Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria: Case 352, County Court of Victoria, Australia (26.08.2020)



... my whole self is my best self...





Thank you to the BDM & Australian Electoral Commission et al for your emails etc, and in particular when it is acknowledged that my indigenous Mediterranean name is Donna Bugat with my centuries old multi-cultural heritage, that is also European, Arabic and North African. 


I know everyone has free will that gives humans the natural ability to uphold the peace and harmony of the rule of law that has primacy.


The public first and foremost do really need ‘whistleblower’ protections because the only way civil society can genuinely flourish is by openly discussing and peacefully challenging harmful ‘official’ silence that is not sustainable, on issues that directly affect people’s lives.


I know I most certainly do not legally need the ‘permission’ of the State of Victoria or the County Court or indeed anyone else, to peacefully assert my personal right to self determination.



... that is my real name that i do love...


It is common-sense, any reasonable and responsible rational adult would, like a jury know, the State of Victoria & County Court do not have the necessary ‘locus standii’ to stop my making my own informed decisions as an adult, for my own personal reasons, about my true identity.


The State of Victoria and County Court cannot use County Court ‘gag’ Orders, because the legal reality is I do have the same rights and freedoms anyone else does.


I understand the Cain Labour government et al (when btw there was no war or pandemic) used what most people would know were disingenuous political weasel words (refer history of law reform) to dishonestly purport their Orwellian retrospective legislative sleaze in 1984 meant the State of Victoria could make and… perpetuate inquisitorial County Court Orders that are a disproportionate global abuse of process, that always… intended to discriminate against some… children (who became adults) for… life !! with political policies of permanent family isolation and separation.


There are no words to explain the lifelong losses.


The politicians do not speak for or instead of those of us from 'forced adoptions' regardless of what they claim in their Orwellian 1984 legislation.



... really ?... legislation is not always the same as the peace and harmony of the rule of law which has primacy...


The legal reality is 1984 legislation does not legally change the legal right of people like myself, who as children became adults, who the County Court Orders were made… against, to amend, vary, overturn or discharge the County Court Order for our own… personal and individual reasons.


We have always been denied legal representation as children and adults (refer published legal cases 2007 -2011 etc) in UK that confirmed politicians could not ‘overtake’ my High Court Order from April 2008) to unlawfully prevent (refer County Court Judge etc Cain) our being properly informed of our rights by politicians and (for example) people from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents (refer ‘baptism’ certificate at Church of Ascension) to amend, vary, overturn or discharge County Court Orders (just like anyone else) according to the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The medieval State of Victoria et al including the Anglican and Catholic church have always breached my privacy in Case 352 while forcing me against my will to live the ‘lived experience’ of a true ‘conversa’ in our times as though I am a ‘heretical’ Cathar reformist.



... well, i am quite sure i have done everything i possibly 'could' to 'register' my real name etc... everywhere... 


The rights of some children who like myself became adults, to have our own freedom of choice, so we have the same basic equality of opportunity most people enjoy throughout their lives, has not yet caught up with divorce or same sex marriage etc etc.


I can confirm the Australian Electoral Commission in Australia do have my permission to add my name of Donna Bugat to the electoral roll, at no financial cost to myself, including by using my home address of xx xxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in France, that records show the Australian embassy in Paris, DFAT and BDM also have (which btw I think would also avoid the transnational legal issues surrounding refoulement, over which, however anyone looks at it, there are no statute of limitations). It is after all, still technically possible I ‘could’ be at my home in France, when there is the state election in Victoria, Australia.



... my only home is in errrr... france... and i have never personally given my consent to my... health being used as a bargaining chip in any politicians 'election, or re-election campaign'... 


I understand the State of Victoria & County Court did reasonably know they ’sidestepped’ significant discrepancies between signed affidavits from the people who posed as my parents and public electoral and shipping records etc.


I find it strange when Australian politicians claim they want people to 'stay at home' because despite my currently being resident in Melbourne, Australia, my home which is the only real home of my own I have ever known, is actually in France, so... legally speaking all politicians 'restrictions' are quite confusing, because it cannot actually be unlawful to go to your home, wherever it is.


While I am not personally against true capitalism that provides equality of opportunity for everyone, I am completely opposed to cronyism because that is corruption, which is not only unlawful but very unAustralian.


Therefore, I and my two sons will keep and maintain our right to live where we live and have lived and I am willing to accept a tax free ‘consultation fee’ of $2,088,000 in a full and final ‘out of court settlement’ that would then discharge the County Court Order in Case 352 (with the out of court settlement also filed with my High Court Order from April 2008 in the UK, along with my local Mairie in France) because I obviously need a safe and sustainable outcome that also protects my two sons.


I do like living in Melbourne, Australia too, but I can never really feel safe here until the County Court Order that has caused me so much harm, is legally discharged, by me.


The greatest happiness in my own life is, like anyone else, with my own family and friends.


That is real ‘private international law’ which obviously does universally apply, because no-one should ever become a political scapegoat with their health being used as a bargaining chip for any politicians election or re-election campaign.


Kind Regards