Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (Case 352): Article 2 Right to Life & Article 8 Right to a private family life (14.08.2020)



1. My name is Donna Bugat




I was quarantined as a child by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents to isolate me from my entire family for ever, while completely changing my cultural identity including nationality.


There are serious legal and moral difficulties with changing a child’s cultural identity and nationality without their knowledge and while the child has no legal representation.


The legal reality is the Australian government do not have any legal authority to remove any foreign nationality (which existed with the knowledge of the relevant circumstances at the time of forced adoptions etc) so the 1984 legislation involving the man who posed as my godfather who was Director General of ASIO at that time in Australia has either, exceptions, exemptions or is void ab initio because the peace and harmony of the rule of law always has primacy.


The original predatory County Court Order in Victoria and any subsequent legislation was always legally obliged to be within the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The people who posed as my parents and godparents did not consult with or tell me about legislation they were involved in that affected me because they did know the legislation in 1984 was only intended to cause me further harm.


2. Angus Knight can legally remedy the long standing lifelong abuse of process that includes there is no statute of limitations on the use of life threatening torture, by facilitating a modest tax free government grant of $2,088,000 for me.


This includes compensation for the harm caused by my not having legal representation in Australia or the UK because of the predatory County Court Order from Victoria, Australia, all of which is an abuse of process.


The abuse of process relies on a civil jury in both countries not ever seeing the existence of evidence of:


a) an absence of legal representation (and the reasons why)


b) a failure of courts to keep accurate and contemporaneous records of legal proceedings


c) High Court records in the UK that show malicious legal proceedings against me there ultimately failed because governments could not award costs against me because the multiple malicious legal proceedings bought against me were specifically trying to illegally ‘overtake’ my High Court Order from April 2008 in the UK that would also amend the County Court Order in Victoria, Australia too.


The evidence is British and Australian governments abuse of process which is an obstruction of the administration of justice involved Premier Andrew’s working with Sir Ken Jones (ACPO & DAC) and Livingstone, Johnson, Starmer et al to try and ‘overtake’ my High Court Order from April 2008 including with the switch between Labour PM’s in Australia on 23 June 2010 on the same day I was illegally denied legal representation in the UK, to stop me continuing to give evidence in the High Court in the UK.


A particularly aggravating feature of the case the political and media classes took advantage of a female child and adult woman they did reasonably know and always intended to be harmed by PTSD etc.


My amended County Court Order will be filed in the High Court in London.


3. I am only currently in hotel quarantine in Docklands in Melbourne, Victoria since 10 August 2020, not because I would ever follow politicians nationalist orders, but because I am a responsible adult still trying to do my best to protect myself and others, despite the fact the political classes et al have comprehensively failed me throughout my own life.


The DHHS automated message on 14 August 2020 does not make sense to myself or others, including the hotel where we are doing hotel quarantine, when we are not supposed to leave there at all etc.



The person who tested positive who we were classified as close contacts to, had already been isolating for a week where we stayed, and we had already had a test last Sunday that we still do not have the result for, before we were moved to hotel quarantine. I think it is probably most sensible for the DHHS and hotel to agree a compromise with us that we could do fourteen days in hotel quarantine, because ultimately it is probably best for our health for us to be able to relax.



The hotel staff are very pleasant and helpful and we have balconies for loads of fresh air, so we can also see and talk to each other at a safe distance.


4. I and my family will keep our dual nationality to live where we live and have lived.


My ex-husband from New Zealand who got his right to live and work in the UK through me did not lose that when we divorced and I would not have wanted him to.


My two sons are multinationals born in the UK and New Zealand who are also Australian citizens by descent.


My British boyfriend is currently an asylum seeker in Ter-Afel in the Netherlands.


My own home is in France and I will only be able to recover from PTSD when I have the safe and sustainable stability that has always been missing from my life, because of the original County Court Order.


I would like to share my time between Melbourne, Australia and my home in France, which I can only do with a safe and sustainable home in Australia too.


Our health is most important to us.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat.