Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: My 'Interim Order' to leave Australia is valid (any subsequent regional $5,000 fine, or existing arbitrary overseas travel ‘ban’ which is legally unenforceable because it lacks clarity means both ‘void ab initio’) (16.09.2020)







I do feel sad that as a natural born Australian… citizen, I can't feel that I belong and can’t call Australia home.


That is however the result of the refusal of the State of Victoria to ‘officially’ recognise my own identity, along with my discharge of my ‘adoption’.


The purpose of the State of Victoria’s ‘because I can Act 1984’ was to maliciously try and ’sidestep’ legal challenges, over forced ‘adoptions’ using an illegal reversal of civil procedure, which was only intended to continue and… compound the already cruel and oppressive discrimination, in the full knowledge vulnerable victims like myself were already… legally unrepresented.


I am therefore doing the right thing, and the best I can, by putting my own home in France I love, up as collateral in Case 352, to do what I can to peacefully try and stop being harmed, while still trying to safely get on with my own life, as best as possible by going to Catalonia, all of which can only help protect the next generations too.


Jus Cogens is important because that is supposed to help everyone


I have already peacefully notified of my $15 million dollar lawsuit against the State of Victoria, along with my legally leaving… Australia.


So any subsequent 'regional' $5,000 ‘fine’ in the State of Victoria, could only be malicious, while the existing arbitrary overseas travel ‘ban’ (I might personally prefer to travel by sea, because there is a local port just down the road) in Australia is legally unenforceable anyway, because it lacks the necessary clarity, meaning both are ‘void ab initio’ in my case.


Therefore my own 'interim order' which is about helping my own and my family's health and wellbeing is valid.


Maybe one day, I will be able to call Australia home and feel I belong too, because I am an ordinary person and human being just like anyone else.


Kind regards,


Donna Bugat