Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (Case 352, County Court of Victoria): Fitzroy Legal Services RE: Amen…d (21.07.2020)





I refer to email below from earlier today.


The State of Victoria falsely claim publicly people like myself are entitled to and can get legal representation, while in practise failing to provide access to that legal representation, let alone in anything that could possibly be construed as a timely manner.


I have prolonged PTSD and multiple autoimmune related illnesses so it is urgent for me to have a stamped copy of my amended County Court Order.


I am legally entitled to amend the original County Court Order (with a civil jury if necessary) that makes a mockery of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


I visited the County Court in Victoria, in person last year, and also went into the Victorian Law Institute and properly applied for legal representation with the relevant details but they never responded to me within their published four days or indeed at any time.


Instead a man who refused to identify himself rang me from a government agency on 31st December 2019 and threatened me saying my case would never go before the courts, which of course would be illegal for him to say.


I have always been legally entitled to… amend the County Court Order made against me when I was a child, during the peak era of child trafficking politicians call ‘forced adoptions’ which I know from my own 'lived experience' was fronted by the intelligence services, using 'company' fronts, named in court records, and shamefully displayed in the State Library in Victoria in 'Velvet, Iron and Ashes'.



... child trafficking... innocent children paid the price...


There is obviously no legal reason people can be discriminated against and targeted to try and stop our amending Court Orders.


I have provided all the necessary information to the County Court, along with my copy of my Amended County Court Order (in Case 352 from 28 May 1963) that I should of course, have been able to do… while I was still in my own… home in France.


It is fair to say the entire state apparatus has not made the slightest effort to assist me, which only continues to prove vulnerable children were never protected in any way by adults who exploited us etc.


What I need to know now as a matter of urgency is how the County Court are going to give me my stamped copy of my amended County Court Order they obviously have no legal grounds or lawful excuse to further delay or refuse.


I am happy to accept receipt of a stamped copy of my Amended County Court Order by email, so I am not further inconvenienced (and can file it with the ACA and in the High Court in the UK where I have a High Court Order from 2008 (which I got while I was a peace campaigner for 7+ years in Parliament Square, Central London when we repealed an incredibly violent politically motivated legislative free speech ban there, while I now know I was being targeted because of the cover up over the County Court Order in Victoria too)


There obviously must be a 'process' to give me a stamped copy of my Amended County Court Order.


The County Court of Victoria, obviously do not speak on behalf of, or instead of me either.


It’s not like the entire state apparatus ‘forgot’ the one word ‘amend’ while maliciously targeting and discriminating against innocent and defenceless vulnerable... children denied legal representation while being trafficked in Australia and overseas by the intelligence services et al.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat