Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: The scientific evidence is a passport that illegally stops a… … law abiding…  Australian citizen…  legally leaving the country, is combustible (24.09.2020)



... my name is donna...



The scientific evidence is a passport that illegally stops a… law abiding.. Australian citizen… legally leaving the country is combustible.



...the scientific evidence is a passport that illegally stops a… … law abiding…  Australian citizen…  legally leaving the country, is combustible...


The Australian government have refused without lawful excuse to provide legal reasons to stop my legally leaving the country to visit my own family for birthdays, weddings and while they are in hospital, which is what the barbaric and cruel, child trafficking monarchy have done using Case 352… my entire life.




... the staged 'inquiry' racket...


It… beggars belief that anyone would move my once British and now stateless boyfriend who is seriously ill, from a hospital in the Netherlands, to the Ter Apel refugee centre, knowing they were not equipped to cater for his medical needs, before having to transfer him from there to another hospital in Emmen in the Netherlands because of a life threatening medical emergency caused by him being in a refugee centre who could not properly look after him in the first place, during a global pandemic !!


I do not personally accept that is how human beings can treat other human beings, and I hold the Australian government responsible. 


It would be self evident to any sentient human being my boyfriend is too ill to jump through bureaucratic obstacles. 


Shame on the Australian 'government'.



... the self serving british monarchy who have never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public serviced their entire lives...



It is absolutely unlawful for the Australian government who owe… me large sums of money in Case 352, to stop me being with my family, at this time, and indeed while other people can visit my boyfriend in hospital.



... its utterly useless for a law abiding australian citizen who doesn't need the 'permission' of the rip off monarchy and their 'westminster system' for anything...


Meanwhile, the political and news media classes, along with their lawless monarchy typically do as they please.


The British monarchy who:


... the anything but neutral or excellent cronyism...



a) have numerous undisclosed conflicts of interest in their malicious prosecution of me as a fifteen month old… child in Case 352, in Melbourne


... the unsurpassed greed of the... illegitimate monarchy making another land grab  (left in perpetuity for the public) long... after i was in parliament square, central london, all of which australian politicians and dfat et al did know...



b) had also failed to mention in their malicious prosecution of me as an… adult in the High Court on 21st June 2010 in the UK, their undeclared conflict of interest from 19th February 2008 they had failed to disclose (that I did when I blew the whistle) and which was of course some considerable time… after I was lawfully in Parliament Square, Central London. 


The only reason we had to be in Parliament Square, Central London doing what we could to try and save innocent and defenceless civilian lives, was because the political and news media classes fawn all over the dishonourable monarchy who clearly only still exist because of the political and news media classes.


The monarchy sure didn't oppose the Iraq War, that people from all walks of life were united in opposing. 



... i am an australian citizen, and the monarchy are not my monarchy and i have no legal connection to them, but... they are the monarchy illegally stopping law abiding australian citizens legally leaving australia...


I am an Australian citizen... in my own right, and... my Australian citizenship exists separately from and is regardless of and not dependent in any legal way on the British monarchy who are not my monarchy, and did not give me my birthright of my Australian citizenship, and do not speak on my behalf or instead of me, and indeed do not in any way represent me. 


I am a law abiding Australian citizen who does not need the… permission of a dishonourable old self serving child trafficking British crone on the throne, who is anything but neutral (and in never having cared for other human life, let alone humanity… ever, is indistinguishable from the coronavirus) to have my own identity and travel when I legally choose to, on a … genuine Australian passport for… Australian citizens. 



... the useless 'passport' looks better like this... i am an australian citizen in my own right and i have no legal connection whatsoever to the monarchy who are not my monarchy...


It is the British monarchy who have their clawprints all over Brexit which they spun and signed off on, that just keeps on giving during a global pandemic, because of course the monarchy, Brexit and the global pandemic are indistinguishable, because of course rich people cross any border they like, just like a global pandemic.  


The… Australian government is legally obliged to provide me at no cost to myself with the necessary travel documents, for me as a law abiding… Australian citizen, without delay.



... london issue... it's just another racket from the royal scroungers who have never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service their entire lives...


There is no legally justifiable reason in having Australia public officials who… choose to solely be the servants of the British monarchy, who lawlessly do whatever they want to Australian citizens, instead of Australian public officials serving their fellow… Australian citizens who are law abiding.


The vocabulary of the illegitimate British monarchy who don't care about peaceful law abiding British or Australian citizens, and have pretty much invaded the whole world to get rich by slaughtering indigenous people, can be summarised as telling people who don't like what they do, they "should go back to where they came from, or somewhere else, if they don't like it".  


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat

Republic of Australia For Life.