Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (Case 352): My apolitical discharge of ‘void ab initio’ County Court Order is private international law, that will be filed with every government in the world (06.09.2020)







I committed no crime as an innocent and defenceless child and Australian citizen who was born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, although I have the ‘lived experience’ of a converso in our times, along with converso heritage.


My apolitical discharge of the ‘void ab initio’ County Court Order made against me as a child on 28 May 1963, makes private international law, that is legally obliged to be filed with every government in the world, along with a copy for the old Generali office on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem.


There should be numerous governments and their departments who feel ’professionally embarrassed’ by the… two copies of a new version of the fake birth certificate which records, along with Neil Kerslake, my Welsh boyfriend who was with me and witnessed (and has himself applied for political asylum in Ter Apel in the Netherlands) prove is dated 29th April 2015 and was sent to me at my own home in France (my home address in France is typed on the back) without my being properly informed of my legal rights !!



... it is so fake...


The legal realty is any adult who has a County Court Order (or similar) made against them as a child, for any reason, relating to ‘adoption’ (forced or otherwise) is entitled to, in advance, be properly informed, we do not need anyone else’s consent or permission, to as an adult discharge the County Court Order (or similar) for any personal or private reason of our own choosing (without being subjected to any kind of coercion, duress or blackmail) that no court of any kind can ever ‘overtake’ for any reason. 




(refer my ‘unprecedented’… ‘void ab initio’ cases relating to ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation etc in UK, which Blair should have understood too)


I stood in Parliament Square, Central London, to peacefully try and protect everyone’s children.


I would always have discharged the County Court Order if I had been properly informed, including in advance of my legal rights, regardless of the facts of my own ‘transnational’ case, because any reasonable and responsible and rational adult, would know, my own identity, cultural heritage and family, along with the right to equality, including of opportunity are naturally priceless to me.


My discharge of the County Court Order (which in my case could have legally been done when I was a minor, which would have avoided so many later difficulties) obviously does not affect the legal rights of either myself and my own two beautiful sons (who are Australian citizens by descent and a credit to any country) to continue to live and work in countries where we live and have lived. I was married in New Zealand and divorced in the UK, although it is known I do not personally want any ‘right of return’ to reside in the UK.


My two sons could not be adversely affected by a County Court Order made against me as a child, because I have… never been properly informed of my legal rights, and in any event British legislation, (for example) which is different, could not even be amended retrospectively to adversely affect my sons, too. Indeed my ex=husband who is my sons father, and a New Zealander who got his right to live and work in the UK through me (that he did not lose when we divorced, that I would not have wanted him to lose anyway) then married an English woman, and so on and so forth. So ‘multiculturalism’ is really just a natural fact of life that included my legally living in France, however anyone looks at it, and where I am not at all out of place with my real identity.


I therefore hereby authorise the registrar in the County Court in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to facilitate the discharge at the earliest opportunity. So the County Court should email me tomorrow if they want me to pay any costs towards the Discharge, and so I can give them an address to email and/or post the stamped County Court copy to in Australia.


The reason I am not pursuing damages in the County Court in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is simply because it is best for my own physical and emotional health to enjoy the freedom of the discharge of the County Court Order now, (although I do obviously retain ‘without prejudice’ and along with my boyfriend, the right to, if necessary collect damages from the British government relating to ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 which was repealed etc, and where we are obviously witnesses for each other, in civil jury cases we did not seek to accumulate, no government can ‘overtake’ either)


I don't personally care if judges wear wigs, so there is no reason for them to not recognize my identity.


The discharge, that I have always wanted since I was a small child, and throughout my life, is life-changing in a good way, for me.


Kind Regards,






Donna Bugat