Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I have peacefully & legally triggered Republic of Australia for Life referendum to agree new Constitution of equality of opportunity for everyone, to replace…  illegitimate cronyism of monarchy etc (23.09.2020)



... my name is donna...






My name is Donna and I have always had the legal right to my own identity, and to discharge my adoption, including as an adult, without needing anyone else’s permission.


The courts have consistently completely disregarded my physical and emotional health and wellbeing throughout my entire life, while distressingly repeatedly subjecting me to the most extreme life threatening inhuman and degrading treatment, only they have ‘normalised’.


The real ’cause celebrate’ Case 352 which was originally maliciously brought against me behind closed doors as a small child when I was 15 months old and had no legal representation, let alone that was independent, was always… illegitimate, because the court had no legal authority to change my whole identity as a child or claim I needed someone else’s permission, including as an adult to discharge my ‘adoption’.


I have true legal immunity to peacefully and legally trigger a referendum on a Republic of Australia for Life in Case 352, which is what I have properly instructed I have done, because I have unlike the monarchy, always lived my life honestly within Jus Cogens.


The facts are the British monarchy… failed to disclose in the… UK High Court in 2010 they had instructed the Crown Estate lawyers (who did actually speak to my best friend and myself) to maliciously prosecute us, in... repeated 'high profile' cases that replaced the Attorney General (who is supposed to represent the monarchy but was already ’professionally embarrassed’ by that time by my High Court Order from April 2008 etc) with another ‘pretender’ the Mayor of London & now current British PM et al (like the latest equally unscrupulous British Leader of the Opposition and former DPP) to try and illegally ‘overtake’ my ‘unprecedented’ cases, because the legal reality is it is the monarchy who are… illegitimate.


I legally blew the whistle on the witness stand in the High Court in the UK on the summer solstice of 21st June 2010, so I did legally speaking peacefully 'overthrow' the… illegitimate monarchy then, who were hiding my Case 352 in Australia too.


It would of course be a legal impossibility for Australian politicians who are part of the far from Commonwealth, to insult anyone's intelligence by trying to deny knowledge of those 'extraordinary' far from legal proceedings in the UK at that time.  


The subsequent British referendum panjandrum which was really triggered by 21st June 2010, that took place, while I was exiled in an autonomous region in the Republic of France, has only really distracted from a public consultation on a long overdue legal Constitution in the UK, for example. (The former British PM Brown with his subsequent belated crocodile tears over forced 'adoptions' could hardly deny knowledge of my Case 352 in Australia, and that he too was 'professionally embarrassed' when he arrived late to sign Article 50 on 13 December 2007, after he was advised he lacked... legitimacy, because he knew I had 'won' the 'decisive' legal victory at Southwark Crown Court earlier that day) 


It is a legally and morally pointless… distraction to argue over the political classes cronyism, when equality of opportunity for everyone is without any reasonable doubt, the only true democracy possible within the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The British... monarchy obviously wouldn't want to be... extradited to... Australia.


A legal referendum on a Republic of Australia for Life, that produced an affirmative result, would be real progress. 


I do naturally support the priority of a Republic of Australia for Life with a new Constitution that legally promotes equality of opportunity for everyone, that is peacefully possible in the here and now, and does not need the permission of the British Commonwealth, European Union or United Nations.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat.




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