Donna Bugat (& Jus Cogens) -v- State of Victoria Case 352: “I am not the Serious Organized Criminal - no permits” (12.09.2020)





The legal reality is the politicians and judiciary had no… discretion (in the s132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation I repealed in the UK) to target me, and were very clearly breaching Article 10 & 11, Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly, with the… unprecedented ruling in the European Union, claiming one of two people peacefully campaigning… together was a “Serious Organized Criminal”.



... the unprecedented abuse of process in the UK, in the European Union...


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


The truth is the District Judge at Bow Street Magistrates in 2006 really said I "should not as a single working mother be spending my own money coming to London to peacefully campaign" which he did not want to admit saying either. I was also the only person who had a court order made for the destruction of my banner, despite there being no discretion in the legislation for the politicians and judiciary to do that either, so the truth is the police officer who did steal it, told me he put it on his wall.



... the pink sequinned banner... "I am not the Serious Organized Criminal - no permits"...


... what is the 'offence' created by not having... 'permission'...


... the marsupial courts money laundrette... the 'because I can Act 1984' is all about the State of Victoria trying to avoid... costs too...



Of course, the ’news’ media reports are not often an accurate and contemporaneous record of the truth either.


The BBC version of Lord Neuberger denies legal representation in Court of Appeal in 2011

The Telegraph version of Lord Neuberger denies legal representation in Court of Appeal in 2011

The Guardian version of Lord Neuberger denies legal representation in Court of Appeal in 2011


The truth is no-one could 'overtake' and change... my High Court Order from April 2008.


I walked out of the Court of Appeal in 2011 and just went and bought the largest pair of bolt-cutters I could find, with Neil Kerslake who is my boyfriend, and I then literally cut through a lifetime of lies, using reasonable self de…fence, which did… feel incredibly liberating. I was unlawfully arrested and they did steal my bolt-cutters, but they could not prosecute or imprison me for breaching their phoney ‘injunction’ because they would have had to give me… legal representation, in the errr… Court of Appeal etc.



I was maliciously targeted in the UK, because of the County Court Order in Melbourne, and the ‘because I can Act 1984’ in the State of Victoria.


So, I do already know politicians and the judiciary in Australia have “no recognized defence in law” to put before a civil jury either regarding my peaceful discharge of the County Court Order in Melbourne according to Jus Cogens. A civil jury would more likely than not find the similarity between the cases in Australia and the UK quite extraordinary. It is already beyond all reasonable doubt, that "I am not the Serious Organized Criminal and I do not need anyone's 'permission' to openly say that.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat