Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (Case 352): An Executive Board comprising people with ‘lived experience’ of politically motivated crime of ‘adoption' is essential to ‘take back control’ & oversee reversal of lifelong abuse of process (20.07.2020)




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An Executive Board comprising people with the ‘lived experience’ of the politically motivated crime of ‘adoption’ is essential to 'take back control' and oversee the reversal of a lifelong abuse of all due process.


The State of Victoria has failed at all times without lawful excuse to provide everyone with even the ability to find out if they have been subjected to the abuse of process that is the politically motivated crime of ‘adoption’.


The reality is everyone is legally entitled to find out if they have been subjected to the abuse of process because the fact it is an abuse of process involving the entire state apparatus has meant there is not even any guarantee some people even know why they are or were abused, while there remains no guarantee the state will deliver proper and accurate records that they have never done in a timely manner anyway, because it is such a widespread and continuing scandal.


The State of Victoria denied children any opportunity to access even non-identifying medical information about family members who were willing to provide it, and didn’t care if people unknowingly married family members because the State of Victoria, always intended to… punish innocent and defenceless vulnerable children, without any law.


My own case highlights the extraordinary abuse of process that can take place in transnational cases, because I could legally stand in politics in the UK, as a dual national, regardless of… which dual nationality I used, which does mean, the legislative cover-up in Australia in 1984 which clearly did maliciously target me (when the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO was only intended to try and avoid legal proceedings against British and Australian politicians and the intelligence services et al) is ’void ab initio’.


It wasn’t just a name on a birth certificate that was changed in the what was … intended to be a… lifelong abuse of process to deny its victims any and all legal rights.


The incontrovertible evidence is the abuse of all due process, was never a ‘mistake’ but a deliberate intention to ‘re-invent’ the lives of innocent and defenceless vulnerable children in the image of an abusive state, or destroy the lives of those… children.


It is a very long but necessary journey to try and peacefully reverse such a widespread abuse of process, because everyone and in particular vulnerable... children are entitled to the... certainty of equality before the peace and harmony of the rule of law, that does have primacy over the revolving theatre of politics and legislation etc.


The County Court of Victoria is legally obliged to issue me with a stamped copy of My Amended County Court Order, that is not contested, so the important work of a long overdue Executive Board can begin.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat