible for me to give my ‘informed consent’ for healthcare, which means the forced ‘adoption’ with the politically motivated ‘conditions’ imposed are arbitrary, discriminatory, unreasonable and therefore unworkable.


I am legally entitled to an injunction to stop my ‘adoption’ just like anyone else who is ‘adopted’ is, regardless of the views of any political, media, celebrity, religious or royal ‘leaders’.


There isn’t a single political, media, religious, celebrity or royal ‘leader’ anywhere in the world who would argue against me in a public space like Parliament Square, Central London, using peaceful freedom of expression, for seven plus years, regardless of whether we are talking about the Rule of Law or Sharia Law.


It must be a mandatory ‘condition’ of ‘adoption’ (which is something that could happen to anyone for any number of reasons) for adopted people to have global fully comprehensive health and insurance policies that come with independent legal representation so we are genuinely able to give our own ‘informed consent’ to healthcare that includes the option of an injunction to stop our ‘adoptions’ along with compensation.


My own intention to have a global health and insurance policy with the ‘pre-existing condition’ of ‘adoption’ means I can peacefully live wherever I want with compensation, while maintaining eligibility for social security, with any ‘excess’ costs of my policies all paid for by the originating State of Victoria.


It can only be harder for anyone to forcibly assimilate ‘adopted’ people who have global fully comprehensive health and insurance policies that come with independent legal representation so that in an age of greater social mobility beyond traditional national borders, we can give our ‘informed consent’ to healthcare.


Any adoptive person, state, or country who doesn’t want to give an adopted person who is already exceptionally vulnerable, a global fully comprehensive health and insurance policy that comes with legal representation that is independent, could not possibly care about the best interests of ‘adopted’ people.


The State of Victoria is legally obliged to pay all the costs of my injunction including $3 million dollars compensation, and any ‘excess’ costs arising from my ‘pre-existing condition’ of ‘adoption’ with any global fully comprehensive health and insurance policies I choose, all of which the State of Victoria are obviously perfectly capable with their by contrast entourage of lawyers, to reclaim from the likes of the British PM Johnson an/or former Australian Labour PM Rudd (who the Tories bribed with $1.4 billion dollars to cover up the torture and attempted murder of me) because while I have always been willing to give evidence against them, neither would ever front up in court to contradict me.


It is after all, a matter of public record, the British PM Johnson (as former Mayor of London) and Leader of the Opposition Starmer (as former DPP) did already lose in a case involving false imprisonment and malicious prosecution they brought together, against me, before a Crown Court… jury in Southwark in London in 2013, when I didn’t even have to give evidence, or return to the UK, and could not be extradited… after !! they had exiled me in continental Europe, not least because they were the ones covering up the CCTV of the torture and attempted murder of me, they have repeatedly proved they don’t want any civil or criminal jury to see.


It was of course entirely natural for me to live in my own home in an autonomous region in France, because that meant I could at least experience in some ways, the Mediterranean culture I had through being ‘adopted’ been entirely deprived of, because there are obviously more people with my Mediterranean cultural heritage in for example Catalonia, Occitanie, France, Italy and Spain.


It would be perverse for me to not be able to live and experience my own Mediterranean cultural identity, because those regions and countries also opposed ‘adopted’ people having injunctions to stop our ’adoptions’.


I should be able to peacefully live in an autonomous region in a Mediterranean country and Australia.


I personally support an autonomous Catalonia in a republic, regardless of if it is France or Spain, just like I support a republic in Australia, because monarchs can obviously stand for election, just like anyone else, and what is most important is that all states of any kind should be able to live within the peace and harmony of the rule of law.