Donna Bugat -v-State of Victoria Case 352: The universal rule of law (Jus Cogens) proves a childhood ‘adoption’ is really state sanctioned lifelong abduction & false imprisonment, if the adult is forced by the state to apply & pay for a discharge (11.09.2020)






The universal peace and harmony of the rule of law means an adult does not need to apply to or pay anyone else, to for any personal or private reason discharge an ‘adoption’ order made against them as a child, so the state sanctioned ’because I can Act 1984’ is... still only evidence of a wholly disproportionate abuse of process, that is state sanctioned lifelong abduction and false imprisonment.


Therefore I am using the rule of law, not the ‘because I can Act 1984’, when the person who (for example) posed as my 'godfather' was Director General of ASIO to (refer below) legally discharge the order in Case 352 relating to my own lifelong abduction and false imprisonment (ie: Jus Cogens which no-one can derogate from, trumps Queen et al)


My Discharge in Australia, should be filed in the UK and France too. 





In the County Court at Melbourne                         Case 352




according to the peace and harmony of the rule of law




Donna Bugat




Date of Document: 10 September 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Bugat


1. I hereby notify the County Court that as an adult, I am ‘Without Prejudice’ discharging the County Court Order made on 28 May 1963 in Case 352 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for my own personal and private reasons.


2. The Discharge includes I and my two sons unequivocally keeping all citizenships.


3. The State of Victoria agree to pay any costs:


a) by the County Court to issue my Discharge


b) for a birth certificate, new passport, drivers licence, vehicle registration, title deeds to my property in the name of Donna Bugat


c) for me to live a safe and sustainable life in my own home in France and in agreed accommodation in Melbourne, Australia


The State of Victoria is therefore legally obliged by the terms of my discharge to immediately negotiate the safe outcome with me within one week (because let’s be honest they only care about money) -or- accept my own financial terms, which they do know would in any event be reasonable.


I am and have always been open to reasonable discussion and genuine negotiation, but I do not accept under any circumstances just going along with whatever suits others because the true potential of the beauty and gift of life is so much bigger than… any politics or government.


The outcome of any negotiation that is necessary would be provided to the County Court as a simple annex to my discharge.


There is therefore no court hearing necessary for the discharge of the County Court Order.




Signed by Donna Bugat


in the State of Victoria this

10th day of September 2020


Address: xx xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx 22450, Brittany, France.