Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I have a medical exemption to discharge my adoption in County Court, Melbourne, on 14 September 2020 & live in civil ‘PACS’ partnership including overseas that is all recognised by Australian State Premiers & PM (13.09.2020)







I refer to Breton Woods & Jus Cogens.




IN THE COUNTY COURT AT MELBOURNE                                                                    CASE 352




by Donna Bugat


Date of Document: 14 September 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Bugat


1. I hereby notify the County Court in Melbourne I have according to Jus Cogens, a medical exemption to safely:


a) discharge my adoption made when I was a minor, at no personal or financial cost to myself or my family members, which will be registered by the Court and with the Australian Central Authority on 14 September 2020.


b) travel and live overseas at any time, so I and my family members can choose to keep any citizenships


c) live in a civil ‘PACS’ partnership (refer France)


recognised by the Australian State Premiers and PM.


2. The Australian State Premiers and PM agree to pay my reasonable and ongoing financial costs ‘in lieu of legal representation’ relating to the documented unprecedented global abuse of process, so that I can live a safe and sustainable life with my own family.


The compensation will be paid to me through the County Court in Melbourne who can only have my bank details to pay compensation to me.


3. The Australian State Premiers & PM will ensure I and my family members can receive any medical treatment of my/our choosing wherever I am/we are and they will pay for my/our safe travel overseas or to return to Australia at the request of myself or any family member for any personal or private reason, at any time.


4. I or any family member (and in exceptional cases a 'McKenzie friend') could re-open my Case 352 at no cost to myself or them, if or in the unlikely event, there are any unintended or unforeseen circumstances arising from my discharge of my adoption on 14 September 2020, where in any event legal liability would still rest with Australian State Premiers & the PM.


5. I have a medical exemption to safely travel to Springvale at any time, including on 18th September 2020, before I travel overseas for private family gatherings including a family birthday and wedding on 19th & 20th October 2020, so that I can quietly honour the memory of my beautiful little sister who I was raised separately from and whose untimely death was wholly preventable.


There are no words to express the loss in a world where we all have our own sisters and brothers and sons and daughters and mothers and fathers and friends, we all love in our global human family.


6. The Australian Central Authority will file a copy of my discharge of my adoption in the County Court Melbourne on 14th September 2020 in Den Haag in the Netherlands that in my case, will be available to the public, free of charge, although I am not legally obliged to discuss the details of my case, unless I choose to, on my own terms.


Therefore, there is no need for any court hearing, in the County Court, Melbourne, because it is in all our interests to peacefully agree my reasonable out of court settlement.


Signed by Donna Bugat




in the State of Victoria this

13th day of September 2020 


Address: xx xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, 22450, Brittany, France.