Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: British Tory PM Johnson is guilty of ‘malfeasance’ with torture & attempted murder of me (along with $1.4 billion bung to former Australian Labour PM Rudd) to try & ‘overtake’ my High Court Order from April 2008 (28.10.2020)



… i was one of "only two veterans are seized"… in what was a far from contemporaneous accurate record of anything in the headlines...




In 2008 and thereafter, Johnson illegally failed to disclose and declare:


a) my High Court Order in the UK from April 2008


b) the CCTV of the premeditated torture and attempted murder of me in the UK in September 2009


(which was about my identity before Johnson resigned as Chair of the MPA in January 2010, when I was originally legally blowing the whistle while he retained the Mayoralty and variously claimed complete control of different parts of Parliament Square in Central London through the London Mayoralty, Metropolitan Police and/or the Tory led Westminster Council although he did use City of London and Australian police etc too)


etc etc


Johnson was willing to and did abuse and misuse public office to subject me as an innocent and defenceless civilian adopted woman without any legal representation who has lifelong PTSD, to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, including hypothermia, starvation, physical and emotional torture and attempted murder.


etc etc


(any analysis highlights the total reliance of Brown, Cameron and May along with others, on Johnson)


I can as an adopted person have a universal injunction to stop my adoption, and there is universal jurisdiction and no statute of limitations regarding the use of physical and emotional torture on me.


The British PM Johnson can resign and agree to pay me $3 million dollars compensation for the lesser 'offence' of 'misfeasance' from his own money plus the tax on that, in an out of court settlement (via the County Court in Melbourne or the compensation could be collected from the British Consulate in Melbourne, so it is all declared to the ATO et al) and return to the United States at his own expense, while I also file a copy of my injunction to stop my adoption, with my High Court Order in the UK from April 2008 too, all of which would simplify everything for me, or Johnson can face the legal certainty of going to prison (for a change) in the UK, because I (am not the only one who) will give evidence against him via Zoom.


(It is a self evident truth in fact and law, Johnson has always very obviously only used the British ‘referendum’ as cover to try and avoid personal legal and financial accountability, while I was living in France, and he only remains PM during a global pandemic, not because he cares about anyone else, but because he doesn’t want to go to prison)


My universal injunction to stop my adoption along with compensation, has always been an inevitability.